Paul Walker Faked His Own Death? Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In

In light of Paul Walker’s death, family, friends and colleagues of the actor were devastated. Now, almost a month later, everyone is still reeling, as a number of allegations have surfaced. Conspiracy theorists have taken time to dissect the details of Walker’s untimely death, and their conclusion has left many in hysterics.

Theorists are claiming that the Fast and Furious actor has faked his own death. According to Christian Post, fringe conspiracy websites like have surfaced with publications arguing the theory that Walker, and his friend Roger Rodas, did not die in the fiery car crash that took place in Santa Clarita, CA on November 30.

Conspiracy theorists are also insinuating that the Fast and Furious production team conspired with Universal Studios to carry out the near-impossible task.

Some of the sites have even analyzed several images that were taken before, during, and after the fatal crash. The images, which are being depicted as photo evidence, have been used to explain some of the details which theorists have classified as ‘unusual’ and ‘unconventional,’ given the nature of Walker’s reported death.

The images in question capture certain details that most viewers and readers probably wouldn’t notice at first glimpse. None of the sites clarify whether the images have altered, but indicates that the pictures were originally posted by the DailyMail.

The arrows in the image are used to highlight the visual aspects in question. The green arrow is directed toward the questionable white figure within the image. Conspiracy theorists are insinuating that the white figure is the ‘Imagery of a man in a white suit involved in accelerating the pyrotechnic fire’. The ‘man’ in the image is supposedly wearing a fire-proof suit like the one in the example image below: