30 Stupid Moments Of Fail That Will Actually Make You Feel Dumber

Let us pause a moment to appreciate the Unintentional Comedian.

They’re everywhere you look on the Web, silly people who keep the world laughing with their little bundles of fail, some so foolish they make our heads hurt—from the sustained laughter as well as sheer pain of inanity.

We laugh, we deride, we feel better about our own moments of ineptitude and pray they’re never immortalized to give the entire online world a chuckle.

But we never appreciate.

We never say, “Thank you, your stupidity has made my day.”

Now, there’s no need to make a monument to morons or start a new holiday to commemorate the comedy of calamity.

But every time you witness a nugget of nitwittedness, take a moment to thank the Unintentional Comedian responsible.

Once you’ve stopped laughing and have regained your faculties, of course.

If it’s something you see in person and didn’t get your smartphone out in time to post it online, just thank the person in as lighthearted a manner as possible so as not to offend someone who’s likely already feeling pretty stupid.

If it’s a gem you see on the Web, you can show your appreciation by sharing it with as many people as possible. Eventually, paying it forward might make it back to the original offender, and he or she will know how much you appreciate that particular life fail.

And with that, here’s 30 more moments of mass stupidity for your laughing pleasure. Enjoy, and be sure to share the LOLs.

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