Lord of the Rings You Shall Not Pass

Epic ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Prank Halts Train In Poland [Video]

There are Lord of the Rings-inspired pranks, and then there are legendary Lord of the Rings-inspired pranks. The one embedded below definitely qualifies as the latter.

If you haven’t seen director Peter Jackson’s trilogy — or at the very least Fellowship of the Ring — then the goof perpetrated by some fans in Poland probably just looks like a couple of low-budget LARPers risking their necks for no good reason. However, Jackson aficionados and folks who love a good joke will likely get a kick out of the clip.

Dressed as Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) from Lord of the Rings, a prankster by the fake name of SA Wardega steps onto a tram track in Poland in order to stop the understandably irritated operator from moving the train forward. That’s around the time this admittedly dangerous prank kicks into high gear.

“You shall not pass!” Gandalf yells. The stunt comes complete with the guy slamming his staff in the ground. Again, if you’ve seen the flick, this whole scenario makes perfect sense. To some degree, anyway.

To complete the package, SA Wardega has several folks dressed up as other members of the Fellowship and Gollum to run past the train to safety. Unfortunately for our prankster, the train’s conductor threatens to call the police, thus bringing the Lord of the Rings reenactment to a close. It was fun while it lasted.

Stopping a train while dressed like a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novels isn’t the only prank Wardega has perpetrated over the years. In addition to dressing up like Spider-Man, the guy also executed a stunt that finds him disguised as Samara Morgan from director Gore Verbinski’s American remake of the Japanese horror flick Ring.

While certainly not as clever as his Lord of the Rings prank, Wardega’s Samara impression definitely gets a reaction. Not only does the guy torment a few unsuspecting folks in a park, he also causes a scene at a department store by knocking over a television in front of customers. Watching him run from security never gets old.

If you still need more Wardega-related madness, then check out the guy dressed as Slender Man, a zombie, something called Mr. Pumpkin, and a gorilla. Some are more entertaining than others, but you have to admit that the guy isn’t afraid to put himself in harm’s way.

Here’s Wardega dressed as Gandalf the Grey.

Check out the prankster doing his thing as Samara Morgan.

What do you think about SA Wardega’s Lord of the Rings prank?