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Bruno Mars Anticipating A Very Cold Super Bowl Performance

Bruno Mars is preparing for what could be a very chilly Super Bowl performance.

Billboard’s Artist of the Year is presently scheduled to put on a show during the halftime show in New Jersey on February 2. Since Mars will have to contend with the weather during his set, the singer told The Associated Press that he’s preparing for the absolute worst.

“Everyone’s putting the fear of God in me like there’s going to be a blizzard,” Bruno Mars explained. As for he’ll wear during the set, he added, “I’m going to wear a beekeeper suit, I don’t know.”

Mars continued, “I’m not going to know until I get there… I’m not trying to hype myself up too much. I know it’s going to be cold and I just got to face it.”

Regardless of how chilly things get during his Super Bowl halftime performance, the singer is positive that the show is going to knock everyone’s socks off. Considering the set Beyonce put on last year, the guy may have hit work cut out for him.

Despite the cold temperatures and the stress of following up Beyonce, Bruno Mars doesn’t seem too worried about his upcoming performance. In fact, he explained that turning down an opportunity to perform during the Super Bowl wasn’t even an option.

“It was something exciting for me and my [band]. It wasn’t too long ago when we were performing in clubs and bars and pubs, and even when I put [my first] album out, (we were) opening acts for a bunch of different artists, living in a van and traveling around and kind of putting in the work and time,” the singer said.

Bruno Mars announced that he would perform during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show back in September. The news was soon followed by a minute-long teaser trailer posted to his official YouTube channel. If you missed the clip, then have a look at the video below.

What do folks think about Mars’ involvement with the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show? Check out some Twitter reactions to the news below.

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