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Chris Brown Hangs Out With Karrueche Tran On Christmas Day

Chris Brown reportedly spent Christmas Day with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Since the troubled singer is currently spending quite a bit of time in rehab to deal with his anger issues, the model decided to bring the festivities to him. Tran did the exact same thing for Brown over the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to Hollywood Life, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran spent some quality time together on December 25. The website also stated that the pair never discussed Rihanna, because they apparently can’t spend time together without mentioning his ex-girlfriend.

The inside info came from an anonymous source; one of those people who claim to have all the details but aren’t brave enough to share their identity with the public. As always, treat this stuff as though you heard it from the guy working the counter at your local neighborhood gas station.

“She also bought him a bomb Rolex watch with their initials engraved underneath the face,” the source says. “She said he was really surprised and had the biggest smile on his face,” the insider dished.

The source added, “Karrueche said they didn’t talk too much. They were too busy kissing and listening to Christmas music. They’ve been apart for way too long and it’s been awhile since they’ve been together, so they made up for lost time by kissing — a lot.”

Perez Hilton reports that Karrueche Tran shared a photo featuring Chris Brown with her followers on Instagram. Although the site suggests that the singer managed to spend the holiday outside of rehab, other sources claim that Tran paid him a visit at the facility. Either way, the photo in question is hanging out below.

However, the singer did spend a little time out of rehab to help out with a toy drive in Melrose on Sunday. The event was reportedly a huge success, with people turning out in droves to donate items and take pictures with Brown.

The Inquisitr reported last month that Tran and Brown did pretty much the same thing during Thanksgiving. Since he couldn’t leave rehab to spend the holiday with his girlfriend, she reportedly brought a ton of food to the guy. Not surprisingly, this info arrived courtesy of yet another anonymous source.

“She made him everything. She brought the boy a home-cooked turkey, yams, cranberry stuffing, black-eyed peas — the works. He was thankful and real receptive to her. He told her, ‘Babe, I’m thankful for everything that is you. Thanks for looking after me and I love you,'” the insider explained.

What do you think about Karrueche Tran spending Christmas with Chris Brown in rehab?

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