moms fatter than non moms

Study: Having kids makes you a total fatass

The results of a recent study have confirmed that parents of young children tend to be less healthy than their childless peers.

Of course, moms are disproportionately affected by the statistics, while dads come off relatively unscathed:

Young fathers, on the other hand, were found to eat no differently from men without children. Nor did they have higher BMIs. They did report exercising less than kid-free men their age, however.

The study, published in the medical journal Pediatrics, found that mothers of small children consumed the same amount of whole grains and other “healthy foods” as their childless peers. But consumption of sugary and fatty foods was higher, a possible contribution to the higher relative weights of mothers with small children.

Lead author of the study Jerica Burge had this to say about the findings:

“It’s not that you shouldn’t be a parent,” Berge was quick to add. “That’s not the message at all.” But parents — particularly mothers — need to be aware, she said, that the first few years of parenthood are “a high risk time” for developing unhealthy eating and exercising behaviors.

In the study, on average, moms were found to consume 18% more calories per day, at an average of 400 calories.