Snoop Dogg's acting career called best out of all rappers

Snoop Dogg Acting Career: Rapper Takes Page Out Of Kanye West’s Book, Claims He’s The Best

Allegedly, Snoop Dogg says his acting career is the best out of all the rappers who have tried their hand at the profession. He was approached by the press recently and caught on video claiming that rappers are better at acting than actual actors. He also mentioned he was the best of them.

Claiming you’re the best actor out of all of the rappers who have tried isn’t really saying much. Most of the time we have seen rappers take on acting, the movies have been mediocre at best. It’s like saying you have the most well-made Dell computer. Dell is the worst manufacturer you will ever find when it comes to computers.

Yes, I’m saying that rappers who act really aren’t that great. Snoop Dogg‘s acting career isn’t that extensive, but we have other examples like Ice Cube. His best movies debatably were the Friday series. Anaconda and xXx: State of the Union have been regarded as some pretty terrible movies, and the rest of Ice Cube’s acting resume includes a few Christmas comedies. We all know how bad those usually turn out to be.

LL Cool J even tried it. Do you remember Rollerball? Do you want to?

About the only rappers who actually ended up in films people wanted to see were Ludacris and Ja Rule, and they were both characters in the Fast and the Furious series. On that note, Ludacris is probably the best.

Snoop Dogg allegedly thinks he compares favorably with Ice Cube and the rest. So far, he’s been in the Starsky and Hutch remake, but we don’t really remember much else he’s been in aside from cameos. Snoop may be smoking more than we think if his one memorable movie is enough to make him believe he’s the best.

All we need now is a buddy cop film where he teams with Kanye West, and then at least he’ll have an equal.

Another rapper we can probably use as an example of how wrong Snoop Dogg is happens to be someone who was famous around the same time he was. Vanilla Ice starred in a movie, and it was self-serving crap. This is where Ice Cube should come along and tell Snoop Dogg he’d better “check himself before he wrecks himself.”

The only way rappers have ever been worthy actors is on TV, where LL Cool J and Ice T actually landed long-running drama roles.

He may have meant it as a joke, but otherwise it seems Calvin Broadus is seriously not thinking clearly. Snoop Dogg and his acting career are nowhere close to being the best.

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