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Mike Ditka Falls Asleep On Live TV [Video]

Mike Ditka falls asleep on live TV

Mike Ditka apparently fell asleep during ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown this afternoon.

Although it’s his job, Ditka perhaps felt the same level of boredom with pre-game shows that millions of viewers experience every week as he nodded off during an ESPN reporter’s remote from the New York Jets-Miami Dolphins game at Sun Life Stadium.

Panelist Keyshawn Johnson nudged Ditka awake (see embed above) as the group was about to make their Sunday picks. “Da Coach” seemed to twitch twice as he collected himself.

Chicagoland legend and long-time ESPN commentator Mike Ditka is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, and earlier this month, his jersey number was retired by the Chicago Bears. Ditka was the Bears number one pick in the 1961 draft out of the University of Pittsburgh. He played tight end over 12 NFL seasons with the Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. He finished his career with 427 receptions for 5,812 yards and 43 touchdowns.

From 1982-1992, Ditka coached the Bears to a 106-62 record. He also led the team to a Super Bowl victory in 1986. Ditka and Tom Flores (formerly of the Oakland Raiders) are the only two people to win an NFL title as a player, an assistant coach, and a head coach.

Ditka recently made non-sports-related headlines for claiming that his biggest mistake was not running for US Senate in 2004 against then-state-senator Barack Obama. When Jack Ryan’s campaign imploded over revelations about his divorce from “Seven of Nine” actress Jeri Ryan, the GOP tried to recruit Ditka. After giving the run serious consideration, Ditka subsequently announced that he would not seek the nomination because of family and business commitments. Obama went on to defeat replacement GOP candidate Alan Keyes in a landslide.

Given the typically superficial analysis, obnoxious posturing, and lame predictions on sports pre-game shows, can you blame Mike Ditka for falling asleep during Sunday NFL Countdown, especially in the aftermath of the Christmas holiday?

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10 Responses to “Mike Ditka Falls Asleep On Live TV [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Can't say as I blame him Football commentaries are as boring as a Sunday sermon.

  2. Michael Wolverton

    I'd give anything to see Ditka beat the crap out of the snarky little shit that wrote this story.

  3. Michael Wolverton

    Mike Ditka vs 11 clones of the dude that wrote this story. How many touchdowns does Ditka win by?

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