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Vince McMahon, Justine Sacco Used To Work Together At WWE

Vince McMahon, Justine Sacco Used To Work Together At WWE

Vince McMahon and Justine Sacco used to work together at WWE. No joke!

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vince McMahon just got back to the states after filming the WWE Tribute To The Troops in the Middle East.

Justine Sacco started a firestorm on Twitter when she made this Tweet before leaving for Africa from London:

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Upon landing, Sacco, who was IAC’s senior director of corporate communications, first deleted the tweet and then her entire Twitter account. But the damage was already done and IAC fired her.

But the interesting part is that Justine Sacco joined IAC in September 2011 after working with Vince McMahon as a publicist at WWE. Why is this important? It just shows the type of work environment Sacco was used to working within. As a publicist for WWE, Sacco would have been used to a job where AJ Lee’s boy friend CM Punk could be called “f*ck face” as a friendly hello by a reporter.

You can’t argue with a straight face that WWE is politically correct (heck, McMahon even had the RAW announcers making fun of President Obama recently). To give you an idea how extreme things can be in the WWE, they faked Vince McMahon’s death by blowing up his limo and even convinced the world the story line was real for quite a while. WWE even scheduled tributes to McMahon from wrestlers and WWE stars mourning his death.

Never mind, along with the more normal clients like Urban Spoon and, Sacco also worked with College Humor. These type of bad jokes are a dime a dozen on such sites and fits in perfectly with Justine Sacco’s WWE career history. But, to be clear, I’m not saying the WWE is any way responsible for making Sacco the way she is or directly influenced the decisions she has made. But it seems likely that her track record of making offensive comments would have been more likely to be overlooked while at WWE as long as they didn’t affect background business operations.

And it’s not like Sacco doesn’t have a history of trying to offend while at IAC. She once tweeted to PETA: “I like animals, but when it’s this cold out I’ll skin one myself for the fur.” Other lovely gems include: “I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night. #fml” and “I can’t be fired for things I say while intoxicated right?” So, really, it could argued the only reason she was fired now was because her comment became infamous via the media, not because of its insensitive content per se.

Do you think Justine Sacco’s history of bad jokes was influenced by working with Vince McMahon at WWE? Do you think the racist joke should have gotten her fired?

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29 Responses to “Vince McMahon, Justine Sacco Used To Work Together At WWE”

  1. James Caldwell

    The story is incorrect. Vince McMahon and WWE stars went overseas for a goodwill tour to visit U.S. troops. This year's Tribute to the Troops was filmed at an Air Force base in Washington state last week.

  2. Tim Enlow

    So you're trying to make this story about her a reflection of because she worked with World Wrestling Entertainment? You're pathetic to think that. The story you mentioned about the car blowing up was so that he could sit back and not have to be on television but then that didn't work because that's the same time that Chris Benoit killed himself and his family so instead of the angle sticking, he had to say something because it's his company. Now an employee who worked for him before working with the IAC got fired is because of her prior work with the WWE? You're pathetic, like I said again to think that. It didn't have anything to do with the WWE and what her prior work was around. She chose to say what she did. Was her history or bad jokes or racist jokes because of that of working with the WWE? No and that's a profound no. She acted on her own so don't try and bring down a corporation that provides sports entertainment just because you're not happy with your own job.

  3. Rob Way

    I agree, all libtards should get a bad case of cancer. I'm sick of this nonstop P.C. bitch fit.

  4. Denny Rodgers

    I believe that your post may be incorrect James. '' So Vince McMahon and the rest of the crew touched down in Dubai on December 19. Besides visiting with the troops, and hosting some wrestling matches, they’re also visiting hospitals in the area. They're apparently gathered over two hours of film but they’re going to jam pack it into an one hour special''. (I don't believe that Dubai is near the Air Force base in Washington state)

  5. Dan Conway

    How to lose a job in 10 seconds- tell a joke or the truth to someone looking to use it for a story. I'd bet any money the person that wrote this would be the first to lock his car door in a black neighborhood or ignor a desperate mans plea for food if the garments were tattered and torn. These people care nothing about rights, they care about making waves. Just like the idea that saying Merry Christmas offends anyone. Do any of you people know ANYONE this offends. I know Jews that are not offended. The only ones offended are total non believers. But Ill bet they believe enough to take that day off from work!

  6. Devin Yelkin

    Denny Rodgers, The tribute to the troops they speak of was taped at join base lewis mcchord in tacoma, washington prior to the overseas trip. So in reality you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

  7. Mike LaValle

    The article is in error. They did not convince anyone that the storyline of Vince dying in that explosion was real for any length of time. Immediately afterward is when the Chris Benoit tragedy happened and they had to scrap the whole thing with Vince going on camera to address the Benoit situation. The storyline was nipped in the bud instantly. Did not go on for a length of time at all. If that fact is wrong in this artice, what else is as well?

  8. Ron Paulyes

    doesn't everyone already know it illegal in america for whites and hetero's in america to make any kind of comment about blacks or homo's. luckily for justine sacco she was out of the country otherwise she would have been immediately put in jail.

  9. Butch Fletcher

    I know it doesn't matter they have went overseas, and put themselves in harms way in the past to entertain the troops. But I guess that's a nute point, because it actually puts a good light on WWE, and we know that's not the cool thing the other kids at the reporters playground are doing. Not to mention they just spent the last month on a huge campaign for the Susan G Kohmen foundation. Did the person who wrote the article even write about Cancer? I doubt it. Probably contributed to journalistic cancer like the above story.

  10. Terry J Vey

    Wrestling fans never really believed that Vince died that day.It was a storyline that ended very quickly after Chris Beniot killed his wife and kid.This womans work with the WWE has nothing to do with her current unemployment.Really it was a story by someone desperate trying to make news

  11. Ron Joseph

    It is commonly known that black men in Africa view rape as a sport and almost always it is black women that they attack.. and who in the world has more aids than anyone else.. African men.

  12. Donna Walch

    Say what? No, no one ever tried to convince anyone for any length of time that McMahon actually died. If you truly believe that they are ever trying to convince people outside the show that anything is real, I have a fantastic bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

  13. Joshua Otero

    Where did u get this "fact"? that men in africa view rape as sport? Did u go to Africa and get a pole and census of how many people like to rape for sport?bord

  14. Anonymous

    The unwashed, uneducated buffoon that wrote this piece probably watches MSNBC and drools over all the vile leftist hate that comes from that network.

  15. Anonymous

    The author of this out and out crap, looks like he probably smells bad, maybe his mom quit giving him his weekly sponge bath.

  16. Mike Thaxton

    This is a pathetic attempt to dump the blame on the WWE instead of thinking that she might just feel that way ! Ever hear of "freedom of thought" ?

  17. Daniel Tilson

    Why does it matter that she worked for WWE at one time?

    Wait, that may be a dumb question given that the writer doesn't even have their facts about said previous employer straight.

    The Vince's Limo blowing up storyline lasted less than a week before they had to end it due to the Chris Benoit incident. And even then, no one who was actually paying attention thought for a second that it could have been real.

    The fans at that smackdown saw the burned out husk of a limo when they walked in that night, even though he was supposedly blown up at the end. The cameras stayed on it instead of cutting back to the announcers. The supposed FBI report posted on the website was filled with psuedoscience that wouldn't even pass muster on a TV crime show.

    I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

  18. Timothy Janssen

    don't know about 'Rape as Sport'

    but it is KNOWN, that there us still a widely held Belief about sex with a virgin as Being a "Cure" and I can't imagine too many Virgins volunteering for the 'honor' of Curing some one…. the combination of which Implies use of Force aka Rape AND the Spread of the disease, as Not only are Virgins not the Solution They in turn end up infected, and if the AIDS guy thinks he picked the wrong virgin, or 'takes two and calls his (witch?)-doctor' in the Morning, You're going to get an exponential spread

  19. Dusty Shull

    This site is basically a tabloid for the internet it seems. Rather than go by the sources they rather say stuff like 'AJ Lee's boyfriend CM Punk', rather than say 'Wrestler CM Punk'. Fact is it is just 'clickbait' to get the views to their ads. … It also would be a good belief that the editors on this site don't understand scripted television (be it wrestling or their favorite tv shows) from reality. Wonderful. NEVER run for office please.

  20. Derek Ciapala

    So you're implying that Sacco was used to this behavior because she worked for a pro wrestling promoter? You don't think that their normal business operations required professionalism? On camera and off-camera are two different things.

  21. Red Machine D

    Hey, don't blame this blogger for the article. Blame the editor, or whoever it was that gave him his shit-smearing quota for the week. It's alright, though, next week he'll blame video games for school shootings just like everyone else is.

  22. Jean Claude Robinson

    can you read ? right in the middle of the story he writes this "But, to be clear, I’m not saying the WWE is any way responsible for making Sacco the way she is or directly influenced the decisions she has made."

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