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Tonsil Surgery Tragedy Leaves 13-Year-Old Girl On Life Support

tonsil surgery tragedy leaves 13-year-old on life support

After undergoing a routine tonsil surgery, tragedy struck for the family of an Oaklanad, California girl who is now on life support.

Jahi McMath, 13, underwent what is normally a routine surgery, to remove her tonsils in order to help with her sleep apnea and then tragedy struck.

After waking up from her tonsil surgery and being moved to a recovery room, tragedy hit the 13-year-old when she began to bleed profusely from the nose and mouth.

McMath’s mother, Nailah Winkfield feared something was going horribly wrong as she watched her child sitting up in her hospital bed holding a cup full of blood.

Winkfield asked nurses repeatedly if this was normal.

The hospital staff worked to help the young girl and tried to keep her calm, while she bled for the next few hours. Afterwards Jahi went into cardiac arrest, her mother says. She was declared brain dead on December 12.

The hospital in which the tragic tonsil surgery took place now wants to disconnect her from life support, the family says. However, their lawyer Christopher Dolan has denied permission and is trying to keep Jahi on a ventilator through the holidays.

The family of the tonsil surgery victim is seeking a second opinion to review their daughter’s tragic situation. A court hearing was set for Friday.

Even though the hospital cannot comment on the case officials say the family is not allowing Jahi to be disconnected from a ventilator that is keeping her alive.

Dr. David Durand, the hospital’s pediatrics chief, wrote a statement about Jahi’s case:

“We implore the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give us the necessary legal permission — which it has been withholding — that would bring clarity, and we believe, some measure of closure and deeper understanding of this medical case.”

In an interview at Children’s Hospital Oakland on Thursday, Jahi’s mother described the events that resulted in tragedy, after her daughter’s tonsil surgery.

The distraught mom recalls that before the surgery her daughter was afraid she would not wake up from the procedure, but the family was relieved when she appeared alert, was talking, and even enjoyed a Popsicle afterwards.

Jahi began bleeding from her mouth and nose, despite efforts from hospital staff to help her. While still bleeding, the girl wrote notes to her mother, one of them asked that her nose be wiped, because she felt it running.

The family says the hospital wants to take the girl off life support quickly after the tragic tonsil surgery.

“I just looked at the doctor to his face and I told him you better not touch her,” Winkfield said.

Dr. Cristobal Barrios, an associate professor and a trauma and critical care surgeon at the University of California, Irvine said there are several test that the hospital can run to confirm that the girl is brain dead.

On Friday, a judge ordered the hospital to keep Jahi on life support following what was supposed to be a routine tonsil surgery.

After the family sought a court order to prevent the hospital from disconnecting the ventilator, Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo ruled the girl was to be kept alive.

Both sides in the case agreed to talk and chose a neurologist to examine 13-year-old Jahi McMath and determine her condition. The judge scheduled a hearing Monday to appoint a physician in the tragic tonsil surery.

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26 Responses to “Tonsil Surgery Tragedy Leaves 13-Year-Old Girl On Life Support”

  1. Susan Greco

    I've read so many horrible comments about the girls weight, ect. If her family could be lovingly shown that Jahi can live on through organ donation, perhaps the reality of her death will have some meaning..Instead of passing judgement, take a moment to consider the grief this family is experiencing, and pray for them. God Bless you all.

  2. Susan Hedlund Bryan

    Why wasn't this child taken back to surgery immediately and the bleeders cauterized?

  3. Ranette Lebow Musick

    This incident is just the tip of the ice berg with Obamacare looming over us all.. Also, if the victim's weight was an issue tell me why the surgery was performed in the first place?

  4. Storm Seale

    I had my tonsils removed in the 60's and I remember profuse bleeding happening after I was back in my room. They rushed me back to surgery and I had to sit up while they did their thing. For me it worked out….poor girl.

  5. Jamie J. Delman

    This has nothing to do with Obamacare (the ACA.) Obamacare hasn't even gone into effect yet.

  6. Deborah Mercer

    Obviously there was an artery bleeding until it lead her to bleed out causing her arrest. Why wasn't the staff taking immediate post op measures? They should be well trained and versed in this. What were her vital signs she must have become hypotensive? Was no one playing attention was she not on a monitor? This is nuts. Im so sorry for the family.

  7. Sheryl Ralston Hahn

    Why is the hospital in such a rush to unplug the ventilator? This family needs some time to deal with this, and if they want a second opinion on this poor girl's likely outcome, they have every right to do so. I'm sure it's quite hard enough dealing with this with the holiday right around the corner, perhaps they don't want to grieve her death on what should be a lovely family holiday.

  8. Ranette Lebow Musick

    Jamie J. Delman What makes you think the medical community isn't already on board? The medical profession is more dollar driven than any other, except maybe the US government. this poor child and her family are in the way as far as the powers that be are concerned. Time to vacate the hope and make way for the next money maker, er…patient. Our future will be congested with this kind of tragedy. i respect your opinions Jamie & Jeanette but I think you are a bit naive.

  9. Jamie J. Delman

    Where did you get the idea thtat the girl's weight was an issue?

  10. Debbie Herrera

    Please pray for the family of this horrific tragedy I went though something so similar in 1998 loss of blood lead heart attack followed by loss of oxygen to my daughters brain after a D&C they tried to cover their mistakes long story do not let the hospital talk you into anything get a second and third opinion and then pray for understanding of what is the best to do for the child belive me when I say the hospital will go into cover up mode and charts will be lost and files destroyed and sudden lost of memory I know because we went though something very similar in 1998 and it is awful beyond words I pray this family gets the answers they and and Jahi gets peace.And this was long before Obama Care

  11. Ashley Weeks

    sending my thoughts and prayers to this family, i hope for the best and that their little girl wakes up. xoxo

  12. Daniel Gol

    I estimate that the girl is going to be, unfortunately, dead. I would normaly favor the removal of life support. However, in this case, not so fast. The hospital goofed in causing her to bleed to death and now wants to clear one of its beds to convenience itself. The girl should remain there for the time being because there are issues to be investigated and because she should be there to represent that she is a patient dependent on medical services and needs to have something done for her. What I mean is that she would be asking, "Well, seeing that you goofed and cost me my life, can you help me?" There should be a complete investigation before the body is disposed of. I find it impossible to believe that those treating her could not stop the bleeding before her demise. Those who caused her death should be held responsible.

  13. Tom Hunter

    My condolences to the family. A very bad mistake happened in this case. They are doing some different things with anesthesia that have affected some members of my family. They would not wake up and had to be put on a ventilator or breathing assist device for several hours before they could breathe on their own. I hope the issue that is causing this is discovered and corrected.

  14. Heather Blue

    Very well stated! I also agree. I also believe her weight may have contributed to the issues, but as health care professionals they should have assessed that and had all precautions taken care of and got her back and cauterized the bleed.

  15. Sondra Battrell Campbell

    the hospital probably wants her out of there to get rid of the evidence

  16. Starr Desiree Granby

    why should that family give their daughters organs to that hospital….that is probably y they let her get into that situation….

  17. Starr Desiree Granby

    y because they have somebody who needs her body parts…they are going to steal them from the parents

  18. Marshall White

    Laura fuctitall you are one heartless bitch. These parents are about to lose their child and you talk about them being charged with child abuse well your parents should be charged with raising their daughter with no compassion for your fellow citizens.

  19. Ursula Queenof Thedeep

    You fight for her! These doctors should be imprisoned for what they have done, but they won't have to even pay financially. This is what makes me sick in this country. This is a real case, and the family should file criminal charges but lawyers took care of that before the incident. Don't let them pull anything, take all the space you need. It may be the only justice you get, so do whatever you have to for that beautiful child! I stand with the family! These "doctors" for children want to kill a child! They should lose their practice, their license, their livelihood as they most likely have stolen Jahi's life. Much love, respect and prayers for this family. The story hurts my heart, and at X-mas. They want to pull the plug at X-mas. Real winning medical system we have.

  20. Denise Colleen Eggert

    What kind of post op care did she have to have missed this ? What incompetence ! Or were they cutting corners because they were too understaffed ?

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