Sandy Hook Anniversary Recalls Victims With Newtown Bell Tolling, Acts Of Kindness

Newtown Shooting Report: Killer Felt His Mother Loved Students More Than Him

The final Newtown shooting report, released on Friday, gave even more details of Adam Lanza’s killing spree in 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The shooting resulted in the tragic deaths of 20 first grade students, six staff, his mother, Nancy Lanza – who did voluntary work at the school – and himself.

In one of the pages of the report, an anonymous witness told police that the gunman, Adam Lanza, was a recluse and hated his mother: “Lanza apparently felt that his mother loved the students more than him,” the report said.

The report discussed the fact that Adam Lanza suffered from disabilities and that he had a difficult personal connection with his mother.

On December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza went on his shooting rampage with a semi-automatic rifle. He had already killed his mother at home before going to the school and killing the students and staff members.

He committed suicide with a handgun as soon as police arrived at the school to detain him. One of the officers at the scene found a group of students and teachers hiding in a small bathroom; they had blocked the door with a bookcase.

The teachers in the room were in such a state of shock that they insisted the officer who found them slide his badge under the door as proof of identity before they let him in.

One of Lanza’s teachers spoke about worrying behavior that he had displayed while he was a student at the school: “Adam would write ten pages, obsessing over battles, destruction and war. His work was so graphic that it could not be shared.”

The Newtown shooting report’s pages offer a chilling account of the gruesome events that took place just over a year ago at Sandy Hook. It gives an insight into what was the second deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.