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Romney Grandson: Melissa Harris-Perry Panel Blasted By Don Lemon, Sarah Palin [Video]

Melissa Harris-Perry blasted by CNN's Don Lemon for Romney mocking

Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC snarkfest ignited a social media controversy when the panel attempted some lame humor about a family Christmas photo featuring all of Mitt Romney’s grandkids.

The “jokes” about diversity and the GOP seemed to be directed at grandchild number 22, baby Kieran Romney, who was adopted by Mitt’s son Ben and his wife Andelynne.

Harris-Perry subsequently apologized both in a series of tweets and on the MSNBC website where she wrote “… Whatever the intent, the segment proceeded in an unexpected way that was offensive. Without reservation or qualification, I apologize to the Romney family and to all families built on loving transracial adoptions.”

On CNN last night, anchor Don Lemon and a panel consisting of Republican Anna Navarro and Democrat Marc Lamont Hill discussed the Harris-Perry-Romney controversy (see embed above). Lemon initially asked rhetorically about the nuclear level of outrage that would have followed if the Romney-mocking segment had occurred on Fox News. “What if this was on Fox? What if this same segment was on Fox? If someone on Fox saying one of these things is not like the other to a black baby and a white family.”

Lemon also noted that the “whole crowd” at MSNBC had criticized him in the past for commentary that apparently was insufficiently liberal but that he never felt it necessary to respond. “The dog is supposed to howl at the moon; the moon doesn’t howl back,” he quipped. Moreover, in assessing the typical MSNBC content and not just limited to making fun of Kieran Romney, Lemon charactized the network as…

a bunch of people on the left who all agree with each other …there’s no diversity of opinion … and saying mean, smug things … about people who disagree with them…They were using a baby to bring attention to diversity.”

Ironically, there may be more diversity in Mitt Romney’s familiy than in MSNBC’s usual prime time lineup. Moreover, most mainstream media pundits have insisted over the years that while a political candidate (or former candidate) may be fair game, family is supposedly off-limits.

Sarah Palin, among many others who spoke out on social media, took MSNBC to task for trying to ridicule the Romney family photo and the 2008 GOP presidential candidate’s new grandson. On her Facebook page, Palin wrote in part…

The hypocritical leftist lamestream media should be shamed by every caring, child-loving American. It has once again reached a new low. See the article linked below. One just can’t win in their petty little games. Good thing most Americans don’t play those little games! It’s a beautiful thing the Romney family has done by embracing ‘the spirit of adoption.’ What on earth is more beautiful? Shame on MSNBC for mocking this…

Palin continued:

Leftist media hounds are not expressing an opinion with this attack; they are expressing a prejudice that would never be accepted if it came from anyone else but the lib media.You really need a conscience, yellow journalists. May your 2014 New Year’s Resolution be to find one.Thank you, Romney family, for giving a child a family full of love.

There has been a lot of inflammatory statements made on the network. For example, MSNBC host Martin Bashir lost his hosting job there at the beginning of December for making some vile, disgusting comments about the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate. In 2011, MSNBC host Ed Schultz was suspended briefly for calling talk show host Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.”

Given this latest controvery over comments made about the Romney family and Kieran Romney in particular for which MSNBC was denounced across the political spectrum, do you think MSNBC’s parent company needs to step in to address the “yellow journalism” that is onging at the cable news channel?

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One Response to “Romney Grandson: Melissa Harris-Perry Panel Blasted By Don Lemon, Sarah Palin [Video]”

  1. Gene Lalor

    MSNBC Should Fire Melissa Harris-Perry

    Melissa Harris-Perry who clearly has more Caucasian dna in her genetic makeup than Mariah Carey or Beyonce’ has a nasty habit of letting her racist views intentionally and unintentionally creep into her “news” commentary on MSNBC.

    For those and for her latest exhibition of black racism, she should be sent packing.

    Long recognized as a racist by objective observers, the thirty seven year old Harris-Perry has caught quite a bit of well-deserved flak for ridiculing the family of former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP nominee for president Mitt Romney solely because his son and daughter-in-law adopted an African-American child.

    Specifically, on her program last Sunday, MH-P featured a Romney family photo which included the newest member of the clan, Kieran Romney, the adopted African-American baby son of Ben and Andee Romney, seated front and center on Grandpa Mitt’s lap.

    Any rational individual would have regarded the picture as simply one showing a wholesome, happy group. However, MH-P irrationally seized the opportunity to steer her guests on the eponymous “Melissa Harris-Perry” show toward shamefully mocking the photo, the Romney family, and therefore little Kieran himself.

    To black supremacists like Harris-Perry, curiously a product of a diverse Mormon family, such adoptions must apparently pollute pure, black blood and are probably perceived as worse than black rapists attacking and impregnating innocent white girls.

    Black actress panelist Pia Glenn launched into parody: “One of these things [the thing being Kieran] is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.” Arab-American comedian Dean Obeidallah followed by sarcastically joking, “I think this picture is great. It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person” (i.e., as a showpiece.)

    Harris-Perry then added her own witticism when she laughingly speculated on a future marriage between Romney’s grandson and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s mixed-race daughter, North West.

    For his part, Romney graciously forgave MH-P the day after her apology saying to Fox News’ Chris Wallace, “Let me first note, Chris, we love this little guy a great deal. He was an answer to prayer, and we love that he is a part of our family. He is a part of our family. That being said, I recognize that people make mistakes and the folks at MSNBC made a big mistake. They’ve apologized for it. That’s all can you ask for.”

    Except that, for Harris-Perry, such “mistakes” are more the rule than the exception. . . . (Read more at

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