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Xbox One VS PS4: PlayStation 4 Sales Beat By Three Billion Zombies…And PSP?

Xbox One VS PS4: PlayStation 4 Sales Beat By Three Billion Zombies...And PSP?

The Xbox One vs PS4 console battle became slightly more interesting when Microsoft decided to use zombies to combat news over the PlayStation 4 sales numbers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the PS4 sales and specs seem to point to Sony as winning over the Xbox One. Although according to Nvidia the Steam Machine and PC gaming beats them both.

So far the PS4 vs Xbox One battle hasn’t been decided for certain. The Xbox One released a little after the PS4, so has had less time to accrue large numbers, but both Sony and Microsoft claim they went over the one million mark on launch day. Regardless of who is “winning” in sales, the Xbox One breakdown actually revealed the console is more expensive to manufacture than the PS4, which explains the $100 price difference.

The numbers so far are being described as “inconclusive and contradictory.” The Xbox 360 and Xbox One sales numbers even beat the PS4 on Black Friday at certain retailers like Walmart and target, accounting for 61 percent of all console sales while the PS3 and PS4 made only 30 percent. In fact, the PS3 sales even beat the PS4 (yes, apparently people felt the PlayStation 3 Black Friday deals were good enough reason to buy a system that had just been replaced). The Nintendo Wii U also had little impact, selling only around one percent.

But in the UK the PS4 apparently is the winner with 250k sales beating 150k in sales of the Xbox One at least for the first 48 hours. And even the portable PSP is said to have beat the Xbox One sales numbers and the PS3 isn’t that far behind.

But then Sony announced the PS4 sales have exceeded 2.1 million units as of December 1, putting Microsoft on the defensive in the PS4 vs Xbox One battle. Although some people claim Microsoft is waiting on the official NPD sales numbers for November, they apparently felt they had to respond to Sony in some manner so they’ve claimed Xbox One One users have spent 50 million hours playing games and they’ve already killed over three billion zombies in Dead Rising 3 (which is a Xbox One exclusive), driven 90 million miles in Forza 5, slain 186 million enemies in Ryse, and pulled off over 150 million combos in Killer Instinct.

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi wouldn’t cite exact Xbox One sales numbers but he did say things are going well:

“Eleven days in we are seeing record breaking sales and are selling every Xbox One we can make. Demand is far exceeding supply in the 13 countries we’ve launched and we are sold out at retailers around the world.”

Who do you think is winning the Xbox vs PS4 console battle? Or does it even matter who buys a PlayStation 4 or a Xbone?

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6 Responses to “Xbox One VS PS4: PlayStation 4 Sales Beat By Three Billion Zombies…And PSP?”

  1. Joseph Folsom

    Lol Sony cains 2.1 but until NPD said it it just marketing lol also Sony might be getting a little worry y you ask because a system with a $100 less piece tag should have a 35 to 40 percent lead in sales according to NPD and there express :) but how much are how little something sales should never affect your decision on whether or not you want it

  2. R Donald Thomas III

    It's funny cause the sales papers for Black Friday had 1 or up to 3 PS4 systems available per store… Yet, sales papers for Black Friday had 5 to 7 Microsofts XB1 systems available per store. So, I'm no mathematician or anything; but, when you have 7 to 3 systems available per store, the sales for the system with the high margin of available will sell more units.

  3. Travis Cox

    The only reason that Xbox may have allegedly beat PS4 on black friday is because PS4s were sold out the second they hit shelves. Funny how any gaming store I call around here still has XB ones and yet have no clue when they will be able to get any PS4s that aren't reserved yet. PS4 is winning by leaps and bounds.

  4. Antonio Delgado

    PS4 is sold out. That's why it didn't sell in black friday, stupid story.

  5. David Apilado Jr.

    Either there were no sales on ps4 games @ walmart or they were gone but either way there were none to be found on the floor. Xbox one games were on the floor and had boat loads left. I believe there were no Black Friday sales of ps4 games at walmart

  6. David J Ruiz

    Lmao I know I was going to say the same thing it's sold out people are sleeping outside of gamestop on shipment days xbox1 got trashed

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