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Cursing Toddler Video Mother Speaks Out: ‘Every Kid Does It’

cursing toddler video mother says every kid does it

The now famous “cursing toddler” video has sparked outrage across the nation. One thing most seem to agree on is that the adults in the background should have known better. On Thursday, in an exclusive interview with CNN Omaha affiliate KETV, the cursing toddler mother spoke out saying her son is not an anomaly, and that “every kid does it.”

The young African American boy seen in the video uses language that most parents would probably not be comfortable with. Calling the adults, who are laughing on the other side of the camera, “hos” and “b******” is not something most young children would engage in. But the child’s 16-year old mother says in her interview that the child had a clean diaper and was well fed. She pleads with the reporter that she is a good mother and she was in the other room when the video was shot by her brother and a family friend.

Both the cursing toddler’s mother and child were removed from the home featured in the video this week. Child protective services deemed their circumstances unfit for them. The mother, whose identity we are not revealing because she is only 16, was moved to a separate location from her son. The mother claims that the reason for them being moved was not actually the video, but rather gang related activity that was occurring around the home in which they were living.

The family had been under the eye of child protective services before the cursing toddler video went viral. In June, because of reports to the police, the home where the mother and her son were staying was under watch. Four months later in October, the house was hit in a drive by shooting. The two year old son seen in the cursing toddler video was grazed by a bullet that day. The family then moved into a home with the 16-year old’s own mother.

On December 16, tragedy struck the family again. The grandmother was arrested in a Omaha police raid on her house in connection with gang related gun charges. Now, the mother and her son are being relocated again, this time separately.

She says that she has raised her son well and that he was repeating what he was hearing because he is smart. The mother says she has taught her son, known as the “cursing toddler,” not to curse and that he normally doesn’t act like that. Hopefully, both mother and son can find the help they need and be reunited soon.

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39 Responses to “Cursing Toddler Video Mother Speaks Out: ‘Every Kid Does It’”

  1. Cija Foster

    maybe in your house idiot. the first time my kids did it, they got soap in the mouth and NEVER did it again

  2. Anonymous

    Foul mouthed parents is typical with their race. what else could be expected from the child.

  3. Anonymous

    Foul mouthed parents is typical with their race. what else could be expected from the child.

  4. Anonymous

    Lack of parenting. That baby needs to be removed from the mother, while she takes parenting classes. He needs direction or he will end up in the system. The whole household needs JESUS

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry, this is not typical with my race. It is a pity, and this situation makes adopting these children difficult. I have 3 children; 2 are in college and 1 in High school.

  6. Crystal Reavis

    Most kids do it? I think not! If my son ever spoke that way, he would be in trouble. It sounds like the child doesn't need to be returned to that family with all the gang activity going on. I hope he can be placed with a better family and have a better life. Hopefully this young girl will not have anymore children at least for a long time.

  7. Tatiana Madeline

    Doesn't matter what race she is. Her circumstances are terrible. Being raised in a house with illegal things going on. 16 year old babies shouldn't have babies. Hoping she gets a 2 nd chance in life. How can she have parenting skills when clearly shes had lackbof one present.

  8. Gayle Vogelsang

    Most kids DO NOT curse. When the little boy I use to babysat said any curse words he was told that he wasn't allowed to say those words, they were bad words. He was reprimanded when he said them & praised when he stopped. He soon stopped all together because he loved the praise he got for being a good boy.

    So sorry to hear that the child's mother is so young herself. Hopefully now that she has been removed from that home, maybe she can get the parenting help she needs & her son will learn not to use those words. Hopefully they will be able to get back together soon. What they both need is a family to be foster parents for both of them & help this young mom learn how to be a better parent.

  9. Connie Daniels

    In all honesty this mom may think that this is normal and all kids do it, its all she knows. If the grandma was arrested it is a sure bet her own mother was/is also involved in this kind of life. To them it is normal. Even other people's kids may say a curse word at a young age we stop it right there, we do not encourage it, it IS unacceptable behavior. If a child treats their parents like this society has nothing coming from them either. I Hope these two get somewhere where they learn that most of the world (I hope) is not like this and can be together again one day.

  10. Rachel Teets

    Self righteousness runs rampant when connected to this story! The lifestyle these kids were being raised in is foreign to most, myself included. The video has not been shown. No one knows if it even exists.

  11. Jennifer Sexton

    A clean diaper and well fed. Well that is how it should be little girl. That does not make the video OK. This child (the mom) and her son need to move as far away as possible from this destructive element. But that will not happen. This whole family, from the grandmother all the way down to the baby in the video are stuck in this mess. Sadly there are too many families that are in this type of situation and just not enough social aid to help them. And when there is help who's to say that they are doing their job correctly. We have all heard of the horror stories where social services just "dropped the ball" on some small innocent child that eventually was found dead. Opps. " I thought you were taking care of that case, no I thought you were". So, this poor family will be stuck in the midst of gangs, shootings, drugs, illegal guns, prostitution and who knows what else. And the adults that were behind that video could care less as to what happens to this baby. Pathetic.

  12. Chastine Buxbaum

    Im 32 now bit was 16 when i had my first child and he NEVER, even to this day, has talked like this. As a matter of fact, hes in an advanced school and working towards graduating high school with an associates degree…so saying "16 yr old mother, well there u go" is wrong on soo many levels!!

  13. Dianna Schang

    So change all your stupid excuses and raise your child in a respectable way. He will grow up and be treated like a thug if he speaks like one. Break the mold!!!!!

  14. Ashley Bearden

    i disagree . all races cuss. its whether you teach your child right from wrong. parenting and living situation is to blame here. hope they find better homes and a better way of living

  15. Ramona Parsons

    I beg to differ with you. Neither my kids or any of my grandchildren use vulgar language. I myself don't cuss and swear. I was raised better, my mother would have knocked me into the middle of next week if I used language like that. Kids don't know any better unless they are TAUGHT to know better. And having a child say curse words is NOT CUTE.

  16. Michelle Klukiewicz

    As long as we have shows like " 16 and pregnant" that encourage the breakdown of the family, a society that has little job opportunities for so many and actually encourages people to let the government support them by giving them more money the more kids they have, and a country that cares more about other lands than our own, this will happen. If he grows up to be a ;thug" it wont be because of words he said, it will be because of the environment of this country.

  17. Daniel Danotomyfriends

    if my math is correct this mother was only THIRTEEN when she gave birth, obviously not mature enuff to use good judgement !!! wouldn't be surprised if they don't blow pot smoke in the babies face and give it sips of alcohol !!! Poor Trash Baby !!!

  18. Daniel Danotomyfriends

    if my math is correct this mother was only THIRTEEN when she gave birth, obviously not mature enuff to use good judgement !!! wouldn't be surprised if they don't blow pot smoke in the babies face and give it sips of alcohol !!! Poor Trash Baby !!!

  19. Christine Dodd

    My mom did the same thing to us if we curse or say bad words like this toddler did. My brother said a curse word and he got his mouth washed out with soap.

  20. Jessica Clem Price

    I imagine that generational poverty plays more of a part in this being an accepted behavior and that the mother does not know or understand those hidden rules of middle class society that we understand. Bringing race into the discussion is stereo-typical and prejudicial at best. It would be more beneficial to teach the young mother those rules and the importance of those rules instead of judging her lack of knowledge. Education would induce a change. Judgement of her lack of knowledge of socially accepted behaviors will not help her or her child. Obviously, she had seen these behaviors in her own home growing up. If we really want to change the things that our hurting our children and our society, we have to understand the issues first. Then after a true understanding, we must take action through education and leg work. Think about it. Did you ever change your way of life simply because someone judged you? Most people don't.

  21. Cija Foster

    I can guarantee you she would've been knocked up without the show, I can guarantee you the girls mother was a teen mother iwth no self worth

  22. Courtney Farrier

    I saw the story on facebook but reading it now, the toddler's mom is 16, for one, and for two her first words of defense are: "says in her interview that the child had a clean diaper and was well fed. She pleads with the reporter that she is a good mother". That's just a weird thing to get defensive about unless it's not true.

  23. Michelle Klukiewicz

    those types of shows are one of the many contributors to our crumbling society….it is told that people only use 10 % of their brain….how about we use a tad more eh…:) and start by ditching the trash tv that glorifies negative things.

  24. Ronald Maloney

    She should keep her legs closed and her mouth shut. How much to you wanna bet the State is paying for the child's upbringing. The gaul of her is just unacceptable..period.

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