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Tiger Mom Amy Chua Touts Superiority Of Certain Cultural Groups In New Book

Tiger Mom Amy Chua says certain races are superior

The controversial “Tiger Mom” is at it again, this time claiming that certain nationalities and religions, referred to as cultural groups, are superior to everyone else in terms of achievement.

Although the book in question, The Triple Package, doesn’t official come out until next month, Tiger Mom — a.k.a. Yale Law Professor Amy Chua — is already being blasted across social media for either being a publicity troll or a racist or perhaps both.

Chua generated a lot of national media buzz in 2011 for her book called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which advocated strict parenting techniques.

The premise of her latest book apparently is that eight specific groups achieve greater success that the rest of the population. “It may be taboo to say, but some groups in America do better than others… Even as headlines proclaim the death of upward mobility in America, the truth is that the old-fashioned American Dream is very much alive–but some groups have a cultural edge, which enables them to take advantage of opportunity far more than others,” the Amazon page for the book states.

The high-achieving groups based on metrics including income, job status, test scores according to the book are Jews, Indians, Chinese, Iranians, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians, Cuban exiles, and Mormons. Their success, according to Chua and co-author (husband Jed Rubenfeld), is the result of three common — but somewhat contradictory — traits: a superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control.

The New York Post blasted the book for being based merely on “specious stats and anecdotal evidence”: “And so begins their cat-and-mouse polemic, in which they claim they’re courageously agitating for a greater good: the revival of America itself as a ‘Triple Package Culture.’ It’s a series of shock-arguments wrapped in self-help tropes, and it’s meant to do what racist arguments do: scare people.”

Do you think that Tiger Mom Amy Chua’s theories on cultural superiority are way off base if not racist?

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Added: Taiwan CGI studio Next Media Animation takes a dim view of Tiger Mom Amy Chua’s super-groups theory:

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5 Responses to “Tiger Mom Amy Chua Touts Superiority Of Certain Cultural Groups In New Book”

  1. Angel Rider

    There's really nothing 'controversial' about this arrogant, narcissistic racist. I'd hate to be one of her kids.

  2. Jon Travis

    Wasn't this the same pablum Hitler was selling? That worked out well.

  3. Mike Duffy

    I suspect these factors also come into play: 1. good social and financial background. 2. Two parent family with a mother who strongly values education. 3. generally first born in a small family. 4. Live at or near a university. Now these factors are based on National Merit scholars, if you are looking for other genius, there may be other factors, but including whole racial groups is a mistake. Just visit rural China.

  4. Bruce Hajdu

    For crying out loud, she knows she can throw anything out there and sell books. She doesn't even have to believe a word she writes (even if she does, it doesn't matter). Shock tactics sell units, plain and simple, and if people are talking about it, books get bought and she gets paid. She's after the money, nothing more.

    Want to hit her where it hurts? Don't buy her books, don't visit her websites, don't give her any money.

  5. Bob Jones

    What would a person like this do with a child born with a learning disability that it had no control over. I don't think she knows enough of the people she's talking about to make the statements she's made, this is just another person who's found a way to make money and isn't it sad that her children will not get to experience being children, so she's going to find herself with adult children who will embarrass her because they will find a way to make up what they feel they missed not having a childhood, or they grow up and hate her if they don't secretly already, why didn't she write a book called I'm Chinese, my husband is Jewish and we are better than everybody, that would have been more honest, because isn't that what she is saying, burn that book. We'll see her on Discovery ID in the next 15 years Tiger Mom Killed by her daughter because it became to much to live up to her expectations,

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