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Japanese Government Banning Used School Girl Pantie Vending Machines


The Japanese Government is trying to outlaw the sale of Japanese used school girl panties. They are so popular that they are sold in vending machines, individually wrapped with a picture of the school girl who allegedly wore them. Wrong on so many levels.

The Japanese government is banning the sale or purchase of used schoolgirl panties because they are such a problem this includes the vending machine sales. No longer will you be able to get a can of Coke, a packet of chips, and someone’s used undies at the local train station. What’s the etiquette on buying these anyway, are you allowed to open your packet at the station or do you need to wait till you get home, does it cost extra if they are extra smelly, what about crusty? Are they scratch and sniff? SO many burning questions.

A commercial has been made to convince men that buying used school girl panties is not a great idea, because they probably haven’t been worn by school girls at all. Yeah that is definitely the problem.

Is there a term that is more extreme than WTF, because this story needs it. Check out the commercial.

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25 Responses to “Japanese Government Banning Used School Girl Pantie Vending Machines”

  1. anon e. mouse

    Great, now I'm going to have to start raping adolescent girls again in order to get my rocks off with the fresh smell of punani, instead of being able to peacefully, civilly buy them from a vending machine.

    Get a brain, morans!

  2. Ikari

    Has anyone noticed they use a non-Japanese guy to play the pervert who buys them? Quite considerate and non-discriminatory don't you think?

  3. Schory

    lacking anything else to blame, I'm going to say it's the fault of religious organizations XD

  4. Michael

    Wow. What a poorly written article. The government is banning this “because they are such a problem”? In what way is it a problem? Yeah, it may be creepy as hell, but that alone doesn't inherently make it a problem.

  5. MTV

    The Commercial is an old MTV add, and is not made to convince men not to buy panties.

  6. Tim

    OMGWTFBBQ is the stronger term you are looking for.
    You can't buy these at train stations… just dingy back alleys of sex districts.
    They are far less popular now than a decade ago

  7. R Flowers

    anyone ever wonder if the young women in prostitute uniforms are work it naturally or manipulated by US occupation forces using puppet bugs as part of the pacification operations with some attorney hocking pictures, panties and raking in the cash on former prostitutes who died from HIV?

  8. Michael C. Goncalves

    Jesus, and I thought the State of California was FASCIST?!!! This just takes the cake!!! It is BAD ENOUGHT I have to sit, all sardine like, on this bullshit Japanese commuter train, sitting next to wasabi smelling guys who haven't washed in ages—and now the Japanese Government wants to take away my USED SchoolGirl panties!!! Me, I like the Black French cut ones with the ruffles in the back and now I can't have anything to sniff except my fellow passingers. I am crestfallen!!!

  9. Steven Dembek

    No matter what anyone says about the state of this country rest assured at least we don't have a nation wide used panties epidemic sweeping our nation.

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