Scott Pilgrim 2: Sequel Demanded By Fans, But Will It Happen

Scott Pilgrim 2: Sequel Demanded By Fans, But Will It Happen?

Want Scott Pilgrim 2? Apparently, there’s enough demand out there that everyone is talking about a potential Scott Pilgrim sequel on Twitter using the #ScottPilgrim hashtag.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even the Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game was delayed for release.

Unfortunately, the movie making business, like all businesses, tends to be money driven. So even if there’s a very strong niche market if the movie ticket sales aren’t enough reason to risk the product costs then Hollywood tends to steer clear. For example, Disney even delayed the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie solely because of the poor performance of Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger. More recently, Ender’s Game also failed to rake in its production budget which kills off any chances of the rest of the book series being produced.

And that’s where Scott Pilgrim vs. The World box office numbers ran into trouble. Although the production budget was $60 million the film grossed only $47.6 million worldwide, which means Universal suffered a loss. There’s several reasons for this. The biggest is that the release date happened to conflict with The Expendables, which sucked away the attention of Millennials and ended up being Sylvester Stallone’s biggest opening at $35 million. There was also a marketing problem even though viewers who actually watched Scott Pilgrim liked it. The movie has a A- Cinemascore, which was higher than The Expendables, and 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

But, quite frankly, the biggest issue with making Scott Pilgrim 2 is that the story is over. The plot was entirely based upon a comic book so there’s really not any new material. That doesn’t stop Scott from going up against the universe (yeah, I know that title has been done with the comics), and perhaps make fun of Halo along the way, but so far no one has even attempted to write a screenplay for a Scott Pilgrim sequel. And I don’t see any indication that Bryan Lee O’Malley intends to write any more Scott Pilgrim comics.

The closest thing we’ve seen to Scott Pilgrim 2 was Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation, which has already been released. But if there is enough demand for a Scott Pilgrim sequel then it would seem to make sense to focus on an animated series. That way the budget is relatively low and the risk is reduced. Never mind, it could also feature the same art style from the comic and video games.

If Scott Pilgrim 2 were to be made into a movie, what direction would you want the plot to go for the Scott Pilgrim sequel?