Jenna Dewan Tatum reveals how she got her body back after baby

Jenna Dewan Tatum Reveals How She Got Her Body Back After Baby

Jenna Dewan Tatum, the wife of Channing Tatum looked amazing at the Golden Globes on Sunday, just seven-months after giving birth to their first child.

Wearing a white, strapless Roberto Cavalli mermaid dress, with lacy black accents, which highlighted her curves in all the right places, Dewan Tatum turned many heads as she graced the red carpet for the awards ceremony.

The dress showed off Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s body as she walked down the red carpet posing for photographers next to her husband –who actually looked very dapper — in his all black tux. They made a striking couple.

As reported by The Inquisitr on Monday, the 33-year-old actress is back to her normal size zero clothes. Amazing.

But how does she do it?

In an interview with Ocean Drive magazine, prior to the Golden Globes on Sunday, Jenna Dewan-Tatum shared that her professional dancing career has helped her body get back into shape quickly.

“I danced for 22 years of my life, hardcore, every day, seven hours a day, so I’m lucky that (my body) likes to snap back to that shape as long as I put a little effort into it, but I’m really active.”

Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed that while rocking her baby daughter she incorporates squats and lunges, she also eats a vegan diet, which helps her look incredible.

An added motivation to get back into shape after the birth of her first child was work. The actress only had six weeks to prepare for filming her series Witches Of East End for Lifetime in Vancouver.

“I was working out almost every single day or walking or hiking or anything that made me feel good,” Jenna Dewan-Tatum explained.

The beauty shared one of her photos from the red carpet on her Twitter:

Another motivation to get those flat abs back might have been the photoshoot for Us Weekly’s January 2014 edition, which has Jenna on the cover wearing a bra top and skimpy jeans that show her flat stomach.

Even though Jenna Dewan Tatum’s body make it look easy to get back into shape after being pregnant, it isn’t and she insist that she looks so good because of a lot of hard work.