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Austin Mahone Talks Taylor Swift Food Fights, Justin Bieber Comparisons

Austin Mahone is living a pretty awesome life right now. Not only does he have a debut album in the works, he also gets into food fights with fellow singer Taylor Swift.

During his chat with the folks at Buzzfeed, Mahone touched on a handful of life-changing subjects. When he wasn’t discussing food fights with Swift and dealing with comparisons to Justin Bieber, he lets everyone know just how embarrassing it was to get his driver’s license.

Regarding that Taylor Swift food fight: Austin Mahone recently toured with the award-winning singer, a job that once involved throwing food in her dressing room. Although the whole thing started out harmless enough, it didn’t take long for things to escalate.

“She’s just a super-fun, nice girl. Behind the stage she’s just super chill and likes to have fun. We had a food fight once. I threw some apples at her. We were tossing food back and forth in her dressing room and then it just turned into a food war,” the singer said.

As for those Justin Bieber comparisons, Mahone doesn’t seem to mind them at all. However, he wants to make sure people understand that he’s not just some Beiber clone trying to ride the guy’s coattails.

“But I want people to let me show them that I’m different. I want them to give me a chance. They’ll be like, ‘Oh, this kid’s 17, he’s got hair, he’s Justin Bieber.’ Like, what?! Just give me a chance, that’s all I ask,” Austin said during the interview.

Although Austin Mahone is a wizard in the studio and on the stage, apparently driving is a little difficult for the guy at the moment. It took the teenager three tries to score his driver’s license, the first of which involved him irritating the instructor with his incessant singing. He also drove in a fire lane, resulting in an immediate failure.

“Now the second time. Okay, I have a Range Rover. And I have the screen thing, so I’m backing up and I didn’t know I was supposed to turn around, because my screen shows me where I’m backing up. So I’m not even looking behind me, and he failed me,” Mahone said.

Austin Mahone is currently putting together his first full-length album. The singer previously stated that he hopes to have the batch of songs ready to roll by some point next year. Unfortunately, there isn’t a release date to report as of this writing.