Xbox One hardware problems lead to free games from Microsoft

Xbox One Hardware Problems Lead To Free Games From Microsoft

The Xbox One hardware problems some gamers discovered when a number of them tried their console for the first time soured many a day one experience. Defective Blu-Ray drives made it impossible for some early adopters to install games from the disc.

Don’t worry Microsoft gamers, you will be getting something free for your troubles. While Microsoft is busy fixing the consoles with defective Blu-Ray drives, they are giving the gamers who discovered this problem the hard way a free copy of one of their first-party launch titles.

It appears Microsoft is going out of their way to make up for the terrible PR they had before the Xbox One launched. While many gamers may have sided with Sony after months of Microsoft allegedly ignoring their fan base, enough of them stayed to give the PlayStation 4 a not so perfect launch day. For those who stuck around and decided that the secretive tactics behind the Xbox One were not enough to deter them, Microsoft is trying to play nice.

When the Xbox One launched with hardware problems, Sony fans couldn’t really poke fun. The PlayStation 4 hit its launch with allegedly poorly manufactured consoles and the “blue light of death” sent a number of brand new PlayStation 4s back to Sony for a fix.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One had a perfect launch, and the hardware problems certainly marred their satisfaction ratings among gamers. The next generation took heavy blows on both sides, showing there is no clear winner in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

The free games Microsoft is giving away will be the download versions, meaning that you won’t need the Blu-Ray drive to play them. The titles on the list are as follows:

  • Forza Motorsport 5 – the latest in Microsoft’s first-party racing titles known for its realism.
  • Dead Rising 3 – the irreverent zombie killer that sticks you right in the middle of a breakout.
  • Ryse: Son of Rome – a historical war simulator which puts you in the sandals of a Roman warrior.
  • Zoo Tycoon – the latest micromanagement title requiring you to care for a working zoo.

Although the PlayStation 4 may have sold more, Microsoft isn’t seeing this as a defeat. With Microsoft giving away a free game for any Xbox One that failed out of the box, this next gen console war is far from over.