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Road Rage Victim Called 911 Multiple Times Before Murder

Road rage victim Timothy Davison

Road rage murder victim Timothy Davison called 911 multiple times before his killer finally caught up to him but help never arrived, CNN reported Saturday.

While police continue to call the killing of Davison on a lonely stretch of Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania “road rage,” they also said in a Friday press conference that they believe Davison did nothing to provoke the horrific attack.

Investigators now believe that Davison may have had his first contact with his killer on Interstate 70, and that he had driven 15 miles to get away before the road rage killer caught up to him.

But Pennsylvania State Police Captain Steven Junkin said that Davison placed at least two separate emergency calls as he was being pursued in the early hours of January 4. The recordings of those 911 calls have not been released, and Junkin would not comment on their contents, citing the ongoing investigation.

Because the killer chased Davison across state lines from Maryland into Pennsylvania, the FBI is now involved in the manhunt for the so-called road rage killer.

Davison was driving home to Maine from a holiday visit with relatives in Florida when he called 911 to say that he was being followed by another driver.

The driver finally caught up to Davison’s 2001 Mitsubishi Montero and rammed it off the road into a snowy median. While Davison was stuck there, police say, the other driver got out of his vehicle and fired several shots into Davison’s car, killing the 28-year-old who worked for his father’s manufacturing company and was described by Timothy Davsion Sr. as “a great guy and a very easy kid to raise.”

Police are asking auto body shops, as well as anyone else in the area, to be on the lookout for a Ford Ranger XLT pickup which would have some recent damage from ramming Davison’s car, United Press International reported. The Ford Ranger is described as black or darkly colored.

In his news conference, Junkin dismissed possible connections between the Davison murder and a shooting eight hours earlier fewer than 60 miles away, in which a driver fired a gun into another vehicle, narrowly missing the head of the other vehicle operator.

He also said that the January 4 alleged road rage killing was not related to the murder last May 25 of Kentucky police officer Jason Ellis, who was shotgunned to death in an unprovoked attack as he got out of his vehicle to clean some debris from the side of the road.

In the meantime, police are worried that the road rage killer may attack other drivers.

“Will this person do it again?” Junkin said. “We don’t know. We don’t want to take that chance.”

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15 Responses to “Road Rage Victim Called 911 Multiple Times Before Murder”

  1. Anonymous

    Either this was a hit, a serial killing, or the guy did something stupid like lane change w/o blinker and set the shooter off. I had an issue with a trucker once in KY and the police were on it in a matter of minutes. If something like this ever happens to YOU, do NOT stop. Try and take an exit at the last second (safely) and double-back (hopefully the perp will mess up and pass the exit, or it'll buy you a bunch of time to put distance between the 2 of you) get to a police station, get the 911 operator to disclose the direction of closest responding officer and drive towards them, etc. Cats out of the bag and you'll either see this guy do it again, or you'll get copy-cat shootings like the all these high school shooters. If you value your life, don't panic and try to get away if a gun is being waved.

  2. Penney Nile

    Absolutely unforgivable actions on the part of the police! They should have responded immediately and should have known where this could lead.

  3. Fritz Jones

    I love all the idiots on here automatically blaming police. You couldn't pay me ANY amount of money to be a civil servant to such ungrateful civilians. Police were just terrible allowing this to happen. So, what exactly WAS said in these 911 calls? For all you know, he said "I'm in a car and being chased….bye!" For all you know, his calls only gave police minutes to respond, to find a moving vehicle he may or may not have identified, on a stretch of road he may or may not have identified properly. The "poor victim" may also have been a drug runner who pissed off the wrong people, he may have raped the attacker's wife, etc… I'm sick of liberal jackasses spouting "kill all cops" before actual details come forth. Then when details come out, they've moved on to the next "cause".

  4. Bender Rodriguez

    I was with you until you started attacking liberals. You're as bad of an ideologue.

  5. Chris Klakamp

    thats why i never leave home with out my glock. i had a driver with road rage fallow me to my house one day got out of his car makeing threats to me he went to his trunk and i drew down on him and told him that if he opend it i would shoot him he left and i called 911 i did not/ could not get a plate number. never had any prob. since then.

  6. Wayne Reynolds

    Road rage always involves at least two idiots. The one who starts it and the one who just has to respond! I assure you, from experience, that the consequences are NOT worth it!

  7. Jack Sontag

    This why one should always carry if they can. Might of had a fighting chance then. But not the out come here. Police too slow to help.

  8. Edward Read

    I'm not blaing the police. Like you said, they were undoubtedly trying to catch up to rapidly unfolding and moving situation. In a situation like they, they can only respond. What may (or may not, we'll never know) have made a difference would have been having the tools to defend himself. Unfortunately, being able to self defend is frowned upon in many places now..

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