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Beats Headphones Box Filled With Tuna Equals Christmas Fail [Video]

What happens when a person opens up their Beats Headphones box on Christmas and received four cans of tuna? All sorts of holiday disappointment.

Although the Lopez family was hoping to give their daughter an expensive set of headphones from Beats by Dre, the girl received a handful of tuna instead. To make matters worse, the family’s youngest daughter is reportedly allergic to the food.

However, this wasn’t a prank perpetrated by a pair of very mean-spirited parents. Apparently couple picked up the Beats Headphones from a company with a history of such debacles: Walmart. You might be chuckling about the whole scenario right about now, but the Lopez family was understandably irritated.

“I was upset. My daughter was crying… had tears in her eyes,” Steve Lopez told Q13FOX.

When Carmen Lopez’s father attempted to return the Beats Headphones box and the cans of tuna to the store, they told the guy that they’d only give him his money back. Not surprisingly, this wasn’t the response the Lopez family was hoping to receive.

“Walmart had said they would only give us a refund, at least the store did. That didn’t sound right, because I just want my headphones at this point. I was really looking forward to them,” the 14-year-old explained.

However, there’s a happy ending looming on the horizon. Beats by Dre global sales manager Lindsay Merkle eventually caught wind of the story. Instead of letting the teenager spend her Christmas without a pair of headphones, Merkle hopes to donate a pair to Carmen.

“Last night my father and I were watching the news. I saw the unfortunate story of the tuna, and thought let’s solve this problem today. I can only imagine what was going through her head. So hopefully this will help her be a little bit happier and get something she was actually looking forward to on Christmas,” she said.

While Beats by Dre was more than happy to fix the problem, the same doesn’t ring true for Walmart. The company has yet to officially respond to the problem as of this writing. Of course, this isn’t the first time the retailer has faced this sort of issue.

A girl who purchased an iPad from Walmart last year received a very expensive stack of paper for her money. Although the store manager didn’t seem very interested in fixing the problem, the company eventually stepped up to the plate to correct the situation.

What do you think about the family who received tuna in place of Beats Headphones?