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Xbox One Black Friday Sales Beat PlayStation 4 At Certain Retailers

Xbox One Black Friday sales beat PlayStation 4

Xbox One’s Black Friday sales outperformed PlayStation 4 by double at certain retailers. With Christmas far from over, the Holiday sales numbers aren’t conclusive yet, but Microsoft appears to be the winner for November.

What the Black Friday sales don’t take into account is how many Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles were actually available for the big Holiday sales event. Sony reportedly faced a possible shortage when the PS4 was released, so they may have had very limited stock to begin with, while the Xbox One pre-orders left a few more for the shelves. Between pre-order numbers and Black Friday sales, it’s unclear yet which console is the real winner.

A survey from InfoScout claims that the Xbox One’s Black Friday sales were double that of the PlayStation 4. Xbox One contributed to 31 percent of console sales, while the PS4 only sold 15 percent at Target and Walmart. The survey also doesn’t say what percentage of consumers were involved or how many of each console were actually in stock. If you take into account that Microsoft had less time to replenish stock before Black Friday, however, you might be inclined to announce the Xbox One to be the clear victor.

Could it be that PlayStation 4 sales are once again mirroring the previous generation? Could Microsoft be winning the first month of the next gen console war?

Looking at the numbers, we can definitely say that price had little to do with sales, as the Xbox One was the most expensive console on the list, which included the PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U. The worst selling console was the Wii, but Nintendo is already prepared for this as they have discontinued production of the console.

The PS4 actually sold less than the PlayStation 3, which once again could be the result of limited stock after the release date.

With the numbers far from conclusive, the Black Friday sales show Xbox One to be the clear winner at Walmart and Target.

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3 Responses to “Xbox One Black Friday Sales Beat PlayStation 4 At Certain Retailers”

  1. Josue Ceja

    you might also be inclined to look at the fact that the ps4 launched in several other territories on black friday to so stocks where mainly allocated to every one else other then the US.

  2. Robert Berwick

    @OP What a ridiculous inference! You honestly think the PS4 sales are slipping? 4 retailers have the X1 in stock according to wiialerts and no PS4 systems are available except in the resale market on eBay. PS4 is now out in only 2 regions while X1 was originally launched in 16 countries. The fact there are more X1's available has nothing to do with Microsoft's ability to manufacture more systems but rather the fact they are simply sitting on shelves and available because everyone wants a PS4. I'm guessing a good many of the X1 early adopters were simply out of luck, couldn't find a PS4 and SETTLED for an X1.

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