'Duck Dynasty' Net Worth: I Stand With Phil Petition Risking Millions

‘Duck Dynasty’ Net Worth: I Stand With Phil Petition Risking Millions

The Duck Dynasty net worth is at risk due to the I Stand With Phil petition.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the social media campaign to have Phil Robertson reinstated by A&E led to Twitter banning the #IStandWithPhil hash tag as “spam,” only to allow it shortly later. There were also reports that Facebook banned the person who started the Duck Dynasty petition page.

According to Forbes magazine, the standoff between the A&E network and the Duck Commander is worth over $500 million. Since debuting in 2012, the popular reality TV show has generated $400 million in merchandise sales and almost $80 million in advertising sales for A&E in just 2013.

But some reports claim the family doesn’t care about the Duck Dynasty net worth:

“But there is another thing going on here. To the Robertson family, who before the TV show came calling were already millionaires from their hunting equipment business, are obviously more interested in their principles than in more money from any Duck Dynasty empire. The fact that the family quickly closed ranks around Phil shows that the TV show could go on or stop on a dime as far as they are concerned. But they won’t compromise their Christian principles for any TV show.”

Duck Dynasty ratings have plunging due to the boycott. As of last Friday, the number of viewers had plummeted by 71.6 percent, which is stunning considering that each DD episode gets about 14.6 million viewers on average per airing. While we probably won’t see Duck Dynasty Season 5 cancelled, it’s possible Season 6 could go to another network if fans have their way.

As you might expect, Christian groups are standing with Phil Robertson. They’ve been promoting the I Stand With Phil petition, and MailtheDuck.com allows people to send a postcard or spend $7 to buy and mail a rubber duck to A&E.

While Crack Barrel temporarily removed Duck Dynasty products, they kept the Duck Commander product line intact. Walmart and Target continue to sell DD labeled products although the A&E boycott is asking fans to buy only Duck Commander products since they directly benefit the family and not A&E, which owns the marketing name of Duck Dynasty.

Even sponsors of the Duck Dynasty family have publicly announced they’re standing with Phil:

“Realtree’s partnership with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander team has remained strong for nearly a decade. Our plan is to continue that partnership. As a company, our values align well with the Robertson’s. Realtree’s ‘Family, Friends and the Outdoors’ slogan is one we take to heart. We support everyone’s right to their opinion, and we certainly support Phil’s right to his.”

Are you surprised that the Duck Dynasty net worth is so high and so many Americans support the I Stand With Phil petition?