Colorized B&W Photo

A Collection Of Amazing, Iconic Colorized Photos You Won’t Believe Were Black And White

Technology may progress in leaps and bounds but it often has trouble keeping up with itself.

Take photography, for example.

Originally a monochrome medium, it has evolved to include the color spectrum and then jump to a digital medium, even allowing for 3-dimensional imagery, all within a relatively short time frame. But, with these advances, those early, pioneering images fell by the wayside, not forgotten yet still left behind in the face of the newer, bigger and better (?) state of the art.

These days, however, technology has caught up with itself and we can retroactively add color to all these images that got left behind, from the earliest daguerreotypes to those black and white images taken just prior to the dawn of color processing in wide availability. While some photographers in the digital age like to take the color out of their photos for artistic purposes, it’s much more exciting (and less pretentious) to see the dedicated work of those who put color into old black and white photos.

Anyone not familiar with the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes may not know that this great assembly of Italian Renaissance art was restored, controversially so, within the last 40 years. Modern art scholars and aficionados were shocked at the amazing color of Michelangelo’s original work after being degraded with centuries’ worth of age and exposure to candle smoke and other potential harm.

Just something to take to the table next time the color vs. black & white debate comes up.

Weeki Wachee

RMS Mauretania, with Chief Engineer John Currie, 1909

RMS Mauretania