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These 20 Incredibly Moving Photos Will Leave You Speechless

In this wide world of ours, sometimes we happen upon something so incredible that it can’t be put into words.

Sometimes, we witness it ourselves, and sometimes, we have the presence of mind in our dumbfoundedness to capture the scene to share with others.

Sometimes, it’s shared with us by a friend, and it’s no less powerful.

In the post-modern technological age, it’s often something we see on the Web, and the awe we feel is still undiminished. If anything, it brings us closer in this global culture to see amazing things happening a world away.

Here is a collection of pictures that, for better or worse, we have not been able to shake.

Some evoke wonder and amazement.

Others bring out our empathy or grief.

Still others inspire anger and horror.

But whether joy or sadness, ethos or pathos, these photos say more themselves than we could ever hope to.

Through Glass

The power of perspective proves that ignorance is bliss. “I’m looking at you through the glass, I don’t know how much time has passed, all I know is that it feels like forever.”

Imacon Color Scanner

Only one man, woman or child was not captured in this picture of the Eagle lunar module and the planet Earth: fellow astronaut Michael Collins, who took the photo.

Hubble XDF

Taken with the Hubble telescope’s extreme deep field (XDF), this is the the deepest image of the universe ever taken in visible light and shows some of the oldest galaxies ever seen.

Neil Armstrong