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Nancy Lanza Knew Something Was Wrong With Son Adam Week Of Newtown Shooting

Newtown shooting memorial

Nancy Lanza wanted to test her son Adam’s ability to live on his own and manage his Asperger’s Syndrome, so the Connecticut mother turned control of the house to her 20-year-old son while she went out of town for a day.

Within 24 hours of her return, Adam would snap, shooting his mother to death before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 26 more people, including 20 children. He then took his own life as police arrived on the scene.

The release of a Newtown shooting report by police in Connecticut shed new light on the events surrounding last year’s mass shooting. In the report, a man who had dated Nancy Lanza and remained friends with her indicated that she knew something was very wrong the week of the shooting.

The man said Nancy told him, “She did not want to be in Connecticut the week of the shooting and was considering taking a trip to be sure she was out of town. This was thought to be some sort of foreshadowing of the incident,” the report said.

The report also detailed a strange relationship between Nancy Lanza and her son. Though they lived in the same house, the two communicated by email, though they did connect by going to a shooting range together.

Investigators found that although she was his primary caregiver, Adam Lanza hated his mother. They believe he targeted Sandy Hook Elementary School because of his mother’s connection to it, volunteering there for more than a decade.

“Lanza apparently felt that his mother loved the students more than him,” the report said.

The Newtown shooting report indicated that Nancy was desperate to find help for her son. In a text with a friend, she expressed concern that Adam would be unable to manage by himself while she was away.

“I REALLY wish I could but I have so much to do and want to spend a little extra time with Adam before I go,” she wrote in one. “Also, lots of cooking to do because I like to leave him with all his favorites.”

Reports from just after the massacre last year indicated that Nancy Lanza was losing control of her son. A friend of the family told the New York Daily News that though Nancy usually did not talk about her son, in the weeks leading up to the shooting, she confessed that his behavior was worrying her.

“She just looked down at the glass and said, ‘I don’t know. I’m worried I’m losing him,’ ” said the friend, who remained anonymous.” She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him.”

The friend said Nancy indicated that Adam was becoming numb to all emotion and feelings.”Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something,” he recalled of a conversation they had about a year ago. “It was like he was trying to feel something.” It came to the point that Nancy was considering moving her son out of Connecticut to seek help, the Washington Post reported

“He was her whole life. She was very proud of both of her sons,” said Mark Tambascio, who knew Nancy Lanza for several years. “She never mentioned that [Adam] was suicidal or violent. Nothing like that. Everyone that had spent any time around him, they knew he was a little bit different, but you never saw any major, major issues.”

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70 Responses to “Nancy Lanza Knew Something Was Wrong With Son Adam Week Of Newtown Shooting”

  1. Elizabeth Ann

    She should of put her son in a mental institution if she knew that he was a danger to society.Bad parenting leads to bad kids.

  2. Kathy Nunnally

    Hindsight is always 20/20. I know its no comfort to the families, but she was doing the best she could do she most likely had no idea he would go to that far. I pray that you, me or anyone else is ever put in her shoes.

  3. Elizabeth Ann

    Kathy Nunnally I do have empathy for the victims & their families,but if your kid is hurting him or herself you found out what's wrong.Most likely the kid's in a bad way,I watch too Dr. Drew but he is right.

  4. Leslie McGowan Farney

    With apologies to her family, Nancy Lanza was nuts. When one's child's behavior is anti-social to the extreme that he communicates with she, his co-habitant, by email, one doesn't take him to the shooting range for recreational fun, leave him alone in a home filled with assault weapons, nor give him another assault weapon for Christmas. Under the best circumstances, Asperger's is a condition which requires the most least-stressful, safe, secure, and supervised setting for optimal living conditions. Mix-in the yet unreported (why?), psychotropic pharmaceuticals prescribed and administered to she and he, who reportedly burned himself with lighters in order to 'feel' something and you had a recipe for disaster. Surely, he was educated and graduated within the Newtown School District's Dept. of Special Education, for which the taxpayer paid handsomely for special services, guidance and planning. Where was the plan for this young man? Was the plan for him to sit in his room after years of being classified, discriminated against, possibly segregated with emotionally ill peers, and then expected to behave normally when left alone and unsupervised? To my knowledge, the School District was responsible for his education and follow-up services until at least, the age of twenty-one. Our government's school system classified him (was he classified appropriately or misclassified as mentally retarded and/or mentally ill?) marginalized his future chances to mainstream, and then abandoned him. His father too, neglected his responsibility. Adam was not an adult. His father should not have been allowed to 'buy' his way out of his responsibility to care for his child, through the courts, alimony or otherwise..Adam was a ticking time bomb and the yet unreported, corporate cocktail he was imbibing, lit the fuse for the demolition of so many lives. Newtown parents: demand your Right to Know what lethal combination of corporate drugs were prescribed or forced on this family as a false panacea and go about holding the responsible parties to full account. The government is withholding the full reports because it is responsible, through the school system which failed Adam, the Family Court which gave custody to his mother who was likely herself, prescribed pharmaceuticals which clouded her judgment, the doctors, Adam's Spec. Ed.Treatment Team and Big Pharm which allows these poisonous-to-the-brain (studies show these psychotropic meds shrink the brain, as well as poison the recipient, similar to the effect of anti-freeze), psychiatric medications, to be prescribed to children without adequate study data to their harmful side-effects and consequences to children. Big Pharm and our government are in collusion for financial profiteering off the precious innocent lives lost to American Fascism. Why in the world else, would we know the drugs which were in the systems of those such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse within weeks, but we never see the reports of what was in these shooters' blood systems or else, we are told that somehow, the police either made a mistake and/or did not feel as if it was important to blood test the mass murders at the time. Hmmm…

  5. Ron Joseph

    All this feel good "my autistic kid deserves to be in school with your kid" is a huge cause of all of this. Blame guns all you like but when someone snaps they snap. These kids disrupt the eduction of others and no doubt take up the teachers time when he/she should be teaching the children that aren't special needs. We need special schoosl for special needs. We need to boot criminals and violent kids out of public schools too.

  6. Anonymous

    Ron Joseph's comment below is noteworthy. However, we do have schools for special needs. Sadly, they have turned into schools for kids that are really bad and belong in Juvenile Detention homes.

  7. Janice Crawford

    As a retired special education teacher and an aunt of an Autistic young adult you are wrong. I never feared for my life from an autistic child however, I did from typical kids who were just plain nuts and evil by nature. I believe there is probably another diagnosis somewhere. But lets not blame his wealthy father for deserting him and leaving the mother to deal alone. Just a by the by why have the press NEVER interviewed the father? Why they can't let the mother rest in peace.

  8. Megan Sparks Miller

    Ron you really have no idea what you're talking about. As a teacher, who has taught BOTH special education and regular education, I can tell you that regular ed students were far more disruptive and had way bigger emotional problems than the kids with learning disabilities. Kids that shoot up schools and murder people have problems that go way beyond autism, and many of these school shooters aren't even autistic. Oh, and as far as special ed students interfering with the education of regular ed students…. not even close.

  9. Elizabeth Owens

    You are so full of it. Bad parenting has nothing to do it. My sister and I are as different as night and day, grew up in the same home. She has had her share of troubles, nothing to do with how we were parented. By all account Adam Lanza's brother is a very productive member of society. They both grew up in the same home. I feel for that entire family. mom included.

  10. Megan Sparks Miller

    It's pretty difficult to get someone committed…. There were a lot of news articles after the shooting about how parents with kids who have problems like Lanza don't have many options, and the private treatment facilities are really expensive. The system itself needs a place for these kids. That being said, I agree that she did a crappy job. She was buying her unstable son assault weapons. Enough said. Bad parenting.

  11. Elizabeth Owens

    It is so unfortunate that autistic kids are being painted with such a horrid brush. Autism had nothing to do with this. AS WITH ALL MENTAL disorders, there is usually multiple diagnosis. For example, a kid with ADHD often has an anxiety disorder or a learning disability coupled in the mix. Special education teachers get this, where the lay person does not. You being a lay person while you have the right to be uninformed do not have the right to patently lie about the character of those with autism. I pray you have no special needs people in your family, I am sure you would just lock them up never to see light of day.

  12. Andrew Michael Storm

    All you folks now being SO forgiving of this woman is ridiculous. Yes she is dead and gone. BUT, "let her rest in peace", I am sorry that will not fly. What she did by the way she handled her son was the main cause of this tragedy. She, not he, was the cause of the Newtown tragedy! He may have pulled the trigger but SHE supplied the guns and SHE let him remain the way he was for years! SHE alone ignored the way he was and tried to pretend that all would be okay if she just kept him in the house with her and did nothing about his condition. The reson you hear nothing about the meds he was taking is because he had not been taking meds for years. He did not want to take his meds so she let him stop! He did not like treatment so she let him stop going so he was on his own! He was a young adult with Aspergers Syndrome being untreated and unmedicated adn THAT is a recipe for disaster. Aspergers is one thing in young children, it is quite another in young adults. In untreated, unmedicated young adults it can be VERY DANGEROUS!! She played Russian Roulette with her son as the loaded weapon and she lost. Problem is, she was not the only victim here! And again I will say giving the father and the grown Brother a free pass on this is ridiculous also. They both walked away a washed their hands of the whole situation and they KNEW that he was dangerous, they KNEW that there wer guns in the house, they KNEW she was ignoring the problems, they KNEW this was not a good situation and they jsut turned their heads and pretended all would be okay. I am sorry, ignoring problems will not solve them! And giving these peole absolution after the fact just continues the string of problems this society has with just this type of problem!

  13. Elizabeth Owens

    Janice Crawford Yeah, if we want to go on the bad parenting band wagon which I won't, but for devil advocate;s sake, why is it always the mother? Why is it men always get a free pass. As far as I am concerned the father in this situation checked oiut years ago. Why is it always women that have to clean up the messes? Then when they do their best, and tihings still go wrong, Darned if you, darned if you don't.

  14. Elizabeth Owens

    Megan Sparks Miller Here's the thing, I am not sure that ADAM was autistic. I say this because of family experiences. Often times the first diagnosis isn't always the correct diagnosis. In other words, one doc will say one thing while another will have an entirely different label.

  15. Janice Crawford

    Not all people with Asperges or Autism need meds at all…ever!! Aspergers is rarely dangerous, it is possible this person had multiple issues and perhaps that is what the meds were far. I have never heard of a person with Asperger's snapping before. Granted he probably needed help but she had no support from the father to gather and say this is what we are going to do and get him treatment. You are very wrong to blame aspergers and even wrong to blame the mom. Did you blame to parents of the"normal" kids at Columbine???

  16. Andrew Michael Storm

    Janice Crawford There is a great difference in Autisim and Aspergers, especially in Young Adults and most especially in untreated and unmedicated Young Adults. If you will check you will discover that this can casue the person to become quite uncontrollable and dangerous. It is well documented. I am all for people with these problems being given the proper treatment and medications and living full and wonderful lives. But to ignore the problems and leave them untreated and unmedicated and let them grow into adulthood (with Aspergers) out of control is not being kind to them or being safe to the rest of society!

  17. Elizabeth Owens

    Really, Aspergers if left untreated leads to violence? Where do you get this stufF? This kid undoubtable sufffered other diagnosis apart from Aspbergers that led to the violent behavior. While autistic kids can have melt downs, temper tantrums if you will it is because they are over stimulated by their environment. For example, for an aspie they may not be able to withstand the feel of certain fabrics or the state of certain foods, Any meltdowns are usually exibited inwards, not outward. Nancy's mistake was in ever giving that boy a gun. That was her mistake, Though he could have easily gone off with a steak knife.

  18. Megan Sparks Miller

    Elizabeth Owens I know! I was responding to the original comment made by Ron about autistic kids being dangerous and interfering with the education of regular children. Adam Lanza had serious behavioral and mental problems, and I'm guessing NONE of those problems had anything to do with any type of A.S. or autism.

  19. Sheri Zwarich Drips

    I am not sure that we even KNOW when, where Adam Lanza began his extreme anti-social behavior. What was he like in school? When did it escalate? Yet, we all form these opinions. I understand that we want to know; that it's imperative that we learn in the effort of this not happening again (which it will). Something is wrong in America ….. and I believe part of it is lack of mental health, stigma and far too many pharmaceuticals.

  20. Sheri Zwarich Drips

    Elizabeth Ann: I wanted to read your opinion; UNTIL you mentioned Dr. Drew who has become nothing more than a media hound. Also, he does not specialize in mental illness.

  21. Sheri Zwarich Drips

    Agree 100%. I feel for Nancy Lanza. She loved her son. She had no idea that he would murder her and the others. but, as you say – if he had the compulsion to kill – what if he had a knife? What if? There would be a lot more people alive.

  22. Janice Johnstone

    Once again, all the signs were there that something was terribly wrong with Adam, yet his mother chose to delay treatment, hoping that she could fix the problem herself. Much like sensing a physical problem that you go to the doctor for, sensing a mental issue with your chiild should prompt a parent to seek professional mental health for that child quickly. And why, for God's sake, did she allow Adam to be trained and certified in firearms is something we'll probably never know. She grew up in New England and having a firearm was normal for her family. But she should have realized that Adam would be the LAST PERSON to be near a weapon.

  23. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Ron, I really doubt there are too many people who would say, 'my autistic kid deserves to be in school with your kid', especially if your kids share your bigotry and prejudice they may have learned in your home. What makes you think that parents of autistic children want to send their children to school where teachers are untrained and unknowledgeable, appropriate curriculum is non-existent and/or unrealistic in regards to autism and where their children may fall under a catch-all classification of either mental retardation, mental illness, behavioral disorder or any number of various classifications with which these children are labeled. The Law states, children must attend school in the year they turn six years old, whether they are ready or not. It also states, they are entitled to the least restrictive setting within their own school district, where they are entitled to a free and equal education. If I were you,, I would worry less about your kid's classrooms being disrupted by special needs kids. The reality is, 'special education' does not exist for special needs kids, beyond seventh grade in most school districts, despite the school district's profiting handsomely from the children who are considered to be little more than 'cash cows' to the district and whom, by the way, are thus keeping your taxes down, despite rhetoric to the contrary. You may find, for instance, that your high school educates all four years of grade levels within one room with one Special Ed teacher. I'm sure you would think the freshman student who might learn anything amid the sophomores, juniors and seniors, very special indeed. You might be surprised to know that special needs children are segregated from the computer labs where they might benefit more from the technical training more suitable to their aptitude than anyone, but are instead relegated to the library and told to 'look at a magazine.' You might find that the most special thing about Special Education is the special care which is taken to demoralize and teach the differently-abled child that they are 'less than zero' in the scheme of things. Your school district doesn't have to practice the art of exclusion for Special Education students. It could change it's policies to inclusion, with better results for the children and the taxpayer. If you want special schools for special needs, be prepared for tax increases and do not think it will benefit those who may or may not have been born just as genetically correct as your children, but may have suffered a loss, an impairment or different ability, through no fault of their own. Someday your children will be out of the classroom and I know you will hope that they will stream with the people who have been given the best possible outcome in life, and not those people who may have been taught that they are somehow bad, criminal or the like. Because when we teach children that they are less than they might be, we are sometimes risking that they will fulfill that prophecy. I don't know what goes on in FLA., but in NY, our government has sold the psychiatric centers out from under those who need such hospitals for short or long-term care, they are shutting all the nursing homes and they have and are closing quite a number of both schools and prisons. So, there are less and less places for those who may fall into the category of special needs to be, which is why it is all the more important we get the business of teaching children well, correctly, from the get-go. The world belongs to everyone and they all have a right to live in the mainstream, whether or not you like it, Ron. BTW, violent students and criminals are booted out of school. Schools lose funding when they report incidents due to violence, as required, so that goes without question. Parents should always insist on getting a copy to document said incident reports in the event of violence in school, should that be an issue. Special Education is a whole different ball of wax. <3

  24. Leslie McGowan Farney

    There was NO WAY she would have believed her kid would murder her because she was not privy to his quarters in the home. Had she been, she would have realized his obsession with violence. Then again, perhaps not. We do not know what her physical and mental condition were or what drugs she was taking. Despite the Newtown Police department telling us it would release those reports for both she and Adam in July, to my knowledge, they have not. We know no more now than w did then All this speculation is unfair to both of them. The Public has a Right to Know what their diagnoses were and what pharmaceuticals they were prescribed. The family is either very well politically connected or Big Pharm is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley did not have this good of cover-up. I think Nancy Lanza will Rest in Peace when the records are released and The Truth is found out about what happened to she and her son. I don't think it has been.

  25. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Andrew, we do not know his medical history, as that documentation has not been released to the public. We do not know his history of taking medications, as that has not been released. On what are you basing your assertions? I believe The Public must ascertain all the information it has a Right to Know before drawing such conclusions of which medication and treatment may have prevented this atrocity. <3

  26. Donna Archer

    We can all speculate until the cows come home but we'll never know what either were thinking, it was a terrible tragedy and rehashing shoulda, coulda woulda is going nowhere…My only wish is that all those babies and heroes are in a wonderful loving place …

  27. James Dufresne

    To clarify:
    1) Adam Lanza had been prescribed medications. He NEVER took them. NEVER. The toxicity report showed NO drugs of ANY kind in his system. This information was released early this year. Blaming Rx drugs for anything here is totally specious. He did not take any.

    2) His father was basically shown the door to much interaction with Adam with the divorce and custody rulings. He tried. Sometime after — 2010, IIRC — Adam cut off all communication with his father. He did not "buy his way out" of responsibility. If you understand ASD at all, it wouldn't really matter after the point of the cut-off. You cannot force a connection. If you are shut out by someone with autism, you're shut out.

  28. Mine Ner

    Janice Crawford the father is the one to blamed, abandone illness son to his mother to carried. what a coward.I wish he just shoot his dad instead of his mom. R.I.P. Nanncy!

  29. Leslie McGowan Farney

    James Dufresne,

    To confirm:
    1) Please source your information for release of medical documentation. I don't believe you.

    2) My understanding of ASD is not the question. I maintain the father was/is legally responsible for his underage child and should be and have been, held accountable by the courts and the Newtown Police.

    Perhaps you may wish to disclose your ability to ascertain such information as 'you cannot force a connection.' Perhaps not. Again, please qualify/source your assertions. Thank you.

  30. James Dufresne

    Leslie McGowan Farney

    2) Well, if you're going to argue on that logic… Adam Lanza was 21. He was not underage by ANY legal definition and was not legally responsible for him. Morally responsible? Sure, you can argue that and I'd agree to a point. But if someone with ASD doesn't want to communicate with you, you stand no chance of reaching them. Look at how he "communicated" with a woman who lived in the same house. This is also from a lot of reading by such people as Dr. Tony Attwood, et al. and my own experiences.

  31. Leslie McGowan Farney

    My information is the toxicity report was rumored to have been released to the state, reportedly working on the investigation. We have nothing definitive in over a year. We do not have the medical history of either released to The Public. The State is in violation of The Law. James Dufresne's assertions are Bogus. <3

  32. Leslie McGowan Farney

    My information is the toxicity report was rumored to have been released to the state, reportedly working on the investigation. We have nothing definitive in over a year. We do not have the medical history of either released to The Public. The State is in violation of The Law. James Dufresne's assertions are Bogus. <3

  33. Leslie McGowan Farney

    My experience tells me to believe the state toxicology report like I believe the state appointed and employed Medical Examiner. Why it took the state ten to eleven months to report Adam Lanza had no alcohol or drugs in his system, I don't know, I do believe his/their medical records should fall under The Right to Know Law, due to the fact that he murdered twenty children and six adults and reportedly, himself. I am not arguing… My information is that he was twenty years old. People should not be speculating about his diagnoses. You know, some drugs have a short shelf life, other's don't. I'll believe there were no drugs in his system when all the findings are made public. You believe whatever you want or are paid to proselytize. Did you have a point or are you just a paid provocateur? <3

  34. Carol Snyder

    Andrew, you apparently know very little about Aspergers (left untreated…???) or haven't ever had a teenager who didn't want to take his or her medication. You may be able to cajole or bribe a 4 year old or even a ten year old, but a 21 year old is another case. You can't hold them down and force it down their throats. I do blame his mother for being in denial about her son's situation – and therefore allowing his access to guns. Perhaps she could have put him in a home where some type of treatment (and no doubt abuse) would have made it possible to administer drugs (though we don't even know what they were for – anti-anxiety, depression – there is no specific drug for Asperbers or autism in general.

  35. Elizabeth Owens

    Andrew: More is known about Autism and Aspbergers today. It is very likely some of your classmates suffered from some variation thereof, it just wasn't diagnosed. If the kid was on meds it was likely for anxiety and psychosis. Anxiety and psychosis are separate diagnosis.

  36. James Dufresne

    Leslie McGowan Farney

    The state is in violation of what law, exactly? Releasing private medical records without authorization is against the law. It doesn't matter who the person is or what they've done. Peter Lanza agreed to release some of this information to the public and fully cooperated with the police to aid their investigation. The drug toxicity report was released in March; that was not "ten to eleven months" later. And there IS now some information about his treatment and diagnoses, if you bother to browse:

    There's been considerable debate about why the full report has taken this long, but I think the detective work, the research, the writing, the legal process WRT privacy legislation enacted by the CT legislature WRT this case specifically, and now 2,000 pages plus photos, videos and other source information that was released on Friday can tell something about the level of thoroughness that the State Police put into the report. Do they have a perfect understanding of everything? No. Vital evidence was destroyed by the shooter. Can they pinpoint a precise motive? No. That's never really an exact science, even in the simplest of cases. Adam Lanza was a disturbed person with some variety of mental and/or neurological conditions, did not receive ongoing treatment (not that not getting treatment for such automatically leads to homicidal actions, mind you…), and he killed 26 people at SH, his mother and himself. BTW, there's no "reportedly" about him killing himself. In a fascinating series of steps of evidence (911 tapes) and logic, it has been determined that Adam Lanza killed himself with a pistol placed to the head about 1 minute after Newtown police arrived at the school. You write "reportedly" as if you think this was set-up or aliens did it.

    I'm not paid for anything here. It's Sunday, it's raining, and the Pats game isn't on until 4.

    You can disbelieve the reports, you can disbelieve the journalists, you can disbelieve me, you can not read the link I provide (or, not understand it. It clearly said the toxicology was released in March) or search out reading of your own rather than relying on me to do your homework and provide links. You can sit there in your lazy chair and say everyone is wrong about everything and Big Pharma is responsible for all the wrong in society and stew in whatever conspiracy theories you want to spout. Hey, that's your right. But it doesn't make you right.

    As my father says, "Don't try to match wits with an unarmed person" this is my final response in this thread… and perhaps below ANY news story. You have yourself a great day, now!

  37. Walter Bachner

    It should also be mentioned that it was Adam's father who authorized the release of the toxicology report:

    "A toxicology report is usually not a public document, but Carver said that in this case, Adam Lanza's father, Peter Lanza, agreed to allow the report to be released after a meeting between Carver, Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky and a lawyer representing Peter Lanza."

  38. Leslie McGowan Farney

    James Dufresne wrote: 'He'd been prescribed medications. He DID NOT TAKE THEM.' (We all wish we knew how Mr. Dufresne attains his inside information and with such certainty.) My concern is why his medical and school records have not been made public. This is a mass murderer of twenty innocent children. Any and all information which might lead to understand what and how that happened should be made public. I'm sorry if I have little concern for the family's right to privacy. It's a little late for that.. This youth was barely out of high school for over a year and he goes out, slaughters nearly thirty people and we should assume that his treatment by the Dept. of Special Education and others likely forcing him to take medications previously, have no relevance to his mental state? If so, one must assume Mr. Dufresne knows little about the poisonous effects of psychiatric medications on the brain… My position was never to blame only drugs for the slaughter. The father, the school system required by law to educate and/or find placement to educate Adam Lanza, The Family Court system and all the specialists paid to protect his and the school district's best interests, failed, and should be held accountable, whether or not drugs were reportedly found in his system. I care to know his diagnoses and what drugs he was taking for possibly a dozen years previous to his refusal to continue taking them. I'm hoping the state will release their full investigation before I have to read the definitive story in Rolling Stone, in order to learn the how and why of this tragedy. I believe Autism/Asperger's was the least of Adam Lanza's problems.. I have recently read reports that find Medical Marijuana has been found to relieve symptoms of Asperger's. I would like to know if Adam Lanza was prescribed same. Perhaps it would have helped him and helped to prevent this atrocity. I read about a boy who was left alone over the Thanksgiving holiday, in a household of weaponry, friendless, abandoned by his father, family, the Dept. of Spec. Ed…. and I have little wonder why his records were/are not released. All would show the negligence of the above and I am wondering why they are treated as above The Law in this matter. <3

  39. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Why are you not defending The Public's Right to Know the case history of this mass murderer? The drug toxicity report was released in October. 'Rumors' were leaked in the spring. Nearly thirty people were killed over a year ago. We do not know why and nothing has changed to prevent it from happening again. You don't like what I think because I want to know more than the know-nothing report released, which you defend. It's cops like you that give the force a bad name… Don't call my chair lazy,.. Whatever they're paying you, your not worth it. You haven't enlightened anyone to anything but the status quo and I'm not buying it. <3

  40. Anonymous

    He was bad seed.
    Twenty-seven people would still be alive today if his mother had done the right thing and either had him locked away or took him out back of the house and killed him herself.
    Neither parent did the right thing, actually. You can be as touchy-feely about his 'condition' all you want, but this subhuman did not deserve to be alive.

  41. Elizabeth Ann

    @ Sheri Any kid that burns or cuts himself has a mental illness.Adam's mother knew that he was mentally unstable & didn't do anything.

  42. Elizabeth Ann

    @Elizabeth Owens Adam had access to gun via nancy she keep them in the house,no common sense,if your child has a condition such as Asperger's or a mental illness you don't have a gun/guns in your home.It's all comes back to parenting & keeping a watchful eye on your child.

  43. Katie Norris

    Leslie McGowan Farney The family psychiatrist said Nancy told her he stopped the medications. It's all written in the State Police Report. Hindsight is 20/20. If you lived with someone or even knew someone on the Autism spectrum, you'd know how hard it is to find something to connect to with them. For Nancy, her son loved the range. To her, I'm sure she thought she was bonding with him. If she had ANY idea this was going to happen, I bet she would have done something. She was a mother who wanted to just connect to her son, no matter what. But if you combine with what the toxicology report said about there being no drugs being in his system and the shrink saying the same thing (I believe his father mentioned it as well), I'd believe it. And if Adam severed ties with his father, after he hit 18, the father has no legal obligations. I think we need to stop arguing over the little stuff and realize that the mental health system in this country needs to change!

  44. Phil Perron

    Elizabeth Owens She didn't GIVE him a gun…he stole the gun, shot & killed her, then stole the other guns.

  45. Phil Perron

    You can't go putting the blame on the father, he lived out of state, she was the one with custody….not the dad. They didn't even communicate with one another. I doubt you would have taken your son out back & shot him either…

  46. Phil Perron

    You don't just "put" your kid, or anyone in a mental institution….they have to be committed by the courts if they are over 18…under 18 you end up fighting all of the do gooders & the state because they don't want to flip the bill…& a single parent can't afford to flip the bill for that type of long term treatment.

    What she should have done, as anyone with kids in the home, is LOCKED HER DAMN GUNS UP IN A SAFE!

  47. Kathy Nunnally

    Elizabeth Ann its seems so easy for you to criticize someone you only know though the media. We are not here to judge anyone.

  48. Elizabeth Ann

    Here in Illinois a family member can have a person committed.My ex mother in law was committed by her family.Adam was a danger to himself & to others period,that was a good enough reason.His mother fucked up.I am sick of parents not taking initiative,that's why kids today are out of control.

  49. Phil Perron

    She had a safe…it was not locked…all her fault. If people want a gun they can always get one….it DIDN'T have to be hers…it was…because SHE didn't lock them up!

  50. Phil Perron

    Elizabeth Owens Why is it the ex wives fight to the death to keep there kids from being allowed to take part in the childrens lives? Then when the shit hits the fan it's always why didn't he help me…boo hoo! The father WAS interviewed when it all went down…he didn't play a roll in his son's life because she got in the way of that (says him)

  51. Phil Perron

    I am "privy" to EVERY SQUARE INCH OF MY HOME…& so was she. Lame excuse!

  52. Elizabeth Ann

    @KATHY I am mad as hell that this had to happen,but when you have a gun with a child with special needs in the home,it's just stupid.She knew that her kid had mental problems.This is why we need gun laws in this country.

  53. Phil Perron

    we have plenty of gun laws…we just don't jail the law breakers…well, some get buried.

  54. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Phil Perron: Exactly. You as most people, are privy to all areas of your home. Reportedly, she was not 'allowed' and had not gone into his quarters in some time… So, for people to say there was 'NO Way she ever believed her son would murder her' (read above), is absurd. I am not sure how many more red flags a person would need before considered to have adequate reason to believe she would or should have known he might murder her… I believe she had plenty of reason to believe that, despite what others believe here. I make no excuses for her. She could and should have known! I hold the father, Family Court, the school system and their doctors responsible, for knowing the severity of both his issues and her limitations as a parent, and I believe The Public has a Right to Know /have access to all their records to determine WHY this woman had sole custody of a child whom she allowed to 'rule the roost' and prevent her access to his quarters, at the age of twenty years. <3

  55. Leslie McGowan Farney

    This was beyond a case of 'bad parenting.' His mother had purchased every weapon used to slaughter nearly thirty people. He had an arsenal of guns behind locked doors. This was beyond negligence, Her records should be released, in addition to his. No gun shop owner would have sold that crazy looking kid a gun, why did she and why did she continue to train him in the art of assault weaponry? Family and friends who knew this, should have known better. But the professionals who are employed to know better *should be held accountable.* There were no provisions made for this youth's welfare. He was sick, left alone and given to the care of a nut. The Public has a Right to Know 'why.' I do not believe he was without a police record. I do not believe the school was without red flags. It's easy to blame a dead woman. But this was a BIG government fail/cover-up. <3

  56. Elizabeth Ann

    @LESILE Adam didn't have a mentality of an adult,that was like putting gasoline on a fire.You can tell by looking at the kid something wasn't right with him.

  57. Ron Joseph

    Janice Crawford Of course you didn't.. wouldn't admit it if you did if you were to be honest. Special Education should be SEPARATED from those of us that pay taxes to educate our kids that will be productive. A job at GoodWill isn't all that productive. We pay enough taxes to support special needs schools and that is where these kids need to be. Nancy Lanza was in the same ilk of all the others that say "no, not my kid" ADHD meds along with what ever doctors that are also guilty of bad parenting want to diagnose kids with out of guilt and dope them up.. Keep them and the hoodlums away from our kids that just want an education.

  58. Ron Joseph

    Nancy was just doing what the rest of the feel good society in America is doing.. trying to normalize a child that isn't.

  59. Ron Joseph

    Right.. she had no idea her kid would kill her just like we don't know what these off the chain kids will do to our children in public schools. SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS ONLY!

  60. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Katie: You wrote: The mental health system in this country needs to change. You are wrong. The Healthcare system in this country has to be established as one which recognizes Healthcare as a Basic Right for every American. We do not need to separate mental and physical health. Mental illness is an illness of a vital organ of the body: the brain. As such, mental illness should not be considered the scourge of society that it is, or so it seems… The only shame to mental illness is that that care is practically non-existent because the clients of which are frequently unemployed and cannot afford care in this health-for-profit system we refer to as a mental health system. No one need argue these points. The studies have been done. The facts are in. The examples are there for all the world to see being, those countries which provide Universal/Single Payer/Medicaid-for-All Healthcare for it's citizenry have higher standards of living, lower mortality rates, lower crime rates, provide care for All, for greater savings and on and on. The reason we don't have it in this country is because Obama promised it on the campaign trail, lied to the American Public, few of which could keep up with his changing platform of Universal Healthcare which regressed to Affordable Healthcare to Accessible Healthcare to the nano-care debacle produced, which is Obamacare. The Dems have promised Universal Healthcare since Truman and the faithful keep voting for what it never receives. Blame the voter or blame the political parties which mislead them – you choose. But this is not 'little stuff' and it is not arguable. You may chalk it off to the 'hindsight is 20/20' catch phrase. You may believe the family psychiatrist tried, the eleven month government report which tells us nothing we did not know, you may believe the father backing up those 'facts.' I don't buy it. I do not believe the father had no legal responsibility for his twenty year old son who was refusing medical care and was holed up in a domicile which was an arsenal of assault weaponry and you may believe that his medical, school and social history are not within the purview of The Public's Right to Know, but I do not agree. Just because the government and it's employees in the Family Court, the school system, the specialists et al… tell us that this was an anomaly, beyond their control or wildest imagination, and clear themselves of any and all responsibility, I do not agree. One doesn't have to be a brain surgeon to quickly glance one time upon the face of Adam Lanza to know that he was a danger to himself and to others. Whether or not the specialists looked the other way due to Mrs. Lanza's volunteerism, generous donations, political connections, or other reasons, the fact is that they were negligent. I do not concur with the government investigation. If I had the records for a few days I would have determined a list of wrong doings in the care of Adam Lanza. No elected official in any small town in America will stand up and say there was negligence on the part of the school system. They would lose the town's largest voting block and they don't do that. I don't live in CT, I do not know very much about this matter. I only read an article earlier today to which I felt I should comment. Read the offensive diatribe above, which one local member of the law enforcement community there, lashed out with here, in defense of the investigation which took eleven months and shed zero enlightenment on this case. It is an ugly cover-up of a Big government fail. The twenty children and all the others deserve better than that. They deserve Justice. They are not here to get it for themselves. We owe it to them to seek The Truth and do whatever we can to hold those accountable who are to blame and hopefully keep this from happening to others with the changes we find need to be made, as a result of open discussion and public perusal of the investigation. Obviously, the government it not up to any oversight, judicial or otherwise, of it's own. It is obvious to me the Family Court, the Dept. of Special Education, the Newtown Police Dept. in addition to family, friends and specialists involved with this affluent family were negligent. If that is not the case, then upon review of all records, investigation of all steps taken on a timeline, then, legislation should be written to provide better corrective action which should have been employed but wasn't. We cannot just say, 'R.I.P. until the next massacre. Fortunately, their are investigative journalists whom will do a better job of an investigation than the State of CT. Everyone is not so eager to absolve the state of responsibility. Just because this young man had an uncle connected to the CT. State Police force, it should not give the Lanza Family a free ride. There have been bigger natural disasters in America's history, there have been more deaths in the attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. But I can think of none that have had a worse response by the government. Someone will do a definitive analysis of this atrocity someday and you and others here will be enlightened. There is a lot wrong with what went on in Newtown, CT. and someday, those responsible will have to stand up and be counted. <3

  61. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Ron, You are wrong about everything but sit down and hold onto your seat, I'm going to tell you the biggest thing you're wrong about: You wrote: 'SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS ONLY!' I want you to know that there has not been one study to show that 'special education has helped even one child. Sometime in the early 1990's, a finding of a study was released out of John Hopkins, BA., MD, called, 'Neverstreaming.' It said, children who were never streamed into Special Education' did *better* than children who were. Hence, it would go to follow that children who are not segregated into 'special schools' would become better and more productive members of society; which is what you want, right, Ron? Because you don't want your children to intermingle with others outside the mainstream of society. Ron, when your children grow up someday, they will have to deal with people of all different abilities in this world, and they will be unprepared to keep up. We come in all different shapes, sizes and aptitudes. And with globalization in full swing, the world isn't what it used to be; people come from many more different countries, cultures, colors, ethnicities and skill-sets. I would think you would want your children to learn from those different from themselves. They will learn what they may not learn at home… the gifts of compassion, kindness, Christian Love and being a Good Samaritan. They will learn the joy of being in an environment free from prejudice, bigotry, selfishness, and hate. They will learn that there is much to learn from others different from themselves. They will learn from others smarter than themselves in the same way other children not as smart as yours, will learn from them. When they go out in the world, they will be prepared to deal with people of all abilities and conditions and they will do so well prepared and they will be better for it. I know you want those who they will work with and live among to be better educated, higher functioning and more well rounded individuals, as well. So, I hope you will have a second thought about wanting to segregate people with special needs. If you haven't, think again, because you are wrong as wrong can be and you will feel better upon being enlightened. PS: Pssst… I don't know why you say Nancy Lanza had no idea her kid would kill her. I beg to differ there, too, but I have written about that in previous posts. Wake up, Ron wake up and smell the coffee. <3

  62. Leslie McGowan Farney

    Phil, My information is that Nancy Lanza bought every one of the assault weapons, rifles and guns (an arsenal) in that home. Does anyone honestly believe a gun shop owner would sell a gun to Adam Lanza from the looks of his pictures? I don't think so. Yet, Nancy Lanza availed her son to this weaponry, knowing he surely had a diagnosis of anti-social/oppositional disorder among others. She not only had these weapons loose all over the house, she took him for gun training and had hm certified in some kind of gun enthusiast class. Not long ago, I read it was disclosed she had bought him another assault weapon as his Christmas gift and was going to give it to him for Christmas. This young man, who hated her, was friendless and spent his time playing violent video games… Does it really matter whether he STOLE the guns, borrowed or was given the guns. The were purchased by his mother, a woman who, at the very least, exhibited clouded judgment for one reason or another and these problems were perpetuated by an absentee father, for two years, leaving Adam little to do but entertain himself with weaponry, letting his imagination run wild with thoughts of how he might use it. <3

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