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Paul Walker Faked His Own Death? Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In


In light of Paul Walker’s death, family, friends and colleagues of the actor were devastated. Now, almost a month later, everyone is still reeling, as a number of allegations have surfaced. Conspiracy theorists have taken time to dissect the details of Walker’s untimely death, and their conclusion has left many in hysterics.

Theorists are claiming that the Fast and Furious actor has faked his own death. According to Christian Post, fringe conspiracy websites like have surfaced with publications arguing the theory that Walker, and his friend Roger Rodas, did not die in the fiery car crash that took place in Santa Clarita, CA on November 30.

Conspiracy theorists are also insinuating that the Fast and Furious production team conspired with Universal Studios to carry out the near-impossible task.

Some of the sites have even analyzed several images that were taken before, during, and after the fatal crash. The images, which are being depicted as photo evidence, have been used to explain some of the details which theorists have classified as ‘unusual’ and ‘unconventional,’ given the nature of Walker’s reported death.

The images in question capture certain details that most viewers and readers probably wouldn’t notice at first glimpse. None of the sites clarify whether the images have altered, but indicates that the pictures were originally posted by the DailyMail.

The arrows in the image are used to highlight the visual aspects in question. The green arrow is directed toward the questionable white figure within the image. Conspiracy theorists are insinuating that the white figure is the ‘Imagery of a man in a white suit involved in accelerating the pyrotechnic fire’. The ‘man’ in the image is supposedly wearing a fire-proof suit like the one in the example image below:

The red arrow in the top image draws attention to a foreign object on the road right below the sidewalk near the burning car. While the image is extremely blurry at close range, conspiracy theorists believe the object to be a fire extinguisher.

In addition to the alleged fire extinguisher, images of other foreign objects have also surfaced. Conspiracy theorists claim the items are “Hollywood props”, and that they were placed at the crash site before the accident.

However, there are a number of sites also debunking the theories. According to WafflesAtNoon, another group of images have also surfaced. Conspiracy theorists are also questioning the license plate for Rodas’ red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Many fans have been left with raised eyebrows due to the license plate comparisons. But, this scenario was immediately cleared up, as the image on the left is of a license plate that a fan left as a memorabilia at the crash site, and the image on the right captures Rodas’ actual license plate.

While the allegations in question are definitely the makings of a viral hoax, many fans have checked out the pictures again. Some have even addressed their perspective of the hoax on Twitter. Unfortunately, others are left with a false hope that Walker may actually be alive.

The allegations are quite questionable, and may leave some to wonder about Walker’s death. What do you think?

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36 Responses to “Paul Walker Faked His Own Death? Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In”

  1. Hein van Nieuwenhuizen

    PorscheGTs are racing cars. They come with a fire-extinguisher mounted below the steering column with a button in the center of the steering wheel which the driver can activate. It's possible, assuming that it is an extinguisher, that this is the origiin of the one lying on the road.

  2. Jem Carpio

    It would be good if he's alive.. Being alive is definitely better than being dead. But if he really did die, however accurately it was reported, then this kind of article is just putting dirt on his image while everyone is grieving for his death.. :( just my two cents.

  3. Erin Higgins

    the "fire extinguisher" in question looks like a bottle of nitrous to me… JMO. As to the "person" in the image, there is this little mental phenomenon called "matrixing", where your mind interprets an image, or even sound, into whatever the mind wants it to be. In this case, a person in a cloud of smoke.
    I don't think Paul Walker, or anyone for that matter, "faked" his death. I believe he is actually dead, and until proven otherwise (are the autopsy findings not enough evidence of his demise? apparently not) I will continue to remain with this viewpoint. I think these conspiracy theorists just want to believe he's not dead, and will find anything to help prove their twisted reality as accurate.

  4. Gloria Morgan Wildrick

    Not buying the "A fan left the license plate" thing….First, how was any one allowed to get close enough to actually put a different plate on the car:?….Having said that, I have no reason to believe he is still alive…wish he was though

  5. Rosalia Genova

    idk what to believe but what i think is that say that is the fire extinguisher from the car, wouldnt it have exploded from impact or from all that heat? extinguishers can only be around a certain amount of heat so it wont explode and as close as that "real extinguisher" is to that car it would have exploded

  6. Hunter French

    Lets get all of the conspiracy theorists, and put them on their own little island. Maybe they'll find evidence the island is actually a peninsula.

  7. Jason Hope

    Cant let it go can you, there is a video of pauls friend who used fire extinguishers in an attempt to put out the flame and try and get him out.

  8. Snuggle Struggler

    Paul Walker was workings with the CIA to trick all conspiracy theorists into forgetting about 9/11.. through his movies….
    That obviously didn't work… so he faked his own dead so he could go back to Afghanistan… where he was originally born.

    P.S. He was behind the Sandy Hook school shooting.


  9. Sharon Garrison Anderson

    Anyone who is putting this hoax out there is just doing it 4 the $$$. Paul was a GREAT MAN!!! A humanitarian! Look at all the good he was doing with his organization ROWW. How could anyone think Paul would do such a horrific thing to his daughter,family, cast, crew, & especially his fans?? If Paul was tired or stressed out he would have simply taken time off his schedule no matter how long it may of take him, & continue things when he came back. Put this notion to rest, & quit defacing his good name. R.I.P. Paul

  10. Samantha Bendix

    I think you misunderstood the article. The fan left the license plate at the scene of the crash long after the car was removed. Conspiracy theorist were claiming the plate left at the crash site was the same one from the car carrying Walker and Rodas which was obviously different thus "proving" that another car was crashed.

  11. Samantha Bendix

    They're saying the body wasn't his. It was a fake body I assume. I don't know how they think another body can fool a medical examiner who uses dental records to ID a body but conspiracy theorists will either say the records were faked or the ME was in on it too.

    So basically, at least twenty people would have to be in on the hoax. Two people can barely keep a secret but yeah, loads of people are always on board to help someone fake their death.

  12. Samantha Bendix

    Rosalia Genova Not necessarily. It was high impact crash – objects flew out of the vehicle. The extinguisher could have as well (obviously it did) and escaped the heat. I'm also fairly certain fire extinguishers can take quite a bit of heat seeing as people use them to, you know, put out fires. It would be counter productive if they blew up around intense heat.

  13. Samantha Bendix

    Meh. Conspiracy theorist are a dime a dozen these days. Anyone with an internet connection and some blurry photos fancies themselves as some kind of detective that thinks they're going to get to the bottom of it all! The majority of them pull "facts" out of their ass while conveniently ignoring reality when it doesn't suit their agenda.

    Case in point, the photo that allegedly shows the man in the white suit. If this was a hoax, what kind of idiot who is part of the cover up would stand around at the scene in a huge white, fireproof suit? That's not exactly conspicuous attire. The people who staged this have enough know how to find two bodies to "fool" medical examiners and stage a fiery car crash but they don't have enough snap to get the hell away from the scene of a car that crashed and exploded and will surely attract attention? How inept are all these cover up people?

    People who fake their death generally just disappear. Getting law enforcement and medical examiners to go along with such a hoax isn't feasible which is why no one who pulls such a stunt tries to go that route. It makes no sense from a logical standpoint but conspiracy theorist never think in logic. Every one is as sloppy, inept and moronic as they are.

  14. Hein van Nieuwenhuizen

    Rosalia Genova. It would be more likely that the impact knocked it loose and it landed outside. The car hit the tree, they weren't driving an extinguisher. Speak to a fireman about the heats and impacts your average extinguisher can handle. The poor guy is dead. Why the hell would he fake his death? To avoid making another popular movie and all the money that goes with it? Occams Razor people.

  15. Rosalia Genova

    Hein van Nieuwenhuizen im not saying that he did or didn't fake his death, and i know they weren't driving an extinguisher. All I am saying is that with that fire extinguisher being as close as it is to the fire it should have exploded with all that heat

  16. Denise Salvas

    Why would he fake his death, he was just getting to know his daughter. He would not do that to her or his family. Just let the man rest in peace and let his family grieve without all this bs.

  17. Michael Makridis

    Paul Walker and Roger Rodas may not have faked their own deaths but, there are things that don't add up, like the unscathed front end of the car and the explosion which shattered windows on buildings nearby. I believe Paul and Roger were honourable men. However, I feel that there's more to the story than we're led to believe.

  18. Gloria Morgan Wildrick

    Ah….I thought the two pictures of the same car each showed a different license…thus the reason for my statement… :) At any rate, I wasn't buying it…lol

  19. Ryan Kincade

    Hmmm I am tired of acting,… I cant go anywhere,… So much sht up in my face. What do I do? I got people pulling my strings, controlling me, threatening to kill me If i don't keep making movies. They keep telling me to do what they say or I could end up like all the other greats in questionable deaths, suicides, or drug overdoses that the masses would most likely beleive since we the actors are rich and famous. And 90% of the masses always think us rich and famous people are so board we must subcome to drugs or suicide so this is a threat given to me by those in charge. They keep telling me thats how they will make out my death if I don't comply with there wishes. But they did give me luckily option b which isn't great but its either be a robot the rest of my life or choose option b. OK! option b . I will write off everyone get plastic surgery while in route on a lear jet so that as I touch down in A,b, or c location no one will recognize me. That's where I will spend the rest of my life. Ok option b it is buy my way out of hollywood. I will let hollywood figure it out. Hollywood says " ok first off we make it a car crash that way it will be so amazing a publicity stunt so we can continue selling dvds of the movie series the next 50 years. Then in 1-5 years we will keep some bonus extra footage and leak it out to keep up the hype of this mystery and draw more publicity and maybe even make money on a bonus footage movie or movie covering the possible conspiracy… yeah yeah yeah thats what we will do, ok paul you bought your way out. No more sht in your face, no more being a robot. "

  20. Ambili Chandran

    now this is what i call a real rat shit !!! anyway, would have been really happy, if he were alive !

  21. Sheina Johnson

    Hmm..This makes more sense than the so-called "crash" bs they expect us to believe..yep, he is alive, and somewhere chilling with that fugly gf….

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