Anderson Silva Suffers Horrific Leg Break Against Chris Weidman At UFC 168

Anderson Silva Injury: Fighter Suffers Horrific Leg Break Against Chris Weidman

Anderson Silva suffered a horrific broken leg against Chris Weidman in UFC 168, bringing a disturbing end to the headline match and what may likely be the curtain on Silva’s career.

The fight came to an abrupt conclusion in the second round when Anderson Silva attempted a leg kick that was checked by Weidman, causing Silva’s leg to snap in half. The fight was immediately ended and Weidman was awarded a TKO.

Though Chris Weidman raised his arms and jogged the other way as Silva screamed in pain, afterward the victor appeared shaken by the injury.

“No matter what happened, he’s still known as the greatest of all time,” Weidman said after the fight. “I wish him the best, and God bless him.”

Weidman said he had trained to check Silva’s leg kicks, which he used effectively against Weidman in their first fight.

“I knew if he kicked me hard on my knee, it could hurt him. Crazy that it could happen like that,” Weidman said.

The Anderson Silva injury could mean the end of the line for the fighter, who will turn 39 in April.

CBS Sports MMA writer Gregg Doyel thinks that Silva will call it quits after shattering his leg.

Doyel wrote:

“What’s more to prove? He can’t fight Weidman again any time soon, so does this all-time great want to spend a year in grueling physical rehabilitation only to drop down the ladder and fight an elimination bout or two in the hopes of getting another crack at Weidman in a year or more, pushing 40? My guess: No. My guess: We’ve seen the last of Anderson Silva, an infuriating but undeniably talented fighter who pushed the boundaries, good and bad, of what a fighter could get away with inside the cage.”

Before Silva broke his leg, the fight had been scored fairly close, with both fighters landing blows in the first round.

Officials have yet to indicate just how serious the Anderson Silva injury is or exactly what part of his leg was broken.