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Marijuana Legalization 2014: Colorado, Florida, Alabama Seeing Sales, Arrests

Marijuana Legalization 2014: Colorado, Florida, Alabama Seeing Sales, Arrests

Marijuana legalization in 2014 is about to hit yet another important threshold in Colorado and Florida. But while some states are starting legal marijuana sales, other states are arguing over marijuana legalization, and still others are arresting people.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fake pot is actually more dangerous than real marijuana leaves, according to doctors. And many people are interested in selling the real thing, with marijuana business opportunities being the talk of the entrepreneur world.

Colorado’s marijuana legalization just reached an important milestone because the first stores licensed for recreational marijuana were able to start making their sales to anyone over age 21. Thousands of people all over the state stood in lines for hours at the 37 stores, and police say the crowds were calm enough to have been stoned already. Sean Azzariti, an Iraq War veteran, was the very first customer. He had campaigned for marijuana legalization because of his PTSD.

In Florida, marijuana is still illegal for medical purposes, never mind recreational marijuana. Florida residents have until February to gather 700,000 signatures on a marijuana legalization petition that could give voters a chance to decide if they want medical marijuana legal in Florida. But it’s still possible the Florida Supreme Court could put a halt to any marijuana legalization efforts if they decide the wording of the ballot is incorrect.

But in some states like Alabama, marijuana legalization isn’t making much headway at all. Police recently arrested a marijuana legalization advocate named Christopher Lee Butts, who is the co-president and board chair of the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition. In addition, they charged Butts and four other people with trafficking illegal drugs. Police say after searching a residential home they found 30 plants and several buds that were part of an illegal growing operation.

This just goes to show how different the state of affairs can be from state to state in America. While people in Colorado are celebrating marijuana legalization, Butts is being held in jail on a $1 million bond.

Do you think President Obama and Congress should make marijuana legalization a priority in 2014?

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16 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization 2014: Colorado, Florida, Alabama Seeing Sales, Arrests”

  1. Jack S. Klotzner

    I think the Pres and congress should just Legalize it if they think long and hard about it, it CAN help bring us out of debt and will save millions if not BILLIONS on UNNECESSARY PROSECUTION its a smart move but i highly doubt they will do anything

  2. Charles Seals

    dont worry we have gathered about a 1000 people and are going to storm the police station until our friends are released…or the head of every pig is laid out in front of the station

  3. Katie N Chad H

    This is fucked up the economy is screwed up and we keep giving money to other countries and the tax money and profit will fix this but congress in florida and Obama don't see this why do we keep helping these people lgalizing pot will help the government with helping these other contries so I don't have to explain to my kid I can't feed her cause America and Obama wants to give our money away so I'm all go legalizing pot

  4. Justin Sturm

    Obama and Eric Holder could change the Drug Schedule tomorrow if they wanted to. They could change Marijuana from a Schedule 1 (higher than, Corrianne, Meth, Heroine) to to a lower schedule that would completely change everything. Obama has admitted to using Marijuana in his youth and knows that is it is not WORSE than many of the other lower schedule drugs, but he would rather that Law enforcement ruins people life. For example Christopher Lee Butts in Alabama.

  5. Marti Gordon

    Make It legal……Would rather have a bunch of potheads being happy and relaxed then a bunch of pill heads and Drunk's.

  6. Bill William

    IF marijuana is illegal, tobacco products , alcohol products , prescription drugs, should all be illegal as well, tobacco , alcohol & prescription drugs kill thousands of people from first & second hand effects every year, if someone is killed from the intentional actions of others, they are usually considered murderers , no matter if you kill with a gun or with your first or second hand smoke or kill someone because your drunk,or prescribing them prescription drugs,, IT'S MURDER , these things are sold on every street corner "LEGALLY". that's not right, marijuana is not even addictive & actually medically helpful, & would help get the country out of debt, by providing jobs & helping with the illigal immigration & over populated jail problems, keep the real criminals in jail , murderers, robbers, rapists, child molesters , keep the Billions of dollars in our country & states, not the mexican drug cartels & marijuana is no more a " GATEWAY DRUG" than tobacco,alcohol, prescription drugs. SO YES LAW MAKERS,MAKE IT LEGAL NOW!!!! DONT BE HIPOCRITS!!! , DON'T KEEP PUTTING OUR FELLOW AMERICANS IN JAIL FOR A FAR LESS ACTION,, OR BAN SMOKING TOBACCO, ALCHOL, PRESCRIPTION NARCOTICS,,(( OH THAT'S RIGHT IT'S ALL ABOUT THE AGENDA'S OF THE TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, PRECRIPTION DRUG INDUSTRIES, CERTAIN POLITICIANS NOT WHAT'S FAIR OR COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS)) WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! ,,THE ONLY COMMON SENSE CHOICE. HELP GET OUR COUNTRY OUT DEBT TO THE CHINESE GOV. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. ALABAMA GOV. BENTLEY AND THE LAW MAKERS OF ALABAMA SHOULD EDUCATE THEMSELVES AND OTHERS , GOOGLE THE FACTS., ITS SO EASY A POLITICIAN CAN DO IT.

  7. Melissa Underwood

    It's ridiculous that Alabama, or any other state won't legalize weed. Honestly, it's like a bad joke, and Colorado is eating it up. This state is so poor, and so run down becuase of the people running this shit. You've all seen Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia, what do they have in common? A lottery. (This may seem off subject but here me out) the lottery attracts customers, and those states are doing pretty great. But, Alabama won't get with the program, we're still in the stone age compared to our brother states, we can't even have a casino! It's sad. It really is, becuase we could make a great state, something we could proud of, but as you can tell, these people wish to make no moves towards improvement. So, basically we're falling apart because of the bible belt placed upon us. Weed needs legalized or this state is dead.

  8. Anonymous

    Alabama, its time to vote out all the politicians who are against the peoples choice

  9. Shaneke Shelton

    Everybody would be in a happy an hungry an sleepy if we ALL VOTE! It would be peace an we wouldnt have no drama

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