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‘GTA 5’: Online Updates To Bring Back Abandoned Ideas

'GTA 5' online updates 'not static'

The GTA 5 online counterpart, according to Rockstar, is “no longer static,” and will evolve with player feedback. This means that some of Rockstar’s original ideas for the game will be making a comeback.

It happens with every form of video media; original ideas get scrapped because the creators just don’t think they will work or they don’t have time for it. It’s why some movies have director’s cuts, and some early trailers have scenes that never make it into the final film. Video games are the same way. All too often, the game starts out as some grand idea, but in the end, some parts of that idea are left behind because they don’t fit the final product.

It appears that GTA 5‘s online side is getting some of those ideas added back in, but Rockstar is doing it according to player feedback. Some single player elements might be added as well, but it appears that GTA Online is getting the most added content.

Rockstar’s art director Aaron Garbut said of the continuing content addition:

“It’s hard to remember the original vision now. We always have a very basic idea of what we want to achieve, but from day one it’s evolving and adapting. As a game, the initial vision is always very rough. … There are always things that come up during development that you want to add. Often we do, but the closer you get to release, the less that happens. I don’t feel like the game fell short, but there is undoubtedly a huge volume of plans and ideas that we wanted to do to push it further. What I love about our GTA Online plans is that the game is no longer static. We can continue to add these things and evolve.”

The way the GTA 5 online content is expected to evolve depends more on feedback, Garbut says. Rockstar is taking input from sites like Reddit for what they plan to add, “We can respond to what [players] are into and what they hate more than ever. It’s something that really suits the way we work, the way we’re always trying to adapt the experience and avoid walking blindly down a set path.”

One of the ideas that have come back from the cutting room floor is the mission creator, something that has already been added back in with the last GTA 5 online update. More characters are expected to be added to Story Mode in future DLC. A patch has already been secretly added to the online side to eliminate the infinite money glitch.

What would you like to see added to GTA Online?

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4 Responses to “‘GTA 5’: Online Updates To Bring Back Abandoned Ideas”

  1. Dustin Eversole

    More ways to actually earn money faster so no one is tempted to try to cheat. I play as fairly as possible and dont get to play as often as i would like so ppl that are super high ranks with unlimited money makes it hard to do anything and have a fair fighting chance.

  2. Colby Dallman

    I should put more sports in the game like bowling. And have the cops chase u for different things like drunk driving or speeding just to make It more fun. U should also make it so h can have more than one garage because their is so many cool cars that I don't have the space for. Have a snowy environment at certain times like one a week.

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