Superman Vs. Hulk

Superman Vs. Hulk Mega-Battle In Awesome New YouTube Film

Superman vs. Hulk. Somehow, it seems much more interesting than a battle between an aging Sylvester Stallone and an even more aging Robert De Niro.

But while the rather unappealing simulated brawl between the 67-year-old Stallone and the 70-year-old De Niro will be splashed across the silver screen at a theater near you starting this week, you’ll have to go to YouTube to witness the epic mano-a-mano between two of the mightiest superheroes in comic book history.

The awe-inspiring YouTube film is even more special because, as all comics aficionados are aware, Superman is published and owned by DC Comics, while the green-skinned marauder known as the Hulk is the property of arch-rival publisher Marvel Comics.

To make this matchup even more impossible, DC is owned by Warner Bros., which in turn is owned by media goliath Time-Warner Inc.

Marvel is owned by another media behemoth, Disney.

Now, Superman and Hulk have battled once before, in a 1996 comic series jointly published by the two companies and aptly titled DC Vs. Marvel Comics. But that series made little impact and is long forgotten. Besides, it was a comic — not a motion picture.

In other words, the big screen will most likely never see an “official” answer to the comic book fan’s eternal question: in a battle of Superman vs. Hulk, who wins?

That’s where Mike Habjan comes in. An aspiring animator, Habjan took to upon himself to stage an unauthorized but nonetheless awesome battle between the two super-strong comic book characters.

According to the comics news site Newsarama, Habjan posted his first installment of the “fight” series to YouTube in 2011. Since then, the meticulous CGI artist,who is pursuing this project “just for fun,” has issued three more installments of the series.

He posted the latest earlier this week. His second installment received more than 21 million YouTube views.

Habjan’s Superman appears to be based on the appearance of Christopher Reeve who played the legendary superhero in the 1978 film, Superman. The Hulk is based on how the creature appeared in the 2008 movie, The Incredible Hulk.

Even for non-comics fans, Habjan’s achievement is remarkable. Created entirely with computer graphics animation, Habjan’s film looks virtually as good as anything Hollywood has to offer. And he did it all by himself. The fact that he has posted just four short installments in a period of over two years is a good indication of the care and effort that goes into this production.

Check out all four installments, including the intro and all three of the fight segments in the Superman vs. Hulk saga so far, below.