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Tim Tebow News, Rumors Roundup: Where Is The NFL QB?

Tim Tebow News

The latest Tim Tebow news are mostly rumors, so what better way to catch than to read a roundup!

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, people might be wondering, where is Tim Tebow? The last time he was spotted was in Hawaii vacationing with his sister, and he’s been silent on his Twitter account for months. The rarity of actually seeing Tebow in the flesh has likened him to being the Loch Ness monster of the NFL.

In the absence of real, hard news, various sports writers have taken to using Tim Tebow’s NFL stats to both support and deny his ability to be a NFL QB starter. At the end of the day everyone seems to agree that his stats are average but there’s disagreement over whether or not he belongs back in NFL at all.

Tim Tebow: Philippines Relief Effort

It may not be widely known that the NFL quarterback was born in the Philippines. And, as everyone probably knows by now, his Christian beliefs are very important to him, so much so that he sometimes would skip football training in-between seasons to serve with Christian missionaries. Thus, it’s entirely appropriate he is acknowledging his roots by opening the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City. Plans for the children’s hospital began in 2011 and the former Heisman trophy winner has added donation links to the CURE blog to assist in the recovery from Typhoon Haiyan

The hospital, currently under construction, was not damaged in the typhoon. The children’s hospital project is a joint effort between the Tim Tebow Foundation and CURE International, a faith-based organization that offers programs and hospitals in 29 countries to assist in physical and spiritual healing. Building on the CURE hospital began in February 2012, and the Tim Tebow Foundation has recently announced the facility will be open by summer of 2014. All money collected will purportedly go directly to relief efforts, according to a statement released by the organization. Funds will go to “ministries that align with the foundation’s mission to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

Time Tebow NFL Team Offers, Among Other Things…

Tim Tebow has made his desire to continue to play for the NFL loud and clear. Despite this, he has received multiple offers from non-NFL teams. Tim has apparently received calls from LA KISS, an Arena Football owned by rock band KISS, who offered him a three year contract in September. Russian team the Moscow Black Storm offered Tebow $1 million to play two games, which he declined.

There is a current push by Jacksonville residents, fans and even city councilmen to offer Tim Tebow a spot with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Tim has not shown any inclination to join the team many have called the worst team in the league, and no news of an offer has been officially released. Although, Tebow did open a restaurant in Jacksonville, so his presence will be felt in some manner.

Tim Tebow’s Broadcasting Career?’s Ian Rapoport reports that Tim will look for a college football television job if he receives no further interest from NFL teams. The fact that Tim has hired a broadcast agent hasn’t hurt the rumors either. If the Tim Tebow rumors are true, many speculate this pretty much means he is looking for a college football television job.

Some state that TV is the obvious next step for Tim Tebow and point out that he seems to have a natural talent for being on screen. Despite verbal tics such as repetitiously using fillers like “you know” and “I think,” he has been deemed to have “good camera presence” and shows promise in delivering insightful content to segments. On the flip side, other wonder if Tim is able to offer critique as well as insight and praise and suggesting Mr. Tebow’s personality would pose difficulties in being brutally honest about players when necessary.

Considering all the Tim Tebow news and rumors so far, where do you think the former NFL QB is heading with his career, really?

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8 Responses to “Tim Tebow News, Rumors Roundup: Where Is The NFL QB?”

  1. Gary Schneider

    Tim Tebow Exposed: Tebowmetrics (Tebow’s Stats) Suggest He Should Still be Starter

    November 6, 2013 5:26 pm EST by RanterX gplus
    Tim Tebow should be a starter in today’s NFL. There, I said it; and if you think differently, you need to check yourself and start having a little more faith in Football Jesus.
    First off, the number one priority in the NFL is to win games. As a starter, Tebow is 8-6 [57.1% winning percentage], with seven game-winning drives (in the fourth quarter or overtime) in those 14 games. Seven! One of which was a playoff game, nonetheless!
    Next, even though his sample size is relatively small, Timmy sports 17 career passing touchdowns against only nine picks. That’s good for almost a 2:1 TD/INT ratio, which is traditionally the ratio for a more-than-serviceable starting NFL quarterback. If you compare those numbers to the combined 320 TD/333 INT ratio of the top 10 QBs in the NFL and Tebow’s not too shabby.
    So at this point, you might be thinking, “Ok, those numbers may be true, but Tebow still can’t throw the ball.” Well, in this case, you are somewhat correct, but if you compare his completion percentage of 47.9% to other top 10 QBs in TD/INT ratio it’s not that big a difference:
    Brady Quinn 53.8% Kellen Clemens 51.6% Josh Freeman 57.6%
    Kevin Kolb 59.5% Bruce Gradkowski 52.9% Christian Ponder 59.3%
    Brandon Weeden 56.2% Blaine Gaebbert 53.3% Derek Anderson 52.8 %
    Chad Henne 59.3%
    Only three of those 10 quarterbacks produced a completion percentage over 10 points higher than Tebow, and those three combined for a 1:1 TD/INT ratio (Kolb 28/25, Henne 45/53, Ponder 33/30).
    Next, Tebow’s strong ability as a runner must be taken into consideration. He is 6-foot-3 and around 240 pounds pounds of hulking mass with 4.7 speed (40-yard dash). Tebow has the body of a large linebacker and would be able to take the abuse that comes with rushing 10-15 times a game. In his 11 starts for the Denver Broncos in 2011, Tebow rushed for six touchdowns at an average clip of 5.4 yards per run; that kind of production would make a lot of running backs in the league envious.
    Finally, the guy is a born leader who flourishes under the spotlight and inspires others. He won two national titles and the Heisman Trophy, he led the Broncos to the playoffs in 2011 and if the Peyton Manning sweepstakes had never happened, Tebow might still be the Broncos’ starting quarterback today.
    So there you have it. If you looked at these numbers and you still don’t think Tebow can be a viable NFL quarterback then — unlike Tim — to you, winning isn’t everything.


  2. Michael Ortwein

    No one thinks his stats are "average" for a first year QB except the haters and those with an agenda in the media. He has far better stats than John Elway over the same number of games…even completion percentage. Compared to the garbage playing in the league right now – for example Geno Smith, his stats are well above "average." Most importantly he was a WINNING QB on a LOSING team….which is almost unheard of for a QB that young.

  3. Allen Labott

    Why did you not mention in your stats list the 12 fumbles in 13 games? How about explain to everyone that Aaron Rogers only had four fumbles lost in 16 games. Or the fact the Aaron Rogers had also only 6 interceptions. Oh btw Aarron had 46 TDs that year. If your are going to use stats then number against all QBs and not the backups or QBs who were not in the league when Tebow was the starter for Denver,

  4. Gary Schneider

    What happens when you run on first and second down and throw passes primary in 1 and 2 WR sets on 3rd down? You limit your QB's options and force him to throw the ball away to keep the field position battle workable or in your favor. What happens when you let that same QB run an offense in 10-11 personnel in the 4th Qtr? He has a QB rating of 102, among the best in the league.

    What we know about the 2011 Broncos
    Passed primarily out of 22-23 personnel. (that's 1 or 2 WR)
    Blind play action used often
    Threw the ball deep a league high 20% of the time.
    Tebow only had 6 INTs
    Tebow had 18 Total TDs
    Tebow had a 4th Qtr QB rating of 102 (in 10 and 11 personnel)

    Lets compare Tebow to Matt Ryan 2013

    Tebow: 126 of 271 1729 Yards 12 TDs 6 INTs
    122 Carries 660 6 TDs
    Total Yards: 2,389
    Total TD: 18

    Ryan: 325 of 490 3471 Yards 19 TD 12 INTs
    14 carries 57 yards
    Total Yards: 3,528
    Total TDs: 19

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