Newtown Shooting Report: Adam Lanza Baby Photo Shows Boy Holding Gun, Ammo

A Newtown shooting report has revealed an Adam Lanza baby photo in which the future Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter poses with a handgun and draped in ammunition.

The photo was part of a release of thousands of pieces of information shedding light on the life of the gunman and details of the Newtown school shooting. The evidence included images of paper targets used at a shooting range by Adam and his mother, Nancy, as well as a birthday card from the shooter’s father, offering to take him to a shooting range.

The card read:

“Adam, Happy Birthday – Send me an email when you want to go hiking or shooting. Love, Dad.”

The Newtown shooting report also revealed that Adam Lanza had a growing obsession with destruction and violence and a mental illness that his mother was struggling to keep in check.

Investigators said that Adam Lanza was utterly obsessed with school shootings. The Newtown shooting report contained newspaper clippings on the February shooting on the Northern Illinois University campus, a shooting from 1891, and a computer game titled School Shooting in which the player enters a school and shoots at students.

A separate Newtown shooting report released earlier this year revealed that Adam Lanza also searched obsessively online for articles about mass killings. From August 2009 to February 2010, a poster believed to be Lanza, edited 12 articles on Wikipedia about massacres, including one about a 15-year-old who killed his parents before going on a shooting spree at his Oregon school.

The Newtown shooting report also shed light on the shooter’s upbringing. An Adam Lanza baby photo showed the boy as a toddler, posed by his parents surrounded by guns and ammunition. The toddler holds a handgun, gnawing on it as if it were a teething toy.

This Adam Lanza baby photo has become the enduring image of the Newtown shooting report, featured on the front page of the New York Post and New York Daily News.