Miley Cyrus Named Time's Worst-Dressed, Makes Best-Dressed list too

Miley Cyrus Named Time Magazine’s Worst-Dressed Of 2013, Makes Best-Dressed List Too

Miley Cyrus keeps making controversial headlines, now she has been named Time Magazine’s Worst-Dressed celebrity, but she also makes the Best-Dressed list for 2013. How is that possible?

We are talking about Miley Cyrus here, so anything is possible.

On Wednesday, Time revealed its 54 “Top 10 Everything” lists and the pop diva makes at least two of those.

The annual lists about everything celebrities, chooses the best and worst during 2013, selecting one costume that stars impressed or failed to impress audiences with during their many appearances throughout the year.

Remember the foam finger and twerking at the MTV VMAs? Who could ever forget the infamous performance, of hanging tongues, suggestive grinding, and oh, yes, that two-piece peach color, plasticy looking bikini?

That very costume got Miley Cyrus the Worst-Dressed Celebrity of 2013. A performance she or the world won’t soon forget, as it has gotten people to pay attention to the former Hannah Montana child star.

But Time wasn’t done with Miley Cyrus and also selected her to their Best-Dressed list.

A few months after the much talked about appearance at the MTV VMAs, the diva made a complete turn around and showed everyone that she can also be classy.

Miley Cyrus came to the FGI’s 30th Annual Night Of Stars Gala, to present the Superstar Award to fashion designer Marc Jacobs, wearing one of his figure hugging, sequin, aqua gown.

That appearance saved the year for the “Wrecking Ball” singer and placed her in the Best-Dressed list.

Miley Cyrus is Time Magazine's Worst-Dressed Celeb of 2013.