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Sean Hannity: Freezing Temperatures Prove Global Warming Is Fake

Sean Hannity: Freezing Temperatures Proves Global Warming Is Fake

Sean Hannity has serious doubts about global warming, and on his program on Fox the commentator presented a piece of evidence he believed backed his point — a group of climate change scientists who got trapped in thick ice in Antarctica.

Hannity led a debate last week on global warming, which has been a hot topic in the wake of the brutal cold snap that has taken over most of the United States. On the show, Hannity and other climate change skeptics argued that changes in global temperatures were part of normal climate cycles that have existed for millions of years.

Climate change scientists have cited melting polar ice caps as evidence of global warming, but Hannity and others appearing on Monday said two trapped vessels in Antarctica throw a wrench in those arguments.

Sean Hannity has been criticized for his views of global warming in the past. On his radio show, Hannity has claimed that a period of dangerous “global cooling” is on the way due to something he called “solar hibernation.” Hannity claimed that his stance was backed by scientific research, but his source for this information has come under fire.

The idea of “solar hibernation” was popularized by a man named John Casey, who even other climate change skeptics have called a “scam artist.” Casey published his book on global warming with the help of an astrologer who claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Ernest Hemingway.

The segment on global warming Monday sparked a debate on Twitter, with many users praising Sean Hannity for refusing to fall for what they believe is an agenda on the part of climate change scientists. Other criticized him for discounting the wide consensus among scientists that climate change is real.

Sean Hannity is not the only one to debate global warming in the wake of the recent frigid weather. Real estate mogul Donald Trump recently called global warming “bull***t” because of the freezing weather sweeping America.

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61 Responses to “Sean Hannity: Freezing Temperatures Prove Global Warming Is Fake”

  1. Anonymous

    This guy don't understand a bit of climatology and when he check weather forecasts he think all comes from a crystal ball. Disgrace for republicans

  2. Anonymous

    if you are going to use short term weather for climate, then it's best to look at the entire globe. In South Africa and Australia they have heat waves.

  3. Anonymous

    Sean, do you know what an AVERAGE is? That's what climate change is about- averages!

  4. Marilyn Fetrow

    Certainly doesn't now what valid research is. Guess he ran out of fake ACA
    stories and needs a new topic.

  5. William Turner

    Sean Hannity is just a die hard spokes man for the republican Party. He has trouble distinguishing between true facts and Republican lies of which he is good at. Fox media has paid out millions in Law suits brought by people and by co-workers.. It would be safe just call him a piece of white trash that has never left the sewerage.

  6. Max Blackman

    To all you people who think climate change is real. Well it is. The Earth climate is always changing, its made that way. To have an intelligent argument about climate change is like disputing the Sun rising in the east.

  7. Bill Everett

    Global Warming, Global Cooling, melting polar ice in Arctic, ships frozen in ice in Antarctica. Most of the climate science is junk. It is just plain weather and it happens. Al Gore and his minions are looking to foster climate guilt and sucker you out of your hard earned cash in the form of carbon credits. In the mean time, Al has a huge mansion and he burns lots of lights whether he is there or not, and he flies around on a G-5 jet, which burns more fuel on two takeoffs than two full size SUV's burn in a year. If he really gave a crap, he would have lived more like say…Dennis Weaver. Nah, I'm not giving Al any of my hard earned money, besides, he gets enough from the taxpayer supported retirement, but apparently he just keeps wanting more. Don't get me wrong, we should be good stewards and not trash up the place, but paying money to ease a guilty conscience is bullcrap. Wake up and be done with Al and his minions. If you still feel bad, go live with the Amish. The only pollution they create comes from the South side of their North bound horse. And in many respects that can be considered fertilizer instead of pollution, so yeah, go Amish or "Little House on the Prairie" and ease your conscience if you so desire.

  8. William Morris

    This is why someone who hasn't graduated from college should not be a spokesperson for global warming. The guy just doesn't get how the science behind it works.

  9. Anonymous

    "On the show, Hannity and other climate change skeptics argued that changes in global temperatures were part of normal climate cycles that have existed for millions of years."

    How does he know this is true? Oh that's right. A climate Scientist told him. So he believes THAT science but not the part he doesn't agree with…

  10. Matthew Clark

    I'm curious. How does the scientific community explain that they believe it possible a mini ice age was on the way in the 1970's? whether Hennity is right in his reasoning or not seems to lack importance when there is plenty of reason to doubt Global Warming simply based on the track record of the scientific community.

  11. Alex Potter

    So we have record breaking colds in the winter and record breaking heat in the summer and in climate change deniers world that is normal. ..smh

  12. Alex Potter

    I was thinking the same thing. If the extreme cold proves their is no global warming then under the GW's own logic, the extreme heat in the summer Proves global warming.

  13. Alex Potter

    Iirc, a few years ago Bill O’Reilly had a scientist on his show and the scientist was dumbfounded that O’Reilly didn’t know that it was the moon that caused the low and high tides

  14. Alex Potter

    I see your picture is of a fat white guy wearing a wife beater shirt and smoking a cigar- why am I not surprised? …..AND you're a truck driver. the cherry on top

  15. Michael Trickey

    Global Warming is based on false computer models that are designed to give false reading, that's why Al Gore claim that the polar ice cap would be gone by now is false and that the ice caps have actually grown. You look at what they call true science which is observational data and it would show that we have been in a period of global cooling (17 years of the earth getting cooler). Most "Climatologist" buy into Global Warming because they are receiving funding from Org. that high jack governments via the IPPC and UN, basically they do not want to bite the hands that feeds them. Hannity is not talking about the cold weather now, he is talking about the recording breaking amount of ice that has formed around the south ice cap that has trapped two global warming research vessels on their way to the Antarctic. We should all guard against pollution but we should also guard against this scam that is causing people to get rich off of phony fears.

  16. Anonymous

    Question – Why has the earth been through multiple ice age / melts? Who's fault was it before? GLOBAL WARMING IS THE BIGGEST SCAM. As the solar system expands are temps will change!!!

  17. Victor Voyles

    Thank you for showing you are an idiot. Weather is a PART of climate, climate is NOT synonymous for weather. Climate: the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years.
    Weather: 1.The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure.

  18. Victor Voyles

    There is no dispute about that. What is in question is how much is actually man-made. Current consensus is that since the Industrial Revolution, man has sped up the change.

  19. Max Blackman

    Victor your reasoning is also flawed. First, scientist are PAID to come up with results even if the results have no scientific evidence. Like HOMO's being born Gay. Absolutely false. Go back as far as you like, you will find the same thing – Global Climate change. It's call Winter, Spring, Summer and one more Fall. Happens every year around the same time go figure. Debating the climate change issue is just as ridiculous as debating the Sun rise in the East and setting in the West. Man had nothing to do with that and nothing to do with the Earth getting warmer or colder. It's call the SUN, which determines how warm or cold our planet will get. Less Sun spots, colder weather here on EARTH. More Sun activity means Hotter weather on Earth. PERIOD end of story. Man has nothing to do with that. God set all that in motion long before you got confused about the changing of the seasons.

  20. James Guarasci

    When all of you followers of what the so called Global warming quit drinking Kool-Aid you'll see that it is all a way to make Al Gore and his followers Millions of dollars, Did they keep track of polar ice melting 100 years ago?

  21. Anonymous

    I blame the media. They've termed climate change "global warming", which it is not. Even during the last Ice Age certain parts of the world were warming rapidly while others were cooling. His approach is about as legitimate as sticking your head out a window, finding it's not raining where you are and then claiming it's not raining anywhere else, either. It's just ignorant.

  22. Anonymous

    Max, whether it's man-made or not is really not the point. The question is what can be done about moderating the effects. And if nothing can be done, how can we plan for the effects so they don't cause massive problems? Doing nothing is not a wise strategy.

  23. Tatenda Arnonee

    For someone with 1st grade grammar skills I doubt you know much about climatology yourself. Global Warming is Hoax that was created to impose a global carbon tax which is paid directly to Gore and his Banker buddies. The dumb down, brainwashed, tv head masses don't know this.

  24. Tatenda Arnonee

    Victor Voyles just wants to give Gore his carbon taxes. be a good lemming & keep believe the global warming fairytale.

  25. Derek Stiles

    Tatenda Arnonee – Yes, your rationale is much more plausible than humans doing damage to the atmosphere.

    Stupid scientists.

  26. Cliff Lapp

    Sean Hannity is part of the problem.

    There are a number of people and organizations who will benefit, only in the short term, from putting off Global Warming fixes for as long as possible. The longer we wait to fix our Global Warming problem, the more severe AND THE MORE COSTLY it will be. If we wait too long, at some point the negative effects from Global Warming will destroy our worldwide economy.

    Sean Hannity is helping to make the worst possible scenairio happen.

  27. Derek Stiles

    Tatenda Arnonee Yeah, you keep saying that over and over. How dare we investigate anything that might not have to do with making money???

  28. William Morris

    Steve Hicks go back to the hole you crawled out of. People like you need people like Sean Hannity to get your news read to you, which is why you guys are so screwed up in the head.

  29. Marilyn Fetrow

    Tatenda Arnonee, Really? I assume you have science to prove this?

  30. Marilyn Fetrow

    I thought Sean Hannity is one of the worst possible scenarios.

  31. Anonymous

    Tatenda Arnonee: First of all, as far as grammar is concerned, one should not capitalize the word hoax in that circumstance, dumb down makes no sense, and there should be an "a" before hoax. Your theory is idiotic as Al Gore receives no payment from any "Global Carbon Tax". Global Warming, scientifically speaking, is a proven phenomenon that causes, as the name suggests, the Earth's temperature to rise. If you do not believe that is happening, then you do not seem to trust worldwide scientific groups and their thermometers. The debate is over the cause of Global Warming, which nearly every respected climatologist believes is caused by humans. The ignorant, misinformed television viewers do not all understand this.

  32. Anonymous

    Global temperatures have risen over the past 15 years, just not as much as they had previously. I am not an expert in the matter, but simple reading of notable scientific organizations informs me that it was a pause, not a stop, due mainly due to the increasing percent age of carbon dioxide being absorbed by the ocean. Explain the facts that ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, global temperatures have risen dramatically since the industrial revolution, and how thousands of species are dying due to fluctuating temperatures.

  33. Anonymous

    Steve Hicks You are proof that despite the growing network of information and science available to the public there are still ignorant idiots like you who cling on to one unproven fact as the justification to disprove a scientifically accepted phenomenon.

  34. Anonymous

    Max Blackman His reasoning is flawed? Look at yours! You claim god set things in motion, prove that for me. Also, the sun does not determine all temperature fluctuations on earth. Gases in the air trap heat in the earth. its called science. There is no doubt the Earth naturally has temperature changes. But not as rapidly as now, which coincides with CO2 increases.

  35. Bill Everett

    Victor Voyles, stuff your idiot crap, smart guy. You can be my guest and pay Al Gore and his minions his carbon tax scam money. Go on with your Websters Dictionary definition, however, I will not get wrapped around the axle with definitions on weather and climate, and i will damn sure not buy into all this "Global Warming" and Climate Change crap. It comes from scientists that want to keep sucking on the government teat for the money. The point I am attempting to make is that weather happens and there isn't a damn thing any of us can do about it, so why worry about it. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

  36. Bill Everett

    Max Blackman, I like the way you tell the minions how it is! Of course they will have to disagree about God's creation, but then again, they probably like being related to monkeys or coming around via a "Big Bang". I won't go along with those because the "Big Bang Theory" flies in the face of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and if evolution were true, then it would continue to this very moment and beyond, and we would be able to physically SEE evolutionary changes in humans, animals, plants, etc., however, I have never witnessed anything that remotely looks like it is going through an evolutionary process in my lifetime.
    At any rate, good comeback, Max!

  37. Max Blackman

    guygrape00 How can you moderate the effects of something you have no control over? How can you do something about rather the Sun rises or not? How can you do anything about the changing of the seasons? Man has nothing to do with that. How old are you guys? Have you been living over 10 years? Have you noticed years and years and years of the changing of the seasons from one to the other? Happens around the same time of year if you watch for it. Man is indigenous to this planet, we have no control over which we did not create. No matter what we do we are powerless to destroy it or change it without harming ourselves. Wake up and stop falling for this crap.

  38. Dorotha Davis

    global arming is crap…look back at recorded weather history for 100 years and more if available, what will you see??? you will see many many weather reports parrelling one another ..this thing we call earth was made to recycle its self , doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that one out..i am sorry you are such a low info person go do some research get a clue !!! OH AND BY THE WAY STOP LISTENING TO ALLY GORE AND ALL THE DEMONRATS , THEY LIE AL THE TIME !!!

  39. Derek Stiles

    Dorotha Davis – I have done the "research," so please show me where in the normal weather cycles the polar ice caps melted….Do you even have a remote clue what this means to us?

    Try to stop focusing on the idiot Al Gore, or political parties, and try and think like a citizen of a planet we can easily kill.

  40. Derek Stiles

    Steve Hicks – Oh, I see. So we judge a planet changing event on whatever small window of time could make a point to the uneducated?

    I wish someone had said that earlier.

  41. Derek Stiles

    Steve Hicks – Again – Global averages have risen in the last 15 years. Please point me to your evidence so I can contradict it.

  42. Derek Stiles

    Max Blackman – Max, so let me understand: Man can pollute as much as we want (Like we basically have), and we cannot affect the climate in a negative fashion….All of that is done by God and sunspots? Does that about sum it up?

    lol. Just awesome. It's amazing that you know this and yet literally 1000's of scientists are absolutely baffled. I wonder who I believe….

  43. Derek Stiles

    Victor Voyles – Notice your argument is well thought out, and these two clowns use conspiracy theory and conjecture, with insults sprinkled in…

    Gee, I wonder who a scientist would side with…Oh, wait…they are all on the take…


  44. Max Blackman

    BLACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: 1st. Me. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself how old your are. 2) Derek Stiles your ignorance shines through so well in how you think. Both of you seem like you were hatched just, say umm 10 or 15 years ago.

    Do you remember back that far? Did you ever figure out that so-called scientists are paid by interest groups to do a study that will come out the way they want? Sometimes that very interest group is the U.S. government. They did a trial run back in the 1970's talking about Global Cooling and a future "Ice Age" coming. Again in the early 1980's talking about Gay people where born that way. I know you two talk like you were hatched but keep up.

    Of course there will be critics but using manipulation rule #107: Tell a lie often enough and people will eventually believe it. The drone's in our society will tell others and then there will be a "shift in how society thinks about it".

    Those who are a part of tearing apart the lifestyle of the best country known to man in all of man's history want us to be controlled. Joseph Stalin said long before you two were told to eliminate God from your lives and believe in the "Mother" Earth, "America will never be conquered from the outside in, but from the inside out.

    That is what is being done today and both of you hatchlings seem to fall inside the category of drone. You have a open mind so you will believe ANYTHING. Sorry Blackman will not fall for the banana-in-the-tail-pipe.

    To make a long story short, God created all things you see. If you find that hard to believe then you are living life as a fool with no appreciation toward the One who started life on this planet for his purpose which is much bigger than rather you believe in Him or not. The Climate, Moon, Sun, Stars, Clouds, Air is on automatic control set by Him who made it so.

    Since living for the 50 years I've been blessed to see, the Climate go up and the Climate go down. Man is not soooo powerful to change things at all. If we pollute the gift God has given us we do it at our own detriment. Thank God we are smart enough to see that we are polluting our home and come up with technology to make things better, we are human that is what we do.

    As a human we have free will. Those who are closer to reality believe that there is someone much more powerful than us. And there are those who remain open minded ready to believe every which way the wind blows.

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