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Footballer Nicolas Anelka Makes ‘Sickening, Abusive, Hateful’ Anti-Semitic Gesture

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Nicolas Anelka was accused by the French Government and Jewish groups of celebrating a goal with a gesture regarded as anti-Semitic in France.

The West Bromwich Albion striker scored a goal and then gave a salute known as “La quenelle.” It is a gesture popularized by French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala and is considered to be a form of reverse Nazi salute.

It involves pointing one straightened arm downward while touching that arm’s shoulder with the opposite hand.

Keith Downing, the West Bromwich coach, said that Ankela was ”totally surprised” by the hostile reaction to the gesture.

Downing continued:

”It is dedicated to a French comedian he knows very, very well. He uses it in his act and I think speculation (that it is anti-Semitic) can be stopped now, it is absolute rubbish really. He (Anelka) is totally unaware of what the problems were or the speculation that has been thrown around.”

But Valerie Fourneyron, France’s sports minister, tweeted: ”Anelka’s gesture is a shocking, disgusting provocation. No place for anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred on the football field.”

Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, said it was:

”Sickening that such a well-known footballer would make such an abusive and hateful gesture in front of tens of thousands of spectators. This salute is merely a lesser-known Nazi salute and we expect the same kind of punishment to be handed down by the authorities as if Anelka had made the infamous outstretched arm salute. This salute was created by a well-known extreme anti-Semite who has displayed his hatred of Jews, mocked the Holocaust and Jewish suffering.”

The French government is considering ways to ban performances by the comedian – who happens to be a friend of Nicolas Anelka – following numerous protests from Jewish groups.

This incident may seem to those not living in France as unjustified criticism of a controversial gesture, and Nicolas Anelka to be the victim of unfair attacks. But, Anelka’s action must be viewed against the background of increasingly strident anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli activities in the French Republic in recent months, including violent attacks on French Jews..

One can not forget the murder of three young Jewish children and a Rabbi in 2012 in Toulouse, France by Mohammad Merah, who was motivated by his hatred of Jews and Israel. No civilized nation can tolerate open displays of hateful religious and racial incitement, and Anelka’s behavior is inexcusable, as is his coach’s attempt to downplay the severity of this vile incident.

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3 Responses to “Footballer Nicolas Anelka Makes ‘Sickening, Abusive, Hateful’ Anti-Semitic Gesture”

  1. Walter Bachner

    The West Bromwich coach needs to shut his mouth before he loses his job. Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, the man who invented the gesture, is an outspoken Jew Hater, who has been photographed with known neo nazis making the salute. To claim that it isn't a nazi salute is a disgusting lie and the coach should fired for covering up this disgusting display.

  2. Walter Bachner

    Here is a small sample of the man behind the gesture's Jew hate:

    "On 26 December 2008 at an event at the Parc de la Villette in Paris, Dieudonné awarded the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson an "insolent outcast" prize [prix de l'infréquentabilité et de l'insolence]. The award was presented by one of Dieudonné's assistants, Jacky, dressed in a concentration camp uniform with a yellow badge. This caused a scandal and earned him his sixth court conviction to date. On 29 January 2009 he celebrated the 80th birthday of Faurisson in his theater, in the midst of a representative gathering of Holocaust deniers, right-wing radicals, and radical Shiites. Dieudonné and Faurisson further appeared together in a video making fun of the Holocaust and its commemoration."

  3. Wisdom Mude

    Let football be a game of love and not War and sign of hatred, it should unite us, heal our wounds and repair our desolate area

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