Sea lion stench

Sea Lion Stench Sparks Animal Rights Debate

An apparently horrific sea lion stench, caused by waste from the sea lions at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, is causing a lot of inconvenience to local residents and businesses.

The stench is reportedly so bad that a number of businesses in the area are suing the city for not acting to find an enduring solution to the problem.

The issue of the sea lion stench raises serious questions about the balance between animal rights and the welfare of humans. The situation is complex as the animals are protected, to a degree, by federal and state laws.

Local residents and merchants say the stench from the sea lions, as well as from birds, is so bad that it is affecting business and poses a health risk.

Many people have had enough of the smell and have decided to take action. Last week the Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement (yes – there is such an organization) filed suit in the San Diego Court.

George Hauer, the owner of George’s at the Cove, a restaurant in the area, said that the group was not trying seeking financial recompense from the city:

“We’re not trying to gain anything from this in particular, except for the city’s attention — with backing from the court — to once and for all deal with this issue in a dedicated, thorough and sustained manner.”

On the other side, Alex Roth a spokesman for the Mayor, Todd Gloria, was not prepared to comment specifically on the current sea lion stench issue but said: “We are well aware this is a problem impacting businesses and quality of life in La Jolla. We are actively working toward a solution. No options are off the table.”

It remains to be seen what will come of the lawsuit and what action the city of San Diego will take to curb the issue of the sea lion stench.