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Unemployment Extension: 2014 Benefits Desired By Obama, Some Economists Disagree

Unemployment Extension: 2014 Benefits Loss Called 'Cruel' By Obama

When it comes to an unemployment extension, 2014 could be another year where unemployment benefits are extended if President Barack Obama has his way.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the unemployment rate in December dropped down to seven percent. In the same time frame, unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans ended, as well.

The reason these benefits expired is because a five-year unemployment extension program had just come to an end. This extension was designed to provide for those unemployed for more than six months. The federal government’s program cost an average $1,166 per person per month, which adds up to billions over the course of a year. Unfortunately, the unemployment extension was axed as part of the budget deal made in Congress.

Shortly after the expiration, President Obama used his weekly address as an opportunity to push for another unemployment extension in 2014:

“Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all. And denying families that security is just plain cruel. We’re a better country than that. We don’t abandon our fellow Americans when times get tough – we keep the faith with them until they start that new job.”

There is a debate over whether the unemployment extension ending is a bad thing. Some people predict the unemployment rate in the United States will drop simply because many of the 1.3 million Americans will simply give up on finding jobs, which means they will no longer be counted. But economist Fred Giertz of the University of Illinois believes “tough love” is necessary and the ending of unemployment benefits could force the jobless to work harder at finding work.

The CBO claims an unemployment extension in 2014 would boost GDP growth by 0.2 percent since the unemployed would be spending the money in their local economies. But the CBO also warned the cost is $26 billion over 10 years and they agree with the economists who say job-seekers may “reduce the intensity of their job search and remain unemployed longer.”

Do you agree with President Obama’s unemployment extension 2014 fight? Or do you think it’s better to let the benefits end in the long run?

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44 Responses to “Unemployment Extension: 2014 Benefits Desired By Obama, Some Economists Disagree”

  1. Diane Irons


  2. Dave Sharp

    if you like your current unemployment check you can keep it

  3. Maggie Otterbine Klorman

    People come in to were my son works and have been on Unemplyment for a long time,and they tell him if they can't find a job making the same or more money then they would rather stay unemployed, but they can come in everyday for their coffee and sandwich.

  4. Kristina Cousins

    I think the unemployment extention should continue. I have been out of work for a year and cannot find work I have some education but not enough to get a decent job. They economy is making it harder for people to live. At least do the extention and make sure people are actually looking for work. I have a large list of jobs that I had applied to and I am in job placement services. I am bound to find a job soon. I have some health issues that are a little retrictions but I can do office work which I wish someone would give me a change to re enter the workforce. Please Mr., Obama do it for all the americans that are very loss with this economy. Please help us.. Keep the extention

  5. Hein van Nieuwenhuizen

    Don't want to work? Then you don't deserve to live. Parasites should never be tolerated, not ticks on dogs, not tapeworms in intestines. Certainly not lazy asses feeding on Society indefinitely.

  6. Guy Karr

    Paying people not to work is not the answer. Every time the Federal government does something like this it becomes a permanent entitlement. We cannot afford to pay people not to work any more than we can afford to pay farmers not to grow crops.

  7. Anonymous

    Kristina Cousins He is trying to bankrupt America, how long does someone have to continue to pay you before you'll pay yourself? I've been laid off three times since 2008 in this economy and have found a job other then then at the height of the collapse in less then 4 months (and these jobs were between 45k-70k a year). Yes I've taken a paycut but it's way more then unemployment ever was, stop making excuses and find a damn job. Heck go back to school there are plenty of grants out there for people of low income to cover almost all of school for your. It's just another excuse for someone who truly doesn't want to work.

  8. Anonymous

    These people need to get back to work and stop sucking off the tit of the American taxpayer. All these excuses of I can't find a job are just excuses they are out there. I've have been layed off three times since 2008 in this economy and other then the height of the recession in 2008 it took me less then 4 months each time to find work. Have I taken a pay cut going from 70k a year to 45k a year now between these jobs, you bet I have but is it more then unemployment, you bet it is.

  9. Anonymous

    Lazy plain and simple, if they want more money go get an education.

  10. Donald W. Grab

    these dam liberals they never give up. like i have said before if you can't find a job in one year you are not looking
    that hard. most of these people just want to jump on the extension gravy train.. enough is enough.

  11. Pcdochawaii Su

    I like the saying of the beloved apostle paul said… "you don't work, you don't eat" plain and simple… there is justice and equality in that saying, where I shouldn't get a free meal and feed off on another individual's hard work.

  12. Darin Wilson

    socialism is a trap hein. once you get into welfare it is difficult to get out. welfare costs a shit load of money that gets stolen from peter to pay paul. peter therefore pays a shit load of tax and has to cut costs and pay people less. the government steps in and interferes even more by regulating minimum wages.

  13. Darin Wilson

    as time goes by, business struggles to afford to pay people as much money as they are getting in the welfare system or as much as people in the public sector are making.

    essentiallly, as the government gets involved it disrupts the free market, perverting the natural distribution of money and jobs. in essence the government ends up becoming the main employer at very low wages. once you enter welfare, the government owns your ass.

  14. Darin Wilson

    socialism slowly devalues economies. america is broke. broke broke broke. soon no country will be willing to buy their debt or trade the dollar. the blow out will be history changing

  15. Randy Scott

    davidcoture; not true at all. I have a 4 year degree and I get unemployment half the year every year because my job is a seasonal type of a job.

  16. Charity Goss Comeaux

    I am one of the ones who lost my UE benefits in December. I have been looking for work for almost a year. I was a legal assistant and have been even putting in applications at retail jobs…and, nothing. I guess when you are 35 and overqualified, they don't want to hire. Before I got laid off, I used to think that unemployed people were "not looking for a job hard enough," but now, that I have been there, I get it. I have never had a problem finding a job since I was 16, but now the economy is different. There will always be those that abuse the system, but don't judge all unemployed people this way. I am not a fan of Obama, but I will have to say, I think this is the best idea he has had his whole term. If anyone has a job they want to offer, please let me know. I will clean houses, toilets; I don't care…I just need income. Thank God my husband has a stable job. I can only imagine what single parents whose lost their UE are feeling right now.

  17. Michelle Gempp

    Im a single mom who was laid off in the midst of the mortgage industry hitting a low last year. Ive been in the industry for 16 years and have survived the crash and boom but now cant find employment in my field. I have tried to branch out to new fields of opportunity but cant find an employer that will pay me so I can return to work. Its the worst feeling to have to slash the home budget by 3/4 because unemployment pays only a 1/3 of my weekly income. Honestly, Im at a cross roads now and with the feds cutting the extension, I fear for us like I never have, I might be homeless in a month. Im pleading with Congress to pass another extension, PLEASE

  18. Paulette Graham-Rainer

    It is amazing how people refer to those on unemployment as lazy. I have a Master Degree, obtain certifications in areas every time requested to stay in my profession. I have been in leadership. I am considered over qualified and I am over fifty. If I don't get unemployment, I will have to toward applying for food stamps, which will reduce the amount of million Americans currently receiving those benefits. It doesn't help also when you live in a state that has an 'At Will' clause in their laws. So before one believes unemployment clients are lazy, please think twice.

  19. Laura Mathes

    There are no jobs to be had!! Give them the money and allow them to live. Shut down the post office as it loses 25 MILLION a day and feed our own people. No money No food or anyone buying anything else putting even more businesses out of work and letting more employees go.

  20. Steven Morris

    The definition of a small mind is one that makes sweeping judgements and opinions in black and white terms. For God's sake use your gray matter! It's not that simple. I was at a job for 5 years and had no notice when my hospital laid off hundreds of us! And I have 2 masters degrees. I have spent way more than 40 hours a week searching for a job and posting resumes! You are right I'm not going to go off unemployment to work at Starbucks and lose my house!!! I have student loans to pay and children! My husband works but now we have less than 1/2 our income and I was the breadwinner! I pray this never happens to you in your cushy little easy world !

  21. Henry T. Manabat

    Not being successful in being hired is not a matter of choice. Come to think of it, even with a maximum benefit of 1800 a month, a family of 4 will not survive. I don't believe people will quit looking for a better income than an EDD pay.

  22. Henry T. Manabat

    Not being successful in being hired is not a matter of choice. Come to think of it, even with a maximum benefit of 1800 a month, a family of 4 will not survive. I don't believe people will quit looking for a better income than an EDD pay.

  23. Kala Porter

    Some people are just plain ignorant. How dare some of you judge the unemployed, when you have know idea what it is like. I'm 28 and I have been unemployed since August. I worked as victim advocate on a Army installation and was laid off because the government decided not to renew the contract with the company I worked for. Not only did I get laid off, hundreds of worker got laid off. Before that job, I was a Human Resource Coordinator, and before that I was a Shelter advocate. I'm far from lazy, I love working – I even still volunteer at my prior employment because I loved my job. I have a bachelor's degree, and I working on Master's degree online. I would take any job right now, hell I would work at McDonald's if I could but you know what I always get on interviews. "oh we would love to hire you, however we think your overqualified to work here." Are you freaking serious, I'm overqualified to work at McDonald's. No one wants to hire a career professional at entry level. It's seem we can't win for losing. I spent the last 5 years of my life helping soldiers, women & children get out of domestic violence, stopping them from being homeless and getting the financial assistance they need. Ironically I'm about to lose my house because I can't pay the rent, my landlord is so nice they even offer to let me stay in my house at have the cost, because they don't want me to move, but I can't even afford that, I can barely by groceries. My mom is letting me move in with her, and taking over my cell phone bill so I will at least have a phone that employers can contact me on. People who have never been laid off, have know idea how truly hard it is to rely on others for assistance. It's killing me to have to rely on my mom, she a disabled veteran who works full time, but right now I don't have a choice. I was taught to always work hard, and God will reward you, but right now it just seems like I'm getting punished. There will always be people who abuse the system, there is no help that, but what about people like me. My face, my story is the true story of most unemployed people.

  24. Jeff Coulter

    "…Fred Giertz of the University of Illinois believes “tough love” is necessary and the ending of unemployment benefits could force the jobless to work harder at finding work…" Nice! you go without work and try and find a job! Would you like to see my application spreadsheet? There has to be jobs to work in order to get a job to work!!! What a loser!

  25. Tricia Yazhi

    Not true at all, my cousin tries to put an application. On line nothing …. For a year now .. Keep extenion continues he has kids to support … Obama help your people …

  26. Brandy Shannon

    I agree with this bc I am one of the ppl trying to make ends meets for me and my daughthis as month has really been hard for us I am looking for full time work but it is really hard bc of where I live there are literally no jobs.I know some make especially hard bc of their ways I have been working all my life and I know I am going to have to start all over pay rate wise but I don't care I am going crazy not working I am trying my best to keep what I have. GOD bless America. …

  27. Lola Osborn

    My son has always worked hard . He had worked 2 jobs in the last 9 1/2, years. He worked one for 7 years and the other for 2 years. He was laid off because of company down sizing . He has looked for work to no end and hasn't found anything. A lot if these employers won't hire you if you were making good wages because they don't pay as well and figure you will leave as soon as something better comes along. He is always being told he is over qualified. No one seems to understand that he would gladly work for less wages. I really take offense over the idea that if you are on unemployment you are lazy . This is so ignorant to think that. Not everyone absurd the system !!!!!

  28. Josh Smith Veronica Godinez

    If congress wants to stop Unemployment (My taxed money) benefits, then they should cancel the attempts of taxation on my brother Ironworkers pension when they retire, stop taxing my vacation checks, my fucking disability money from when I served in the Army that makes this country so strong. Oh yeah and my annuity money that company matches every hour I work. There's a lot of money being wasted by a lot of lazy people. (WHITE COLLARS)

  29. Anonymous

    Hey dopy unemployment is for the people that actually worked and put their own hard working money into it so if something like being laid off happens that is why it is called unemployment insurance. I have worked all my life since I was 14 and now at 43 I have been laid off and have put out over a thousand applications and not luck. So it has nothing to do with being lazy you dumb ass.

  30. Hein van Nieuwenhuizen

    fnkf33 Truly? Wow! Thanks for the insight! I was unemployed for 18 months. Also worked 80+ hours a week my entire life. Guess how I found employment again? C'mon guess! I took a pay cut. There is always work IF you don't think you're too good for it. You lazy scum-fuck.

  31. Hein van Nieuwenhuizen

    fnkf33 Lol! I love the way you stepped up to the parasite plate! Really?

  32. Cindy Crosby

    davidcoture Hey, David why don't you offer to pay for that education? You people with an opinion really get me. Have you not looked at the want ads…degrees are getting $12.72 an hour or less. Get real.

  33. Cindy Crosby

    You're barking up the wrong tree. Unemployment is temporary period. You should worry about the abuse of the permanent entitlement programs.

  34. Jessica Shenk

    congress should get there heads out of there asses and extend unemployment,not every one are like them where they make lots of money ..u know how many families will loose everything if they loose there income,

  35. Charles Burch

    I believe if the president really wans to extend the benefits for those of us who want to work but cannot seem to get hired then he should put as much effort into this worthwhile endeavor and forget Obama care. The American people have already spoken on Obama care and it was a big nugatory. Obama please if you truly mean what you say about treating Americans better then this, do something now we are treading water and getting tired, if you think that by letting this just coast is ok you are wrong studies have shown that a rise in unemployment and unemployment claims have also meant a rise in crime. If the average American cannot provide for their family by the traditional way they will do it anyway they can. That is not the direction we want to put this country in. People are under a lot of pressure right now, have you noticed the family killings, the people killing themselves because they have lost their jobs, homes, and families, we can't get these lives back but we can prevent more. It is your responsibility to protect the American citizens from those who would do us harm even if that means those who work for you.
    Charles H. Burch III

  36. Shirley Hayes

    davidcoture I have worked all my life since 18 I am now 60 and was layed off. I have applied in every shop motel hotel dinner fast food you name it I have applied I check Indeeds every night apply on line and follow up with going to the office to check. Guess what NO job unemployed and lost my insurance now in about 3 months I will lose my home That I have paid on for 15 of the 20 years 5 years short of having it paid off but no I will lose it cause I have no income and my savings will run out. I would love to be making what you do hell it more than twice what I've made working full time. I raised 5 kids never a welfare mom. So I have worked for over 42 years and where is all the money that was paid into my name? 26 weeks is all I get and so why is't it based on what is was paid under your name. Why do they get to keep it? It's like you have a savings account been adding to it every week and the Big boys come and take it all and says don't worry will give it back to you small amounts over 26 weeks and we get to keep the balance. I am not lazy and neither are a lot of other unemployed people. in my area two large factories have closed their doors and layed off over 1,000 people and every year our youth join the work force with no helps in finding a job. Maybe you live in a large city that can support a larger work force we don't and most of us will be losing our cars and auto insurance. In my state no auto insurance DMV takes your licence. We are no sucking of the tit of the american tax payer we all paid into it. Just ask the employer mine paid a hell of a lot. so again where is that money that was paid under my name for 42 years?

  37. Shirley Hayes

    No kids no welfare, If you get unemployment there is no welfare. So if you have kids hell yes go on welfare and feed those babies. On unemployment or welfare you can't go to school cause you aren't available for work. Welfare says if your child is 5 years of age you have to look for work and if your child is over 18 there is no welfare. so the statement for the rest of your life is not true.

  38. Shirley Hayes

    It is not a free meal off another individual's hard work it is based on the work you have done. I want to know where is the money that was paid under my name for the last 42 years I worked ? It sure doesn't come out to $340.00 for 26 weeks. = $8,840 do the math 43 years= 2,408 weeks at $56.00 a week = $134,848 a little short don't you think?? so where is that money?

  39. Shirley Hayes

    May God bless you for your statement by you losing you job, then your home, your car, your phone ect.
    and the best your loved one thinking you are the lazy ass now.

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