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Cursing Toddler Video: Is It Racially Fuelled?

Swearing Toddler Video

A video clip of a cursing toddler which was recently posted online also showed the toddler being sworn at and encouraged to curse. The shocking video clip went viral as the internet erupted with various responses to it – the main reaction being disgust.

Thankfully, the toddler and his three siblings have been taken into protective custody. If nothing else, this proves that sinister video clips like this, which go viral, can lead to arrests. The case shows that while social media is often used for bad things, it can also be used to bring people to justice.

The police union has faced a significant amount of criticism for posting the video on its website. The union defended itself by saying that they wanted to stimulate discussion and highlight problems in communities.

The short video, which was viewed by thousands of people, shows a young, apparently African-American boy wearing a diaper and being cursed at by three adults. The cursing included a number of extreme racial slurs, just for good measure.

The local police department noted that it had reviewed the footage and decided that no actual criminal activities had taken place even though Child Protective Services were brought in due to concerns for the children in the house.

The police union who found the video clip on a well known gang member’s Facebook page defended the placing of the video on their site, and kept it there regardless of the debate which is raging.

The union said that they felt an obligation to share the clip to highlight “The terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

Sergeant John Wells from the Omaha Police Officers Association said of the video of the cursing toddler: “The whole point of this is to give an unfiltered view of what police officers deal with every day.”

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14 Responses to “Cursing Toddler Video: Is It Racially Fuelled?”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, and my 5 yo old gets sent to her room for saying poo poo head.

  2. Anonymous

    racially fueled???? Is it any surprise they are black? Keep the family values going.

  3. Anna Chitwood Spradlin

    I'm sorry, but I don't care if the child is black, white , purple, or green! The problem is what is the child being taught and by whom. I applaud the fact that the police made the video public, although it has brought criticism down on them. This little boy looks so angry and unhappy, two emotions he should NOT be having to deal with at his young age.

  4. Jessie Radford

    I will give you a cookie if you can show me a child or toddler that hasn't said a curse word at one point in their childhood. They hear and repeat.

  5. Jessie Radford

    like I said kids hear adults say it and they think it's ok and so they repeat it. then again you get adults who find it hilarious so they encourage it.

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