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Pregnant Prostitute Alana Love Talks to Howard Stern


A woman named Alana Love is quickly making a name for herself as the pregnant prostitute at the infamous Bunny Ranch.

Alana Love — who, by her own accounts, is 20 years old and seven months pregnant — starting working at the Nevada “ranch” last week. She appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” Tuesday morning to discuss her decision.

The interview was decidedly Stern-like, with Howard commenting on how hot Love was and asking her to strip down. When asked how many men she had been intimate with, Love stated she’d only been with three men prior to her start at the Bunny Ranch. She also said her father was the mayor of her town growing up.

As for the child’s father, it appears he is not in the picture. Alana Love said he was only paying her $25 a month for child support. Stern, of course, didn’t leave it at that — he got the guy on the phone. The man claimed Love had been “sleeping with every guy she could find” and said he wouldn’t get any more involved until she had a DNA test.

Alana Love told Stern she plans to work at the Bunny Ranch through January. Her due date, oddly enough, is February 14.

We’ll let Ms. Love explain the rest for herself. The following is from her diary, which promises weekly updates throughout her, uh, journey. You can also check out her profile at the Bunny Ranch here, which includes, dare we say, plenty more photos — although be advised that there is also plenty of NSFW content on the site.

Alana Love: Diary From The Bunny Ranch

Today was my first day at the ranch. I’ve always wanted to do this and when my baby comes, I think I will be able to give her a better life. I was really excited to start today. I know some people will be critical of my choice, but it’s my life. I am an adult. I’m not doing anything to harm my baby — and it’s legal.

I started my day by getting a tour of the ranch. After my tour, I went to my first lineup, where we girls line up and a customer comes in to choose one – or more haha – of us for a party . A nervous looking 27-year-old man came in and looked me up and down and picked me out of the line. I was more shocked than anything that I was picked. There are so many beautiful women. I took the man to a room with my beautiful friend Ashley and we had an amazing threesome. After the first hour, he kept rebooking and rebooking. He wanted another half an hour, then a half an hour in the hot tub. We had a great time.

So far I think this will be a pretty good life. I wonder all the time what my baby will look like and what she will want to do with her life. I’m not sure how I will feel if she wants to do this kind of work. Obviously if she is over 18, I won’t be able to second guess it. If she is under my own roof, I would have to second guess her. Either way, I am going to support her. If she did it right, it would be ok. I could definitely tell her about all the wrongs and rights! That’s all for now…

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3 Responses to “Pregnant Prostitute Alana Love Talks to Howard Stern”

  1. possible babys dad

    i have done a lot of bad things in my life some i cant explain. if you guys only knew the other side of the story you would never believe it. alana needs a lot of help… so do i. all i can do is try to fix my life. and hope she does the same, because this little girl needs her mom and dad. and both of us have a lot of problems… if alanas daughter is my daughter ill try my hardest to be in her life. its hard when she wont get a state dna test done, or sends me texts and emails saying she refuses to allow me to be in this childs life and then says i can… and like i said i know ive made wrong choices. but i have learned.

  2. SupYo

    Alana's parents wouldn't help her in any way. She was unable to do her current job so she was fired or quit. She couldn't get any welfare because she made too much money at her other job. No one would hire her for a different job, even though it's illegal to discriminate based on a pregnancy. The father of her child also lives with his parents, so he has no money to give her.

  3. David Brandon

    So I just broke up with this girl about 3 months ago and let me tell you everything tht is written is an understatement. I met her when I managed her at the Stip Club in Seattle named Centerfolds. I know but lust got the better of me when one of the girls said she had a crush on me. I gave it a shot after I had just left a bad marriage to a stripper. Alana was a sweetheart to start but as time went on she showed that she was self riotous always puting others down. Then strange things happened such as my Xbox controller disappearing and all he belongings were stollen so she needed to move in. Crazy events repeated and my laptop somehow was held ransome for gas money one day she went to visit her kids in Child Protection Services…I know right!….I left her and then she tells me she's prego with my child, little does she know that one of the girls from the club tolde a day after we met that she would try that on me, she had a pregnancy test that had the faintest line I'd ever seen and looked as if it were turning yellow due to age. Seems like she kept in in her purse for a rainy day. Recently I had someone inform me that she is now claiming that this so called child to be coming is some new guys and she is trying to get child support out of him. It's a joke and very sad. She is a smart girl if she wants to be and can quit this act anytime but until then, Alana "Love" Ruth will continue to shove suboxen down her throat and ask new guys to be the father of her baby.

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