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Kate Winslet: Newborn Son’s Name Is Bear Winslet [Video]

Kate Winslet and her husband Ned Rocknroll recently decided to continue the trend of odd Hollywood kids names by naming their newborn son Bear. Their son will carry Kate’s last name as opposed to her husband’s newly changed monicker of Rocknroll.

Winslet’s publicist confirmed the boy’s name and last name to PEOPLE magazine today after weeks of speculation. Kate Winslet’s publicist was very clear that disappointed fans would not be referring to the baby as Bear Rocknroll.

Kate Winslet, who gave birth on December 7th, is not the first celeb to give their child the name Bear. Alicia Silverstone recently had a baby that she named Bear Blu and Jamie Oliver who named his boy Buddy Bear Maurice.

This is Kate Winslet’s third child. Her first child is named Mia Honey and was born to her and her first husband Jim Threapleton. She also has a 10-year-old son named Joe Alfie, whose father’s name is Sam Mendes.

Kate Winslet’s husband was born with the name Able Smith and only recently changed it to the full name of Ned Rocknroll.

Do you think that it is fair to the babies when Hollywood celebrities give them strange names?

Kate Winslet Welcomes A Baby Boy