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Wisconsin Pileup: Massive Crash On Snowy Highway Captured On Camera

Wisconsin Pileup: Massive Crash On Snowy Highway Captured On Camera

A Wisconsin pileup that involved 50 cars crashing on a snow-covered highway on Sunday was captured on camera, showing a scene of chaos an near endless crashes for more than five minutes.

The giant pileup happened Sunday near Germantown, Wisconsin. Snowy road conditions caused a handful of cars to crash along Highway 41/45, leaving the two narrow lanes clogged with cars.

Drivers continued to speed through the snowy highway, causing even more chain-reaction crashes for close to five minutes after the initial wreck. Video of the Wisconsin pileup shows a number of near-misses as cars navigated around the wreckage and crowds of people just in time. Others were not so lucky, and ended up plowing into the cars in front of them.

At least two cars skidded off the road entirely, into a grassy area beyond the view of the camera.

Tim Miller, a police officer in Germantown, was responding to another nearby crash when he saw the Wisconsin pileup unfold.

“If people watch Nascar, and they watch the Daytona 500 or Talledega, where they wait for what’s called the Big Crash, where all the cars crash because they’re all so close together, that’s what this was like — only there was nobody there to stop it with a yellow flag and slow all the other cars down,” Miller said. “So you had that big, huge crash, and then cars just continued to just pile into it and taking evasive action. It didn’t stop. You know, it was five, 10 minutes this went on for. It just kept going and going and going. I mean that’s what was helpless about it.”

Police say as many as half of the motorists involved in the Wisconsin pileup fled the scene afterward. Many more people got out of their cars and stood on the road, which police cautioned not to do.

There were a few injuries reported in the Wisconsin pileup, but everyone managed to survive. But a few miles down the highway a 67-year-old man was killed in a pileup that involved 40 cars.

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13 Responses to “Wisconsin Pileup: Massive Crash On Snowy Highway Captured On Camera”

  1. Nora Davis Koonce

    This is so terrible. I'm sorry they felt the need to travel. Praying for all of the injured, possibly killed.

  2. Brenda Gilbert

    What the heck were they thinking when that big diesel truck was stopped why the hell didn't they. They just created a worse problem, sometimes I wonder about the quality of brain matter people have. It seems as though the more generations of humans the less common sense.

  3. Anonymous

    Not one person was smart enough to turn on their flashers. That would help!!

  4. Josh Suter

    Sandra Norris Seymour they should have removed themselves from the road if they were going to go so slow. they were rear ended because they failed to take notice that poor visibility meant that driving so slow was more dangerous than driving a reasonable speed.

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