Justin Bieber 'Beached Whale' Claim Further Doubted

Justin Bieber ‘Beached Whale’ Claim Further Discredited

A widely discredited claim alleging Justin Bieber insulted a girl by calling her a “beached whale” by a hotel pool during his last Believe tour stop in Perth, Australia, has been hit with further doubt by the one girl it is confirmed the singer mixed with.

The West Australian.au’s Weekend West reports Jordyn Dore, the blonde girl spotted in pictures with Justin at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on December 8, has now given her take on the accusations and a personal view of the singer.

“I was just chilling at the pool and he was there with his security and he just came over and said ‘hi’. He came and introduced himself just as Justin,” the 20-year-old nursing student recalled.

Dore was staying at the hotel to celebrate her birthday with friends, and says she hung out by the pool area where Bieber was. She says he first approached her while she sunbathed and playfully splashed water on her feet.

Of the “beached whale” accusation, Dore told The West Australian she met Helen Robinett — the Melbourne based image consultant who claims she witnessed Bieber insult a girl — but Dore says she doubts the story.

Justin Bieber, 'Beached Whale'