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Aussie beer’s secret ingredients


I am currently traveling in Malaysia on the island of Langkawi which is famous for its beaches and its duty-free status – lazing on the beach, drinking cheap beer, more could you ask for in a holiday destination.

Imported Australian beer sells for around US$1 a can. Interestingly the Malaysian importer has attached a sticker, listing its ingredients, which is not found on the original can. Victoria Bitter is one Australia’s most popular beers and contains your usual malt, yeast, barley, in addition to coriander and dried orange peel.

The beer’s brewer Fosters, describes the beer on their website as:

“a full flavoured brew, less malty in character and slightly darker than CUB’s traditional lagers. A gentle fruitiness in the aroma complements the sweet malt on the mid-palate balancing perfectly with a robust, hop bitterness.”

I wonder how many Australians realize the “fruitiness” of their favorite beer comes from dried orange peel.

Mike Henry is currently traveling through Asia. You can read more of his adventures on his travel blog.

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8 Responses to “Aussie beer’s secret ingredients”

  1. Mat

    You stupid clown. Thats a Hoegaarden sticker on the side.. VB doesn't have coriander or orange peel in it….. just sheep urine (judging by the tase). This is the shittest beer in the world, I would not even pay $1 for it.

  2. Richo68

    You stupid knob jockey, that's a Hoegaarden sticker on it! If you cant taste the difference between Hoegaarden and the stench of a VB – you shouldn't be drinking beer!

  3. Andy G Robinson

    I believe it's just an error. Looking at the sticker, it says 'Hoegaarden', which you'd fully expect to have coriander and orange peel, as many wheat beers do.

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