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Emily Goodhand: Dean McDermott Claimed He Had ‘Sexless Marriage’ With Tori Spelling

Emily Goodhand: Dean McDermott Claimed He Had 'Sexless Marriage' With Tori Spelling

Emily Goodhand admits to sleeping with Dean McDermott, but says the 47-year-old claimed beforehand that he and Tori Spelling had a “sexless marriage.”

Goodhand is spilling the details of her affair with McDermott, who has four young children with the 40-year-old Spelling.

Goodhand said she met McDermott at the beginning of December while he was in Toronto promoting his gig as host of Chopped Canada. After meeting through friends, Emily said they arranged to meet in his room at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

There the two had sex, Emily Goodhand says, while Dean fed her some information about the crumbling state of his marriage. Emily said she ended up staying with Dean for two nights.

“He told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage,” Goodhand told Us Weekly. “I believed him.”

Goodhand added, “He said, ‘I love my wife. I love her so much, but she won’t sleep with me.’ I didn’t ask why because it was awkward.”

Emily Goodhand admitted she made an error in judgment after Dean McDermott opened up to her.

“I was drinking so what he said is blurry. But he was talking about his kids and his work. And when people open up, you feel closer to them in some way. I felt like I could trust him. And we know a lot of the same people, so we had that in common,” Goodhand said.

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have been married for seven years, and have four children together — 6-year-old Liam, 5-year-old Stella, 2-year-old Hattie, and 16-month-old Finn.

In her last pregnancy, Tori was hospitalized for four months prior to Liam’s birth. Afterward she had complications with her C-section and ended up undergoing emergency surgery one month after delivering.

As part of her interview about the affair, Emily Goodhand has offered a public apology to Tori Spelling for sleeping with Dean McDermott. A rep for the couple had no comment.

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8 Responses to “Emily Goodhand: Dean McDermott Claimed He Had ‘Sexless Marriage’ With Tori Spelling”

  1. George Smithson

    She couldn't just keep her mouth shut to begin with? Who is this bitch?

  2. Sam Spencer

    "A sexless marriage."? Jus where did all the kids come from? A dumb broad got suckered by a creep cheater and this is her out? Right.

  3. Joe Cawthon

    Hell, aren't these things acceptable in Hollyweird, I thought true family values and quoting the Bible were the only things that the media reported as unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fiona Simmons

    What a piece of crap Dean is, but this Emily 'Goodhand' what a creep she is as well. She knew DEAN is a married man with young children, you just don't mess with this kind of guy, unless you are DESPERATE piece of trash. No one will ever take her seriously.

  5. Michelle Schack Perez

    What Dean did was inexcusable! But a woman should know better than to break girl code with someone's husband. Which just makes Emily a whore and a home wrecker. I'm sure it's not the first married man she has ben with and most likely won't be the last. Save your pathetic apology Emily.

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