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Python: Bali Security Guard Strangled To Death

A security guard was strangled to death by a python snake on Friday. The incident took place in the popular holiday resort of Bali. It was reported by a hotel worker that the python disappeared into nearby bushes following the fatal attack.

The strangling took place in the early hours of the morning on Friday at a time when visibility was low.The python was simply not seen slithering across the road towards the security guard.

The guard was working his shift at the prestigious Bali Hyatt hotel, which is closed for refurbishment until 2015. The python was reported by eye witnesses to be around 15 feet long.

Ambar Arianto Mulyo, 59, the python’s victim, had initially offered to catch the snake which had been spotted a few times previously in the area of the hotel. He succeeded in securing the python’s head and tail and lifted it onto his shoulders.

Unfortunately, the snake was able to wrap itself around Mulyo’s neck and body, strangling him to death. Mulyo was not alone as there were a number of onlookers looking on in horror but not knowing what to do.

The onlookers called the police, but when they arrived on the scene it was too late to save the man. The police carried out a full search of the surrounding area but were unable to find the python.

An eyewitness to the incident said: “It happened so fast. We were sad because we could not do anything to help him.” The local police chief warned tourists to be vigilant as the killer python was still on the loose.

As of this report the python is still at large, and could pose a threat to people in the area. They have been asked to remain vigilant as more searches for the snake.are carried out in this part of Bali.