Kids Present Puppy Lion King Style

Kids Give Parents A Puppy For Christmas, Presents Him ‘Lion King’ Style

Christmas may be over, but the holiday fun is still going strong! Take this family of seven. The five siblings decided that they wanted to do something special for their parents this holiday season, and what could be better than getting them a puppy? Well, the kids decided they would put together a whole act and present the puppy to their parents “Lion King” style!

Yes, that’s right! The kids all got together and put together a little song and dance that went along to the ever popular song, “The Circle of Life” from “The Lion King”. While some of the siblings sang the song, and quiet well might I add, others danced around pretending to be the many animals from the movie, all preparing to see the young “lion cub”, or in this case, the puppy, for the first time.

This isn’t the only funny Christmas video to hit the internet this season. The Inquisitr recently reported on a family who’s Christmas Rap Video Card went viral. In this video, the family, dad Penn, wife Kim, six-year-old daughter Lola, and four-year-old son Penn Charles, are seen wearing matching pajamas that identify each member of the family.

Throughout the video, the pajama wearing family raps about all of their 2013 accomplishments and other “big” news, which includes mom and Lola a completing triathlon, Penn Charles playing an Indian Chief in his recital, and even the father declaring that he got a vasectomy and announcing that he will be quitting his news anchor job.

The report continued on to quote pajama mom, Kim Holderness saying, “I think it’s a pretty honest look and a pretty ridiculous look into the craziness of a modern family. Were acting like fools and I’m guessing people like to see other people making fools of themselves. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Well, obviously this holiday season was a fun one for many. The Huffington Post couldn’t have said it better: “Sometimes home videos are best kept within the family. Other times, however, they are best shared on Reddit so that the entire Internet can appreciate them.” Videos such as the children presenting their parents with a new puppy “Lion King” style, is defiantly one of those videos!

[Image via YouTube]