San Antonio accused killer

San Antonio Man Confesses: ‘I Killed Him Because He Gave Me AIDS’

A San Antonio man is being held on $250,000 bond today after allegedly confessing to the brutal strangulation murder of an out-of-town visitor who was in San Antonio, Texas, over the holidays to attend the funeral of his uncle, local news station KENS Channel 5 News reports.

But why did Ivan Cruz Aguilar cold-bloodedly tie Vincent Mark Diaz’s hands then strangle him with some sort of ligature three weeks ago in a room at the Candlewood Suites on South Laredo Street in San Antonio?

Aguilar told police that after the pair, who had never met before December 23 of last year, engaged in a sexual act, Diaz told him that he had just, as police documents quoted by The San Antonio Express-News put it, “infected him with a virus known as AIDS.”

Diaz was originally from San Antonio, but lived in Millbrae, California. He was active in the fight against AIDS as a member of the AIDS Foundation and a frequent participant in AIDS Walks, the Express-News reported.

Diaz, 42, had arrived in San Antonio two days before his murder and was scheduled to leave the following day. Relatives became alarmed when he failed to show up for the burial of his uncle. They called the hotel where Diaz was registered.

When hotel staff got no answer at Diaz’s door at around 2:30 pm, they opened the room and found the man’s body inside. Several pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage and other expensive items had been stolen.

As San Antonio police reconstructed the events of that night from surveillance footage and witness accounts, Diaz left his hotel room after midnight in the morning of December 23 and apparently went to a bar where he met Aguilar.

The two men left the bar together. Surveillance video showed the pair returning to the room at about 3 am. But at approximately 4:30, Diaz’s companion, later identified as Aguilar, was caught on surveillance cameras leaving the room alone, carrying a number of items. He had arrived at the hotel with nothing in his hands.

Aguilar was charged with the murder of Diaz in San Antonio on Monday of this week. According to a police affidavit, he told investigators that he and Diaz had sexual relations in the room.

But when they were done, Diaz informed Aguilar that he had just given him the AIDS virus. At that point, Aguilar told cops, he became so enraged that he felt compelled to kill the San Antonio visitor.