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Chevy Camaro ZL1 Destroyed By Dealership Employee, Dealer Refuses To Pay

Chevy Camaro ZL1 Destroyed By Dealership Employee, Dealer Refuses To Pay

The Chevy Camaro ZL1 owned by car enthusiast John Hooper came into the dealership late last year needing only a simple repair, but ended up wrecked when an employee took it for a joyride.

Now, more than a month later Hooper is still at odds with the dealership, which is refusing to pay for the damaged to his beloved car.

The story started when Hooper took the Chevy Camaro ZL1 into First State Chevy in Georgetown, Delaware, to get some warranty work done on a paint issue. When the dealership was closed, one of the dealership’s employees stole the keys and took the Camaro for a joyride that ended with the car slamming into a telephone pole.

Hooper — who loves Camaros so much that he’s written six books on the history of the car — found out about it the next day when the dealership called him. It took until the end of the week for the car to be declared a total loss, but that was just the beginning of Hooper’s battle.

“The dealership informed my wife and I on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. of our loss,” Hooper wrote on a Camaro forum. “Yes, they waited over 16 hours to tell us about our car. I am sure they discussed the incident with their attorneys prior to calling us.

“It is now Friday, the car has been officially totaled by the insurance company, and the dealership is telling us it is not their problem. They even refuse to provide my wife and I (and our insurance company) with their insurance information.”

The dealership fired the employee who took the car for the unauthorized joyride, but because Hooper’s Chevy Camaro ZL1 already had 10,000 miles on it they only offered a used ZL1 in exchange. Hooper said the dealer’s replacement options don’t match the value of his car.

Meanwhile, he is still making car payments on the Camaro, which sits in a scrap yard.

“We’re losing sleep over this, time off from work, and this still isn’t resolved,” Hooper told the Cape Gazette. “This is so ethically and morally wrong it isn’t funny.”

Hooper said in order to afford the Chevy Camaro ZL1 he traded in his 2011 SS2 Camaro and sold his pristine 1969 Camaro SS, and won’t be able to afford to buy another one to replace it.

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13 Responses to “Chevy Camaro ZL1 Destroyed By Dealership Employee, Dealer Refuses To Pay”

  1. Steven Kempkers

    Sounds like a dealer I would never Buy or take anything to!

  2. John Berg

    It is a car dealership, not surpassed. Bet you can buy some good drugs out the back door.

  3. Anonymous

    It's the car owners insurance problem. The car owners insurance pays the owner for the loss and then they are responsible for going after the car dealership, not the car owner. What a stupid story.

  4. Steven Kempkers

    yes I buy Insurance,But if I bring my Car/truck for service that's all needs to happen.If A employee takes keys and goes for a joy ride,then who's going to pay for it. I don't buy from Chrysler for the way I was treated by Service at Dealership.

  5. Thomas Hall

    The vehicle was left in the care of the dealership for warranty work. It is the responsibility of the dealership. They reason the dealership is balking is their insurance company is refusing to pay because the damage was cause during an illegal act. If the car had been damaged in a manor consistent with the normal business operations, say it fell off a lift, insurance will pay.

  6. David Bybee

    Thomas Hall, did you not read justanotherguy6969 comment. it does not matter if the car was left at dealership. the owner insurance pays out . then the Owner insurance fight the dealership for they value of the car. That is how it works you should learn that

  7. David Bybee

    not, the couple will have to pay 100% of the lawyer fees. this is the reason we buy insurance

  8. Thomas Hall

    David Bybee no David, that is not how it always works. Have you worked for a car dealership? It depends on the type of insurance the dealer has and state laws. I was giving a possible reason why the dealer is refusing to pay. If that is how it works then his insurance would have already taken care of it, but things get tricky when the car is a complete loss and the damage occurred during an unauthorized act.

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