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Ohio State Ejections Could Play Big Role In Upcoming Big Ten Championship

Ohio State Ejections Could Play Key Role In Upcoming Big Ten Championship

Ohio State saw ejections of two key players on Saturday that could end up costing the Buckeyes in next week’s Big Ten Championship.

In a thrilling 42-41 victory over rival Michigan, Ohio State had two of its players ejected during a second quarter brawl.

The fight started after Ohio State kick returner Dontre Wilson was tackled by a group of Michigan players. Michigan linebacker Royce ripped off Wilson’s helmet, and Wilson responded by throwing a punch.

Several more players joined in on the pushing and shoving, and when the dust cleared and referees regained control Ohio State faced ejections of two key players —.Wilson and starting right guard Marcus Hall.

The Ohio State vs. Michigan brawl tainted an otherwise thrilling contest. Michigan scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, the final coming with just 32 remaining on seconds left. Though the Wolverines could have tied the game with an extra point and likely sent the contest to overtime, they instead decided to go for a win with a two-point conversion.

Ohio State held tight, intercepting Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner on the play and holding on for the victory.

The Ohio State ejections might not be the end of disciplinary action for the brawl, the Big Ten announced after the game.

“The conference office will wait until after the game for the officials’ written report, review the video and then take further action if needed,” Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

Ohio State will face Michigan State in the Big Ten Football Championship Game on Saturday, December 7 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Both teams stand at 8-0 in the conference, the first time since 2002 and only second since 1943 that two Big Ten teams finished the season with perfect marks.

But if the Ohio State ejections turn into suspensions for Wilson and Hall, the Buckeyes could be at a disadvantage. Hall is an anchor on the offensive line, while Wilson is a dangerous return specialist, with 442 total kick return yards and a long of 51 yards.

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7 Responses to “Ohio State Ejections Could Play Big Role In Upcoming Big Ten Championship”

  1. Amy Carter Trubee

    Michigan state sucks… Michigan started that fight and more of their players should of been punished also I counted 3 Michigan players that threw punches or hit people and it is clear they started it by trying to really hurt one of the OSU players…. Hall was just trying to pull one of the guys off another when he was punched 2 times and he hit back.. Self defense… BCS sucks and that is why it is ending after this year… And the Big Ten better punish all involved if it is going to do more.. Go Bucks…

  2. Julie Harden

    No mention of the Michigan player being thrown out as well. Interesting but not surprising.

  3. Bob Moberly

    The POS Hall nees to be suspended for the rest of his college days. Unfortunately he'll fit right in with the climate of the NFL these days!! The other 2 should be suspended for any Bowl games the teams may play in!! This is not sportsmanship, it's "I can do anything I want" What role models for our youth of today!!!

  4. Jos Hornberger

    Don't worry. Delaney let you go to a Sugar Bowl when he knew your team should have been staying home for tattoo gate, car gate etc but he let you go. He even campaigned for you. Why would you think he would suspend your guys? He didn't suspend Lewan. He only suspends non UM/OSU players. I'll bet from all the sucking comments you never attaended anything but a sporting event in CBus. Stay classy.

  5. Mike Parker

    Marcus Hall should be suspended for the rest of the season. His tantrum and double bird to the crowd have no place in the B1G. (Not that expect any better from players under Tressel and Meyer)

  6. Daniel Dreisbach

    The offenders, punch throwers, fight starters should be punished within their teams by the coaches. This is football people not "decorum and etiquette" class or any thing that matters or effects anyone but the people involved. As far as what this teaches younger players, It is only the responsibility of parents of children to use this episode to teach them how NOT to be. The NCAA is just another version of government. Control freek, oppressive, government. Just like the real thing.

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